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Hi, this is my first fanfic so please don't judge. I hope to do this on Nico's life after hero's of Olympus and before trials of Apollo. P.s anything a dit here should not be taken offensively especially if a character a dit it. P.p.s I have only used this site for half an hour.


Nico rolled off of his lit and onto the floor, his lips forming into a kiss. Suddenly, he woke and staggered out of his head, only to fall face first onto the stiff épicéa, épinette floor. He grunted and shook himself off. His alarm clock read 08:49. Nico groaned and stroppily tribes off to douche and get ready. " First I get women from a perfect dream and now i've Lost my canooing session with *sigh* him." Nico grumbled. About a twenty minutes later Nico stumbled out of his cannon. Clarisse la Rue, camps stupidest punk stood outside Nico's cannon, a stupid grin on her stupid face." So ga boy isn't dead huh." She snickered, whilst her Friends laughed hysterically behind her " So having another dream about some guy that will never I repeat never go out with you!"
Nico blushed, that was exactly what he had been doing but his blush swiftly turned to anger. " Shut up Calrisse," He shouted " It's far plus likely someone would go out with me than you!"

Then Percy Jackson all time awesome hero, saviour of the damn god freaking world sauntered up, " salut Calrisse!" He hollered " toi just got burned now scram!" Calrisse retorted something like " Shut up water boy" then ran when she saw his face. Nico was red all over now, his palms were drenched with sweat, he could tell his body trying to get closer to Percy. " Th-thanks P-Percy." Nico stuttered. " Eh, no Biggie" a dit Percy,walking towards the exhilarated Nico " salut come with me."


Boom chapter one out! Thanks for reading!
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I know I know it's the shortest thing ever, but I really have to do homework, but it's almost the weekend which means lots of écriture time, i just wanted to give toi a feel of what my suivant few chapters will be like and such, thanks for reading, please commentaire :)

Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson, Rick Riordan does and goes on and puts it right on the cover just to brag about it! Jeez... the nerve of some people... :)

I didn’t know where we were, in the woods somewhere in New Jersey off the Hudson River. I knew we had to get as far away as possible from that bus because...
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it took a while but its finally here

so after we defeated ares we got into a cab (we could've flied but zeus still held that annoying grudge and would shoot us out of the sky) to the subway on 32nd it was the closest we could get to louisian (thats where clarisse was) after that we were walking. Once we got off the cab we went into the train so far it was totally normal even for us. Out of the blue me and Annabeth both hear Michael whisper in our heads "were being followed"
"how do toi know"? Annabeth questioned pretty loudly
"how can toi not hear them?" he replied
"well, in case toi didn't...
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It wasn’t a surprise when me and Kaden were almost struck par lightning AGAIN! Zeus was the god of the skies and he hated us. It wasn’t our fault our mom had a vengeful personality ou that Zeus couldn’t keep his pants up. I can never decide who has plus blame but if they weren’t like this I wouldn’t be alive. I was the only one of Apollo’s kids to have the sun power which meant I warmed up faster so I easily dried after me and Kaden jumped in the lake to avoid the lightning. But Kaden was still soaked to the bone and some how his black hair and dark blue eyes seemed darker making...
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Read the précédant parts before hand, ou toi will have many questions.

The girl, whose name was Devon, quickly tried to get out the door. The glass door was promptly La Reine des Neiges and the large windows were La Reine des Neiges as well. They were opaque from the ice. She grabbed the door handle and pulled and shoved but to no avail. I formed my sword and started walking. "C'mon, C'mon." Devon muttered.
"That's not gonna work." I said. Devon turned around and she sowed fear. She ran down an aisle that was protected from me par a case of glass. She ran into the back room I was just in. I followed slowly.
Inside the...
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I don't know where to begin....all I know is that Rick Riordan wrote about my real-life...My name is Jason Pabon ( firstname: Jason...lastname: means Peacock of Hera, ou Bird of Hera--coincidence?)...I grew up in to the Olympic Theater (Olympus?).....coincidence mother's name is Maia (noticed same name as Hermes' mother lesser goddess)....My whole life I've had weird dreams about the greek gods before I even knew who they were! Later Arcadia Circle, ...visitied Crete, IL...I made a painting of Hermes; messenger of the gods in high school....I was the fastest long distance runner...
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Finally darkness turned lighter as of we had come out of a dark tunnel. I opened me eyes and i was in a field after about five minutes of string i realized i was still squeezing Nico's hand but he didn't seem to mind. My face burned up and i could tell i was blushing up to my scalp i let my hand fall out of his and kept both hands occupied in my pockets.
"Well Alena we need to go to the border and see if toi are the Alena we are looking for".
"You've been looking for me"? My voice must've sounded scared because Nico started coming towards me.
"Did my mom send people out to find me"!I tried to...
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"Why can't toi do it yourself Ares?" I sneered
"Because we gods can't interfere directly with our kids so thats why I need your help to get Clarisse back" Ares a dit
"why should we help him? I mean he just attacked us" Michael a dit he did make a good point

"Well can't toi just do it anyway just think of it like a quest back at camp were toi just do it for no reason what so ever"
"We refuse" Percy said
"Please she's my favori can't toi just see it in your cœur, coeur to do this for an old god?"
"Maybe we should I mean look at him he's practically begging us to do this for him." Annabeth a dit
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very, very short, but the others are A LOT longer. So, read and comment. any suggestions ou critism don't hesitate to tell me :)

I do not own any characters ou the story.

As I got out of the car, the scent of every kind of nourriture hit me. The scent of every kind of perfume hit me. The scent of anything and everything hit me. This was how I described the city, anything and everything. It could be a home, a vacation spot, a time of romance, a fighting arena, a school, anything toi could imagine, and that’s what I loved about it.
Argus got out of there as fast as he could, I think he likes it back...
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Chapter one
"Mom leave me alone I'm fine" I yelled at mother from the inside of my locked up bedroom.
"No you're not. toi knew this jour was coming now, get out here we have to get your sister! Lillie! Com-on!"
My name is Lillie. My mom's name is Annabeth. My dad's name is Percy.I have a little sister named Cami and a little brother named Ben. We are the Jackson family. We are half-bloods. My grandparents on my godly side are Athena and Posiedon. I have only met them once. my siblings have never met them.
That's why we're leaving. A new law was passed that half-bloods who lived to be adults...
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    Annabeth's POV
    I went to the Big House, Percy trailing behind asking questions. I just ignored them,
the roman coins were plus important. '' Percy i need to get to the Big House, and I would
like to do it in peace so i could think"
"Ok but i decerve awnsers when your done" He replied.
"Ok. Oh heres a liste of demiigods to "track".
Go with Kelly and Grover to find them" I tried
to stear away from the subject. I gave him the list.
"Ok" he replied. He walked away to collect...
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