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Guide by lovelife324 posted il y a plus d’un an
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We are the creatures of the night! The eyes that glow in the darkest of night's, the souls of the wind, the predators that eat night creatures. Our wings are silent when we fly. We use stealth to stune our prey! We hoot and screech! Our hearing is so good that we can hear our prey's heartbeat 2 miles away! We can turn our heads at a 270 degrese angle in both directions. We are an intelligent species! We can hang upside down in trees! We have amazing eyesight! We can see far away to find our prey! We are raptors of the air! Raptors of the night! Raptors of the skies! We have colorful eyes! There are over 300 species of us! Some of us dig, others fly, some of us eat fish, others l’amour rodents! We are beautiful creatures and are loved par the hearts of the millions! We can come in almost all colors! We lay our eggs in hollows ou holes in the trees! Some of us can even lay eggs on the ground! After we eat, we can cough up a pellet of our prey that we could not digest! We are one of the most recognized birds in the USA! We are very aggressive birds of prey! Our talons are very sharp! WHO ARE WE?