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 Colorful Penguins!!
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They are so cute!!
Les Pingouins de Madagascar
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Kowalski descended down the ladder into the penguin’s HQ, having just gotten Skipper to confess one of his deepest secrets. His vision panned from one side to the other, scanning the inside for the other penguins.

Rico was sitting in the corner as usual, brushing his doll’s hair and cooing at her. Seeing thing brought a smile to Kowalski’s face. Even though he thought of their relationship as weird, it was still kinda cute to see Rico act like that and Kowalski couldn’t help but smile at the manic bird.

His eyes continued to pan until they fell upon Private. The youngster was sitting...
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 If King Julien Ruled the World...
If King Julien Ruled the World...
It's the Nickelodeon Stars, the BTR's (Big Time Rush) hit song, but in Julien's Version. What would he do if he ruled the world? Here's the lyrics!

You know it’s King J-U-L-I-E-N!
I'm King Julien!

If I Ruled the World, I’d throw all my treasures in the air like Confetti.
If I Ruled the World, every house got a DJ and an All-night Dance Party.
I break all the borders down, when I shake my Booty.
If I Ruled the World, I’d laugh out loud.

So everybody get up (up), up (up), outta your seats,
Kick off Mort if he touches your feet,
Look up (up), up (up), at the Sky Spirits,
Singing 'Ayo, ayo,...
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Private: ACHOO! *sniffle*

Private sits tiredly on the table, as Kowalski probes around Private with thermometers, stethoscopes, and a tape measure.

Kowalski: According to my calculations, it seems that Private has become sick with some sort of virus.
Private: Ah.. Ah.. ACHOO!
Kowalski: Eh, and a very sickly one, I might add.
Rico: Eww.
Skipper: Well, nothing a little sleep and some thé can't cure!
Private: But Skipper, I feel like my head weighs a thousand tons! Don't toi have any-
Skipper: Wait, toi a dit your head feels heavy? Do toi happen to be sneezing uncontrollably and feeling faint every...
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This video really shows photos that shows that they like each other!!!!
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