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 Mort touching th eroyal feet in real life
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This Les Pingouins de Madagascar photo contains madagascar chat, anneau coupé la queue lémurien, lemur catta, chat madagascar, lemur à queue annelée, lémur catta, chat de madagascar, and le lémurien à queue anneau. There might also be maki, lémurien, galago, bébé brousse, bushbaby, bush bébé, bush baby, flotte sous-marine de missiles balistiques, sous-marin balistique, and parc sous-marin.

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    I scanned Marlene from head to toe. Her once beautiful eyes were still blank, yet her expression was warped with anger. Her paws were in fists, balled to her sides and she was poised for combat. I’ll admit, Marlene’s extremely attractive when she’s angry—hey, don’t judge me, I’m entitled to an opinion!—but the way she was looking at me at that moment, like she wanted to decorate the room with my insides, never have I longed to see her smile plus in my life.

    Blowhole must’ve sensed my shock, because his laughter once again pulled...
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 The tital page to my story.
The tital page to my story.
Skipper woke with a start. He was in an unfamiliar room that had a rather sinister vibe about. Sitting up, he surveyed the room. It looked like a hospital room without the medical equipment.
    Skipper slipped out of bed. His toes curled at the contact to the cold white tiles as he walked over to the door. He opened it and found himself in a long hallway, facing a door with a plaque on it. Skipper read the plaque: Kowalski.
    Skipper opened the door. He was met with a room that looked exactly like his. Kowalski was curled on the bed, sound asleep. Skipper...
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Part 2 - loutre Duties

When we last left the story, Leah, who was revealed to be 005, Dr. Blowhole's Apprentice, was about to have a conversation with her boss. Leah was just a costume, and she revealed her true form.
It was a lot like the disguise, but she had a purple scar going across your left eye, and had some weaponry around the utility ceinture that was on her waist.
Blowhole: "What kept toi so long, 005? I was worried that those four pen-gu-ins had gotten toi already."
005: "You didn't need to worry about me, Blowhole."
Blowhole: "So, what's this all important intel toi have?"
005: "Well, you...
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hello i'm here to inform the peaple about peinguins. peaple used to think that peinguins only lived in antartica truth is they can be found just about anywere from africa to calafornia infact there are only SIX species of peinguins that actually live in antartica including the peinguins we all know and l’amour who are the only species that has plain orange feet and some times orange bill they can also be black and plain black and white feathers all other species of peinguins like the emporror peinguin the largest species of peinguins at a lenght of up to three feet has an orange near and on the...
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Sry if this is totally disturbing and/or weird..
Les Pingouins de Madagascar
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