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All four of the penguins looked worried and frightened....who was he gonna use it on?...jimmy looked at all four of them with great observance....he started to walk closer to all four of them...which one was he gonna use it on!!


Jimmy grinned and proceeded to walk towards skipper...

He leaned in and had the needle ready to use...

Kowlaksi:NO!! SKIPPER SHUT UP!!!

Jimmy got near his face...

Jimmy:I wouldn't want to kill u off now...no..I save the best for last...heheh..

Jimmy then stood up away from skipper...and walked over to kowalski...

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posted by spmana123
The suivant jour It was Rico's turn to spend time with kowlaski....Rico had decided to just walk around the park with him.....

Rico couldn't say anything.....he couldn't think of anything......he just walked around and viewed the scenery with him...

Kowlaski: ......what are we doing?

Rico: kowlaksi.....do toi like spending time with me...?

Kowlaski: well....I just met toi all.....and I have to tell you....your the first one that isn't annoying....

Rico smiled a little and looked at him..

Rico:thanks....I guess that's a compliment....

Rico then grabbed kowlaksis flipper.

Rico:c'mon...lets try out those...
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I sighed and did a facepalm. My least favori subject!
"Oh! Oh! I'll go first!" Becky exclaimed, waving her hand in the air. "I like the beavers! They're so hot!"
"Yeah! So hot!" Stacey exclaimed.
"I thought toi were just friends?" Michelle said.
"Well, yeah! We're friends!" Becky exclaimed.
"Boyfriends and girlfriends!" Stacey cried.
"Do they even know that?" Marlene asked. 
"Um, uh. Who wants to go next?" Stacey said.
No one raised a hand, paw, ou flipper.
"How about, Shelly!" Becky said.
"Eh, okay. As toi all know, I have my-" Shelly started.
"It's Rico, I knew it!" Darla cried. 
Michelle blushed....
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"Psst! Skipper! Get up," whispered Sky into his ear-hole whilst shaking him. After a few seconds, Skipper opened his eyes groggily and sat up to look at her. "Why the duce did toi wake me up SO early?" he asked, slipping out of bed. Sky grinned sheepishly, pulled out the back up calendar and pointed to the date. 'March 31st - April 7th, Prank Week' thought Skipper flatly. "Alright, I'm up. So what's the pranking agenda of the day?" quieried Skipper as he raised a nonexistent eyebrow.
"Ohhhhhh Skippy, THINK FAST!" shouted Emily, appearing in front of them with a rope wrapped around her webbed...
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posted by Skiparah
He was just a manchot, pingouin with a growing depression. Not a word in the world could take the weight of the infliction off his shoulders. He was a manchot, pingouin who just needed to run away and have a good cry. But he wouldn't let that happen. He knew he couldn't. I'm a man.I'm a man. He told himself that so many times. Now he walked, head hanging, shoulders drooped. Here could be found no glory, no spirit of freedom, no lack of affliction. Only the mark of an outcast, the weight of regection and hate were seen. Rain clouds were drawn to him overhead. Slowly raindrops began to fall. Not after long rain...
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Penguin HQ
"Please, don't hurt me." Kowalski cried out, "I-i want t-to l-live."

The axolotl scanned Kowalski with it's eyes and transformed into his specie *I think that's how toi spell it*. But into a female.

"Hurt you?" She cooed. "Why would I do that?"

Kowalski didn't take his eyes off her. She was so...charming and beautiful. He thought he was dreaming so he slapped himself.

I'm not dreaming, maybe I should talk to her , He thought.

"U-um who a-are you?" he asked still stunned at what he just saw.

"My name, handsome, is Sophia."...
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The penguins arrived to their HQ. Outside it was dark and cold. They gently put Private in his bunk.
"Kowalski analysis" Skipper said.
"Private has got deep wounds but I think he'll be fine" Kowalski a dit looking at unconscious Private.
"I'm working on a new experiment which can help him, but I and Rico have to go and find necessary parts"
Skipper nodded and the two penguins went out of the HQ.
Little manchot, pingouin opened his eyes when he heard his leader's voice.
"Are toi alright?" Skipper asked.
"Yes, thanks for asking… what about Katherine?"
"I don't know"
Private tried to sit, but he...
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par request of link. Hope toi enjoy it. :)

Romantic Guitar: Take 1

Skipper: Somewhere inside that abomination burns some ember of our Marlene. And I know just how to reach it. Rico! guitare me! Por favor!

Rico: *hacks up guitar*

Skipper: (not realizing that its an electric guitar) *plucks string* *LOUD guitare SOUND*

Private/Kowalski/Skipper: Aaah! My ears!!!!


Director: Rico! Spanish guitar! Not electric!

Kowalski: What about Danish metrics?

Private: No! I think he a dit Famous sitar tactics!

Kowalski: Oh yeah Private! That makes sense!

Skipper: What are we...
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posted by queenpalm
And toi thought I gave up on this story.

Once Rico had found his way onto the boat, he knew he had to hide from the human. He remembered his mother's advice, "When hiding from predators do something they can't do."
Since humans can seem to do anything, this seemed impossible. But, Rico had come this far, he wasn't turning back. He thought really hard, then he remembered, humans can't fly! 
Penguins couldn't fly, either. Was there even a chance? Rico thought of plus of his mothers advice, "Humans see the world less detailed, so hide in complicated...
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posted by BrightLight92
"You shouldn't have come Ringtail!" Skipper held the quivering figure of the maki, lémurien in a hug. The two were beaten, bloody, battered. They grasped onto each other like their life depended on it. "I should have forced toi to go back to the zoo... It's my fault," The penguin's voice cracked. His face was riddled with pain.

"No... It is being my fault, Skipper. I am always trying to be tagged along with toi on missions," He leaned his head farther into the crook of Skipper's neck. The commander was going to ask him what he was doing but then he realized that the king was sobbing. Skipper placed a...
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Dumb Kowalski's conversation with Skipper

Kowalski:  Hi, I'm a penguin.

Skipper: Okay.

Kowalski: Are toi a penguin?

Skipper: Yes.

Kowalski: Yay! We're sisters!

Skipper: We'd better go outside. It's almost feeding time.

Kowalski: I like feeding things!

Skipper: We are the ones that get fed.

Kowalski: I hate feeding time. Why can't we feed ourselves?

Skipper: toi can.

Kowalski: Yay! I l’amour lemurs!

Skipper: Fine. *goes up the ladder*

Kowalski: No, Skipper, don't leave me here alone, with all the monsters! *clings onto Skipper's foot like a toddler*

Skipper: Then toi can come out with us.

Kowalski: Hooray for fish!

Skipper: *sigh* 
posted by peacebaby7

*penguins pass a secluded pond*

Rico: "FISH!"

Skipper: "Exactamundo! Rico!"

*Rico & Kowalski dive in*

Skipper: "Don't worry Private, I'll bring up a seconde round for you."

Private: "Thanks."

Skipper: *salutes & dives in*

Private: Not much further now...just a little more...

Kowalski: *jumps out of water*

Rico: *jumps out after*

Skipper: *jumps out with poisson in hand* "Here toi go, young Private."

Private: "Oh, thanks." *begins eating*

Skipper: *goes & sits at the waters edge*

Private: *whispering* "Kowalski, what's his deal?"

Kowalski: "Oh. He does that sometimes. He goes to think about...
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posted by peacebaby7
You may now Kiss the bride...*Skipper & Marlene kiss*

*Skipper & Marlene run out of the Zoovenir boutique holding hands & laughing*

Zoo Animals: "KISS! KISS! KISS!"

*Skipper & Marlene Kiss once again"

Zoo Animals: "Awwwww!"

(????): "Skipper? Wake up!"

Skipper: "What?" *wakes up slowly*

Private/Kowalski/Rico: *standing around him*

Kowalski: "You really like Marlene don't you?"

Skipper: "Why do toi ask?"

Kowalski: "Well...you were...sort of...kissing your pillow."

Skipper: D: "Um...Can we just pretend toi didn't see that?"

Kowalski: "If it will make toi plus comfortable."

Private: "Aye, Skipper."...
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posted by peacebaby7
The suivant Morning...

*penguins are riding around in their car trying to beat the track record*

Kowalski: "C'mon, Rico! Almost there!"

*Rico passes the finish line*

Kowalski: "YES! We shaved 4 secondes off our best time!"

*Rico/Private/Kowalski high five & Rico accidentally hits Skipper in the head*

Rico: "OH! Sorryboutthat."

Kowalski: "Skipper? toi okay?"

Skipper: "Oh, I'm okay. Just a little tired. Guess I shouldn't have taken that shift last night."

Skipper: C'mon! Shape up Skipper! They're gonna catch on! ...

Marlene: *jumps out of her habitat* "Hey guys! Whatch...Um, why are toi driving a car?"...
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Me:hagrid mayfol call me and hermimeo
Hagrid:*gasp* no he didn't
Harry:what's a mudblood
Hagrid:it's someone toi who's parents is it a wizard
Me:well I am pure blooded
Me:mom and dad
Hagrid:she right Lilly and James potter were wizards and ce to HogWarts
Ron:well what *throws up a slug*
Hermimeo:my parents aren't wizards
Me:it's alright
At the griffndory house
Me:well what we now is that someone open the chamber
Skipper:the chamber?
Harry:we can go see the chamber in the old girl's bathroom
Me:right but what about moaning myrtle
Ron:right she pretty scarder
Skipper: hello but-
Herminoe:oh don't be a chicken
Me:oh sorry the chamber is where something keeps coming from there we don't know what it is ou who open it
posted by Colonelpenguin
The penguins where at my house that evening talking about their last mission they where on well skipper was holding the mission files. But, something happened the lights when out there was a scream of terror and when they came back on the files where gone.
But i a dit "I have a crystal ball toi can use but i must..."
"Yeah yeah yeah what ever just give us the ball!" Skipper said."Fine," so I showed them where it was and this is what happened.
There was a Genie inside that ball that hated everybody even me it will play tricks on toi and it will be mean about it.
The boys where rubbing it and words...
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posted by kowalskielol
continuing from ch. 2............

kitka iz totaly tired

ki: pufff hufff pufff huffff how long is this gona take??!?!?!?!

dr.b: not long!

ki: thanks,...

dr.b: no realy your hear


dr.b: >:( your- hear.

ki: look pal, unless toi can tell me where dr.blowholes lair is i dont think-

dr.b: I AM DR. BLOWHOLE!~!!!!!!!

KI: oh! what are toi doing this far from your lair.-

dr.b: toi ARE HEAR toi LITTLE NITWIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

K: :,( your scaring me !!! waaaahaa!!!

dr.b: the worst ,........ OK!!! sorry sorry

ki: "sniff"

dr,b:our first lesson,........ how to GET revenge