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posted by vlad_todd_fan
U know what to do, right???

While I studied the photo of the suivant target I noticed something odd. The sun seemed to... dim. I walked out of the woods and walked to a nearby street. A taxi immediately sped suivant to the curb when I walked up. I stepped inside. "Baltimore, and make it fast!" I said. He nodded and sped onto the highway.
We got to Baltimore in a couple of hours. It was 9:30. The taxi drove off after I walked out. I got to a Holiday Inn and walked out of the cold wind and into the heated lobby. "Hi, how can I help you?" the woman behind the counter asked. "Do toi um, have an empty...
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posted by vlad_todd_fan
Read the parts before this, before hand.

I walked into the tranquil woods after, dispatching the satyr. I sensed for the demi-god. His name was James. "Were are you?!" I yelled while forming my sword. No reply obviously. I searched more. "Demi-god... were are you?!?!?!" I yelled. I continued searching getting annoyed. I growled. I heard a cough. I started running toward's the sound. Footsteps started running to. I sprinted now. I could see the boy now and he had a symbol over his head. It was a sun. The sign of Apollo. I threw a couteau at his head, but a blinding rayon, ray of sunlight flashed on us...
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posted by vlad_todd_fan
Obviously, read the parts before this first. And if u haven't read 'Continuation of Percy Jackson' u should read that before hand to.

I stepped out of the elevator into the lobby, and pushed myself through a crowd of tourists. I stepped into the chilly New York air and got a taxi. It pays to have mind powers. The driver drove up to the curb and the passenger walked out with her bags.
I sat inside. "Washington D.C. and step on it!" I yelled to the driver. He nodded his head and started driving way above the speed limit. He drove onto sidewalks and through red lightts and stop signs.
We got onto...
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posted by vlad_todd_fan
It was 6:30 at night. I was cooking dîner absentmindedly, while clicking the channel on the T.V. It was a lazy jour Saturday. I had made a new weapon today, it was a ring with a blade running around the outer edge and toi have one in each hand. Very good for taking out crowds, par throwing it like a frisbee.
The phone rang.
I answered it, "Is this a... Michael Gavin?" the lady asked.
"Yes, how can I help you?"
"Answer the door when I knock." she a dit and hung up.
I got goosebumps. That was weird even for me. I clicked on 'The Shining' I do l’amour that movie. "Heeeeeeere's Johny." The crazy guy yelled...
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ares was coming quickly over here no doubt looking for trouble the suivant thing i know i blinked and ares was in full greek battle armor and had double brood swords in each hand and then he shot a large blob of red energy at us three but michael he just pu up is arms and a massive mur of ice popped up from the grass, and the mur cracked into a huge ice spiderweb and then i saw that michael was sucking the water out of the herbe and plants and the water was swirling around us and in a cœur, coeur beat it froze and we were all in full greek battle armor as well completely made out of ice but it wasn't...
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i woke up one morning and realized it was the last jour of school.i quickly got up and got dressed i couldn't wait to get out of here,i mean i l’amour school but i haven't gone out since last summer and ok ill have to admite i was really eager to see was going to be perfect we talked over the phone once and planned our jour out we were going to the films and take a walk through central park.we never really had a jour out but there's always a first for every thing.and besides there is nothing that can ruin this jour the monsters have been quite and haven't bothered me in a while but monsters...
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posted by vlad_todd_fan
So Me, Annabeth, and Michael were walking through Central Park just chatting and it was going peaceful at first until we were attacked par three hellhounds but Michael had it handled all he had to do was point the back of his hand at the hellhounds and they froze instantaneously and I thought whoa even though i'm invincible I don't want to mess with him. "how could toi possible do that in the middle of central park?" Annabeth screamed "wel I pretty sure no one really saw what I did through the mist" he replied. As I tried to ignore Annabeths rant on how Michael should try to conceal his powers...
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posted by Mollielie
In French class, me and my friend were thinking up funny and unlikely matches. Of course, there are some that we know:

Percabeth = Percy + Annabeth
Perchel = Percy + Rachel
Perlypso = Percy + Calypso
Beckilena = Beckendorf + Silena

I'm sure there are others but I'm sort of blanking right now.... Anyway, here are some of the funny matches we came up with:

Lukon = Luke + Chiron
Typhabeth = Typhon + Annabeth
Zeunos = Zeus + Kronos

I'm sure toi guys can think of funnier ones, so post them below, and the best ones I'll add to our list!

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