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Peter Petrelli - My Immortal

Peter Petrelli - Like The Angel

Peter Petrelli - Vindicated

Peter Petrelli - Different

Peter Petrelli - Passion couleurs Everything

Peter Petrelli Heroes Tribute

Heroes - Peter, Nathan - I'll Be Missing toi

Heroes - Peter Petrelli - Red Light Special

Heroes - Peter Petrelli - Halo

Peter Petrelli is the Bomb (Like Tic Tic)

Peter wants candies (Heroes)

peter petrelli - i kissed a girl

Lost along the way (peter petrelli)

Heroes Season 4 Deleted Scene - Peter Takes Hiro's Powers

Heroes Season 4 Deleted Scene - Peter Discovers Tattoo

Heroes Season 4 Deleted Scene - Nathan's Worried

Heroes Season 4 Deleted Scene - Dr. tells Peter HRG is alive

Peter Petrelli: Already Over

Peter Petrelli : Burning Down The House

Peter Petrelli : Alice

who wants to live forever? (sylar/peter)

Peter Petrelli//Hero Of War

Broken Wings // Paire Fanfic

peter/sylar (when im gone ; undisclosed desires)

paparazzi (peter/elle)

HEROES; Peter Petrelli - Preliator

From Yesterday (Peter Petrelli)

Peter Petrelli - Firefly_

Peter Petrelli Explotion_

Emma/Peter - You're the only one

peter petrelli-hero

Never Be The Same (Heroes: Peter/Emma and West/Claire)

Heroes - Peter Petrelli - Pain

Lost and insecure, toi found me.... [Peter/Sylar]

Peter Petrelli||Broken Dreams

Peter Petrelli-21 pistolets

Peter Petrelli - I Will Not Bow

money honey (peter/claire, sylar/elle)

Peter/Emma//Collide (Heroes)

Peter Petrelli {It Only Hurts}

Marching On (Heroes: Peter/Claire)

There's a Possibility, Peter Petrelli. {/vidlet}

Peter // Emma ;; Fireflies

My Angel *Preview*

Heroes: Peter - I Thought I Could Fly

whatcha say (peter/nathan)

Emma/Peter - Why Can't I? (Heroes)

Good with Death // Heroes (Sylar, Claire, Peter)

(peter/claire) all the right moves

Peter Petrelli-Hero

Peter Petrelli - ["Great Escape" par Kevin Rudolf]

Milo Ventimiglia - Heroes - Personalized Promo #02

Peter&Claire // Shadows Of The jour

Nathan & Peter//Hear toi Me [RIP Nathan Petrelli]

Peter Petrelli;Bad To The Bone (Heroes)

Peter Petrelli-Second Chance; Heroes Redemption

Riot ; Peter Petrelli

Untouched // Peter&Claire

Peter Petrelli - World So Cold (30 seconds)

Paire/ /Damaged

Peter & Nathan//Final Goodbye

Peter/Emma: Use somebody

The Compass // Peter&Claire

Milo Ventimiglia - Heroes - Personalised Promo #01

Peter Petrelli Hot Stuff

Peter Petrelli-Don't Jump [[Tokio Hotel]]

Peter Petrelli - Save the cheerleader

Thinking of toi (Peter/Liz)

Peter Petrelli- Rooftops

fantaisie - Peter Petrelli

what have toi done (peter/nathan)


Emma/Peter - couleurs

Never be the Same (Quinn/Peter)

Easier To Lie (Peter/Elle)

Peter & Claire | Smash Into toi

two is better than one ; peter&claire

Peter/Brooke/Julian - Let it die

Milo Ventimiglia - Heroes - Interview #01

Angela POV {Peter/Claire} Running Up That colline


Everything Was Just A Game (Peter/Elle/Sylar)


what went wrong? (Peter/Elle)

Peter&Claire - 21 pistolets


Peter/Elle - Sugar

Don't Trust Me - Paire/Haylo

bedshaped (peter/sylar)


Peter/Elle [AR] suivant Contestant

Falling For toi - Peter&Claire

Say When (Heroes: Peter/Claire)

I'd Come For toi (Heroes: Peter/Claire)

post blue / peter & elle

Peter Petrelli-So Cold

Peter Petrelli-Cold

Peter Petrelli-Follow

Peter Petrelli-Whispers In The Dark

Peter Petrelli Tribute