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pikachu: (oh were is buneary?)
Buneary: (hi pika!)
Pickachu: (pika?)
Buneary: (yea why)
Pikachu: (OKaaaY)
Buneary: (oh whatever)
pikachu: (weres ash)
Buneary: (dono)
Pickachu: (.,....)
Buneary: (Pika what do u think of me?)
Pikachu felt a serge of confusion go over him.
Pikachu: (OH UMMM)
Buneary: (ummmmm????)
Pikachu: (ummmmm)
Buneary: (do i anoy u???)
pikachu: (NO NO NO NO NO)
buneary: (do u like me?)
Pikachu: (of course, u r my best freind)
Buneary: (no LIKE-like me)
Pikachu: (UMMMMMMMM)
Treeko: (hello)
Buneary: (oh hey)
Treeko: (wat up)
Pikachu: (u talk weird)
Treeko: (wut evah)
buneary: (oh god...
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Pikachu awoke to see buneary sleeping on him
Pikachu: (huh)
Buneary: ZZZzzzzzzz
Pikachu: (suns coming up.... she'll wake up)
buneary awoke.
Buneary: (hmm uhg)
Pikachu: (hello)
Buneary: (OH MY GOD I FORGOT ARE toi OKAY???)
This woke everyone
Ash: WOAH what was that?
Dawn: Buneary?
Buneary: (not now......)
Starly: (What?)
Pikachu: (ahhhh crud)
Buneary: (cant we ever be alone?)
Ash: awake huh? Pikachu u okay?
Pikachu: pika-pikachu
Buneary: (...)
Pikachu: (Wat do u want to be alone for?)
Buneary: (i was gonna tell u somthing...)
pikachu: (what?)
ash: u shure buddy?
Pikachu: pika!...
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PICKACHU: *Walking beside ash*
Buneary: *runs up to pickachu* P.S. pokemon talk: (hi) human talk: hi
pickachu: (oh, salut buneary)
buneary: (hay is for horses)
Pickachu: (how is dawn?)
Buneary: *THINKS* oh swell why is it never abought me?
Pickachu: (so?.....)
buneary: (SHES FINE!!!)
Dawn: wow buneary, toi okay?
Buneary: Bun Bun?
Dawn: ok just dont yell
Pickachu: (why all the fuss?)
buneary: (.....)
pickachu: (okay.....)(how are u?) Buneary: *eyes widen* (im okay how are you?)
pickachu: (....Fine???)
piplop: (hey guys that red thing-) Red thing: *BLOWS POKEMON 6 MILES AWAY*
pokemon: *land*
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The suivant jour
Dawn: ash, im sorry but i have to go on my own journey.....
Ash: well, okay
Dawn brings out all her pokemon to say bye
Buneary: (See....)
Dawn: Okay buneary time to g-
Pikachu bolted in front of buneary
Pikachu: *Angrily* Pika-PIKA-PIKAAAA!!!!!!
Buneay: (Pikachu????)
pikachu: *growl*
Brock: i think Pikachu doesent want buneary to go
Ash: whai-WHA???
pikachu soon had sparks sprinkiling out of his cheeks
Dawn: ahhh ummmm im-s-scared Buneary: (Pikachu calm down!) Pikachu: (cant u see?? i never wanted toi to leave EITHER)
buneary: (just----STOP)
pikachu looked back
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posted by Lpsdog223
Dawn-It sure is a nice jour huh guys?
Iris-We can't keep this lovely jour to ourselves.Hey let's bring our pokemon out!

Buneary-(Oh Emolga why is Pikachu so dumb for not noticing my l’amour for him)

Emolga-(He do likes toi he just don't see that light spark!)


Dawn-Hey look what me and Piplup caught!
A mincchino was looking around.She got scared and hid behind Pikachu

Buneary growled.
(You better stay away from my pikachu)

The Mincchino winned and a volé, étole hearts from other.Mincchino wasn't a Emolga her beauty came natrully.Buneary tried as hard to get her Pikachu away from the flirt queen.
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