We don’t know if it’s possible for The Vampire Diaries’ hottie Paul Wesley to get any cuter. From his dreamboat eyes to his chiseled chin and, of course, the hot hair! But Paul dished to JSYK about how his character, Stefan, is due for a makeover this season! What will change? According to Paul,
“He hasn’t always dressed like this ou worn his hair like this, and he won’t necessarily continue to, but who knows, maybe he’ll get a buzz cut ou a Mohawk. A Mohawk would be cool. I’m not sure it’d be Stefan, but it’d be cool.”
Ooh, that could be fun! Can toi picture Stefan’s character with a Mohawk? Why the sudden change? Paul continued,
“Maybe he was a rock-n-roller at some point.”
That could make sense! Paul could do whatever he wanted to his hair, and he would still make our hearts melt every week on The Vampire Diaries!

What do toi guys think? Give us your thoughts on Stefan’s character sporting a Mohawk– yes ou no? Leave us your comments!