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 Mort touching th eroyal feet in real life
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This Les Pingouins de Madagascar photo contains madagascar chat, anneau coupé la queue lémurien, lemur catta, chat madagascar, lemur à queue annelée, lémur catta, chat de madagascar, and le lémurien à queue anneau. There might also be maki, lémurien, galago, bébé brousse, bushbaby, bush bébé, bush baby, flotte sous-marine de missiles balistiques, sous-marin balistique, and parc sous-marin.

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Sry if this is totally disturbing and/or weird..
Les Pingouins de Madagascar
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Still got that inner fanguin to satisfy. You'll see some big youtubers and some moderately sized youtubers. Enjoy
Les Pingouins de Madagascar
the return of the revenge of dr blowhole
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“Bad Timing”
December 03, 2013

    “Hey, Skipper! Where’s the team?” Marlene asked as she entered the HQ.

    Skipper shifted between cameras on his surveillance screen. “Oh, they’re out doing some recon while I watch the cameras. Unfortunately, Christmas is a time for crime. So, we’re cracking down until the holidays are over. What brings toi here?” he replied.

    “I was getting a little cold in my habitat and was hoping if it’d be cool if I stayed here until Alice bothered to turn up the heat,” Marlene told him....
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“We Meet Again”
November 4, 2013

    “Skipper, remember last week when toi couldn’t remember where toi laid your mug?” Kowalski asked, coming out of his lab with a small device.

    “Yes, but I found it. What’s your point?” Skipper answered.

    “Well, Skipper, with this device, we’ll never forget anything ever again! I call it, the Forget-Me-Not!” Kowalski replied, holding up a device that looked like a helmet.

    “Kowalski, are toi sure about this? What if it — I don’t know — fries our...
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Breathe Again 04.10.16

“Thanks for this, guys. I really appreciate it,” Max a dit as the penguins prepared to leave.

“No problem, Moon Cat,” Skipper replied. “We hope your new accueil works for you. toi know where to find us if toi need anything.”

“Just across town,” Max replied affirmatively. “Got it.”

“Let’s head home, boys,” Skipper a dit as the four of them climbed into their rose car. Rico pressed on the gas but had to brake suddenly when a van zipped by, heading east.

“Whoa, they’re in a hurry,” Private observed.

“Wasn’t that a news van, Skipper?” Kowalski inquired....
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Two Roads 03.27.16

Note: This shot is dedicated to GearSolidSnake, who requested it from me.

— § —

“Rico!” Private called softly.

He stopped when he noticed light coming from storage. Furrowing his brow, he hopped up onto the windowsill for a closer look.

A dim light emanated from behind some crates. There were shadows — figures that moved along the walls. He tried to make out the shapes. His breath caught as he made out Rico’s mohawk. He pushed the window open and climbed inside.

He thankfully made it through without making any noise. Low voices drifted around the stack of crates, but...
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Stripes 03.16.16

Note: This installment contains implied Skilene. Perceive it as toi will.

— § —

“. . . and I want Rico on aerial surveillance,” Skipper a dit to his team down in the HQ. “Private and I will scout the ground. We’ll —”

“Hey, guys,” a dit a voice from behind, causing the team to instinctively jump into combat position. Marlene flinched and held up her paws. “Whoa, guys! It’s just me.”

Skipper relaxed his stance and rolled his eyes. “We’ve already told you. You’re not authorized to just drop down here without permission. We are in the middle of a classified...
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