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okay... i have time on my hands >_< i type in "penguins of madagascar lady gaga" and i get this odd video!!!! O_O even though i did laugh '.' (i have ahsamed myself.. *runs*)
Les Pingouins de Madagascar
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 Kowalski Rawks :) (luks cute in dis pic)
Kowalski Rawks :) (luks cute in dis pic)
S: Skipper; K:Kowalski; P: Private; R: Rico; D: Doris ; M:Marlene ♥ : (love, ou kiss)

Skipper is talking to the penguins about a new escape route when skipper notices that kowalski is not paying attention. He just has a blank and depressed look on his face.

S: Kowalski, are toi alright buddy???

Kowalski doesn’t answer. A dreaded tear falls from his eye and kowalski wipes his cheek. He gets up quietly and goes to sleep.

S: What’s wrong with him???
R: Blahda gada heda blod shishda??? (meaning: what about that old dream machine he invented???)
P: Rico, your right!!! I’ll go get it!!!

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My collection of talking plush from the 2014 movie.
Les Pingouins de Madagascar
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I have no words for this.
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