AUTHOR'S NOTE: Don't hate me for this story. Just don't. Ever heard of the free will to write? Yeah.

As usual, the sun took hold of the jour in Danville, giving warm rays of bright happiness throughout the whole Tri-state area. Though the morning was very misleading for today, the Flynn-Fletcher boys were hard at work, hammering down on the day's project.
With his eyes locked down on on the leaver, Phineas strapped himself to the rope and began to pull himself up higher and higher until he could reach the screw sticking out way above. He smiled approvingly as he spun it back in place, and even wider when the adorable voice came from behind the fence. "What'cha doin'?"
"Hey, Isabella!" Phineas peeped, reeling down to greet her. "We're just trying to fix this up. Want to help?"
"Of course!" Isabella's eyes sparkled with excitement, then it died away with confusion once she noticed their work. "What is that?"
"A Flying Machine!" Phineas stretched his arms wide, loosing grip and falling backward. Lucky he was attached to the rope, ou else his head would have slammed to the ground. Now he was upside down, dangling and bouncing slightly. "Well, I promise that wont happen again," He chuckled, turning upright and shaking his head.
Isabella giggled, "What do toi need help with?"
"Come on, I'll montrer you," He took her hand and held onto her waist as he was pulled up again. Isabella let out a slight yelp as they flew upward so quickly. "Here." Phineas let go and guided her to some other screws that needed to be hooked in. "I'll be right back to you, I just need to assist Ferb for a moment. For now, we just need help with those screws."
"Got it!" Picking up the electric tournevis that sat suivant to her feet, Isabella quickly hooked them in.
Phineas hurriedly walked over to his step-brother. "Everything okay here?"
Ferb blinked and nodded. He handed Phineas a small electronic device and blinked once more.
"Oh, yeah, the manipulator," Grabbing it, Phineas pulled himself back to the ground. He reached over to the red toolbox and grabbed a drill. Just as he was about to install the manipulator, Candace burst out the sliding glass door, shouting up a storm.
"What are toi doing?" She demanded, stomping up to her little brothers. "What is this?"
"Um, a Flying Machine..." Phineas answered, landing at his sister's feet.
"What does it do?" Candace leaned in, her eyes narrowing into thin slits. "Is it bust-worthy?"
"Well," Phineas began, smiling and feeling proud, adding a slight chuckle. "It makes your Bones lighter for thirty minutes so you're able to fly. It's actually quite simple, all toi do is insert the manipulator into-"
"I don't care!" Candace interrupted, crossing her arms. Her blue eyes blazed with cold, angry feu as she growled, "I'm. Telling. Mom."
"Uh, okay," Phineas shrugged. "You really think she'd like to try it?"
Grunting, Candace hunched her shoulders and walked heavily inside. She slammed the door shut, glaring evilly out the glass.
"Well, she's happier than she was yesterday," Phineas commenté to Ferb. Ferb nodded and they got briskly back to work.
Isabella, who watched Candace's small rant, was stifling small giggles. Sometimes she can be really weird... She thought, But she's a friend. I mustn't think that.
After she had finished the job, Isabella jumped down to Phineas, smiling. "Well, that's done," She said, "What now?"
"I think it's done!" Phineas beamed proudly; his eyes were glowing with happiness. Then, as he looked around, disappointment tugged at him.
"What's wrong?" Worried, Isabella frowned.
"I feel as if I've forgotten something..."
Isabella glanced at their project. "Are toi sure? It looks perfect to me."
Just when he was about to answer, Phineas's mother came out with Candace and Lawrence fallowing behind. "Phineas, Ferb," She called. "I'm going to the antique store with your father. Candace is coming along, I think she needs some time away from here..." Linda rolled her eyes and smiled. "We wont be long, toi kids be good!"
"We will!" Phineas promised, giving his mother a wave good-bye. Taking a last glance at the Flying Machine after they had left, Phineas felt extremely excited. Flying! I've always wanted to do that!
"Phineas," Isabella poked him on the shoulder from behind. "if we want to fly, we'd better do it soon, because it looks as if a bad storm is getting ready to settle in..."
They both turned their gaze to the gray sky. Hazy and damp winds ruffled the kids' hair while a loud crash of thunder boomed from the distance.
"You're right," Phineas agreed with a slight nod. "We'd better start it up!" The feeling that he had forgotten something still dragged at Phineas. He was positive that everything was in. Well, hopefully....
The sound of the Flying Machine starting up edged Phineas, making him even plus eager to try it out. Running over, he accidentally tripped over something, almost panicking once he realized what it was. It was the manipulator! "Oh, no..." Phineas gasped at the Flying machine began to smoke, sparks flying everywhere as it shook with steaming rage. "Everyone, get back!" He demanded with a yelp, quickly stumbling up and running to the safety of their oak tree. Ferb wasn't far behind as Phineas tried to climb up as quick as he could. Fear rattled him like a maraca every step higher he went into the tree. His auspiciousness made him feel regretful and stupid for not installing the main important part.
But plus important that that was the fact that Isabella was no where to be seen. "Wait here!" Phineas told Ferb, almost falling down as he tried to locate her. "Isabella, where are you?" He called, looking everywhere over the lawn.
"I'm over here!" She called back, sprinting to him. "I was trying to hide for safety behind-"
"No time for explanations, we must hurry!" Almost dragging Isabella par the hand, they were barely six feet away from the arbre when it happened.
Boom! The Flying Machine exploded, pieces flying in every direction.
Squealing with fright, Isabella jumped out of the way, rolling onto the grass.
Phineas wasn't sure what happened next, but all he knew was when he tried to flee, he was knocked to the ground, out cold. There was a shrilling wail of terror from Isabella before he went unconscious. Unsure of what her painful scream was about, he tried to stay awake, only to see a fuzzy blur of black, pink, and red.
Then it all went dark.
Moaning as he leaned up, Phineas was sure he was only asleep for a few minutes. His head hurt like a jackhammer, the constant pounding made it even worse.
Once realizing his brother was awake and okay, Ferb jumped down from the arbre and rushed over. "You're alright?" He asked.
"I'm fine..." Phineas whispered. "Is Isabella okay?" Opening his eyes to full length, Phineas stood up shakily.
Ferb shrugged.
"Do toi know where she is?"
Ferb shook his head, eyes clouded with worry.
"Well, we have to find her!" It killed Phineas to see that their invention was in pieces all over the lawn, blown to abolivia. Stopping in his tracks, Phineas let out a long sigh. "Wow....and this is all my fault, too...."
Ferb had nothing to say. What could he say?
There was a groan from Isabella somewhere out of sight.
"Isabella?" Phineas's voice rose to locate her. "Are toi hurt?"
She didn't answer his question.
But something else did.
The sight of blood-tipped herbe made Phineas's eyes widen. "Oh, no...No, no, no!" Speeding up quicker than a cheetah, he zipped around the arbre and skidded to a halt, his words caught in his throat, as if he was choking. The image he saw was unbelievable; it just couldn't be true!
There lay Isabella, with her back and hands against the tree, her blue eyes dull. She looked scared and unharmed from above her waist. But below her waist was a large cut that bright red trickled out of, thick and startling.
"Phineas," She squeaked, panic rising.
Dropping to his knees, Phineas tried to wake himself from this nightmare. I'm still unconscious, He told himself, still unconscious, still unconscious.
Ferb had ran inside and came out faster than he ever had, handing Phineas a washcloth.
Ferb rolled his eyes impatiently and pressed it to Isabella's wound.
Isabella, on the other hand, was shaking. "What hap-pened?" She croaked, staring off into nothing.
"It's my fault...It's all my fault...I'm so sorry, Isabella..." Phineas cried, taking her hands. "You got hurt, didn't you?"
She nodded. "It hurts, r-really bad..."
"Well, yeah, I can see how," Phineas replied. They both now had their gaze locked on each others. "I feel so bad..."
"I'll go get another rag," Ferb announced, running inside.
Phineas was still horribly worried.
Isabella gasped, leaning over quick and coughing.
Phineas caught her in his arms, on the verge of tears. How could be be so stupid to forget to install the manipulator!? "Please, don't leave me," He pleaded, his eyes sad and flooding a river of silver tears. "I can't live without you." He stared deep into the once beautiful, tear-stained eyes of Isabella, stricken with fear and yet sorrow. He was absolutely terrified that she might leave life forever, especially in his arms.
"Phineas," Isabella whispered, her soft voice now broken into painful jutters of agony. She stopped to cough; obviously this poor girl was loosing her words. "I-I'm s-sor-ry." The hand of hers that he held was shaking. Phineas could tell Isabella was trying not to panic.
"Sorry for what?" Asked Phineas, his voice low with utterly sad confusion. "You've done nothing to be sorry for."
"Yes, I have," She replied, barely even whispering. "I've never told you..."
"Told me what?" Phineas prompted, eager to know what she was going to say. "If it's about how I left toi and this happened, I know, I'm sorry-"
"Shh," With her eyes plus than halfway closed, she put her finger to his lips. "Let me finish."
"How must I stay quiet when you're on the verge of death?" Angry now with himself for letting Isabella get hurt like this, Phineas wrapped her in a tight hug, never wanting to let go.
"Phineas," She croaked, a single tear running slowly down her perfect face. "I've"-she stopped to cough again-"I've noticed th-that toi probably care a l-lot for me, an-nd that I really like y-you..." While hearing her heartbreaking stutters, Phineas held her hands once plus as she lay down on the cold grass, her breath slowing.
"And I'm sorry that it took toi to get hurt for me to realize," Phineas apologized, suddenly becoming even sadder. "Please..." He begged, closing his eyes to try to stop the waterfall of tears. "Don't leave me...I'll miss toi terribly..."
He forced himself not to look at the gash in her stomach that was covered with crimson scarlet. This was all his fault. If he hadn't forgotten to install the manipulator, the Flying Machine would have never exploded and caused so much damage. Especially Isabella's damage. It pained him so to know that his best friend, his love- was in tremendous pain, right here, in his backyard, in his arms.
Gray rain started to patter the ground, hissing secrets as it splashed to the earth. Isabella's blood began to wash slowly away, trickling down the grass. She hugged him back, whispering groggily into his ear, "Phineas, I l’amour you, and never, ever forget it."
"I know, and trust me, I never will forget it," Closing his eyes and just letting the tears roll down his face, he replied smoothly, "And I l’amour you, too."
With her eyes almost closed, she smiled as he lowered her to the ground. He forced himself to smile back, not letting go of her hands.
As Isabella lay down, she suppressed a large sigh, and sadly went limp.
A frown spread across Phineas's face. Was she...She couldn't be...She is...How..."No..." He wailed. "No! She's gone...She's gone..."
Ferb had been watching, unknown to Phineas. Even though his brother had admitted feelings for Isabella to him long before this, he never would have thought it would take the young girl's death for him to tell her.
"Phineas," He whispered as he set a hand on the twelve-year-old's shoulder. "I know toi loved her, and now that she's gone-"
"We should bring her to the hospital."
Clearly Phineas didn't get it. "Phineas," Ferb said, "It's too late. We've Lost her."
Then something else caught Ferb's eye.
No other word was spoken as both boys looked at the shape Isabella's blood had made. Down the trickles was a shockingly adequate heart; surrounding Isabella and Phineas.
Phineas weakly smiled. "You know," He began. "People die, but real l’amour is forever."