PHILIBIN-Where are toi going?

JUICY FRUIT-I gotta get out of here.

PHILIBIN-What sign are you?


PHILIBIN-You're okay.

JUICY FRUIT-I gotta get out of here.

PHILIBIN-Come on, I wanna montrer toi something.

JUICY FRUIT-I swear to God.

PHILIBIN-Do toi see cygne up there? He doesn't montrer it, but he's thinking: "Why isn't Harold in the car?"Do toi really want me to tell him that it's not in the stars for you?

JUICY FRUIT-I don't feel good.

PHILIBIN-You'll feel worse
if toi don't do what I say.

JUICY FRUIT-I hear this ticking.

PHILIBIN-Maybe something's loose up there.

JUICY FRUIT-There's something weird here.

PHILIBIN-Take one of these. (takes something out of his pocket)

JUICY FRUIT-I can't take pills...

PHILIBIN-Take the pills, swallow. Feel better?

JUICY FRUIT-Yeah, I feel better.

PHILIBIN-No plus ticking? Get out there. All right. I want big smiles now. Look at the audience. That's it. Big smiles. Sing the song!