Ok read the first one mainly.:D it's cute:D

BeccaKariganTV (1 jour ago)

I met this guy that I had a huge CrushCrushCrush on and I thought was he was The Only Exception and All I Wanted was him, but then he started Playing God so I told him to be Careful because his Ignorance would get in the way. But then I got fed up with it so I felt the Pressure to tell him That's What toi Get when toi hurt me. So then I screamed HALLELUJAH! like if toi get it ;)

TheProductofsociety (1 jour ago)

Even though I dedicated this song to the son of a chienne who lied to me,almost gave me an std,got me into a fight with my family,got me out of school,and broke my cœur, coeur I still l’amour this song,its beautiful.FUCK HIM :)

silenceiskeytosucces (18 minutes ago)

All Paramore fans should check out the band My Arcadia!! <3 Visit my channel ^_^

bryguy1960 (27 minutes ago)

Paramore has a beautiful voice and shes an excellent singer

zebraaapiink (57 minutes ago)

ugh. this song brings back memories...

Aowene (57 minutes ago)

To my darling husband, because toi truly are the ONLY exception.

ByaCostta (1 heure ago)

Muitoo bOm esse vídeo.. I l’amour Paramore' ♥

MsMoiraa (1 heure ago)

speachless :P serieusly, this song is a-ma-zing!

mcarolinabg (1 heure ago)

my god im in l’amour with that song!!

mcarolinabg (1 heure ago)

@BeccaKariganTV ... woooww that was awesome !!