Kyoya has known Mai Inoue since he was young, but they stopped talking for years. What will happen when Mai asks to rejoindre the host club as a secretary?
    So this is my new story for Ouran. It’s basically a KyoyaxOC story and I know it sounds crappy (and very well might be) but I wanted to give this s try.
Disclaimer: I do not own Ouran High School Host Club, should be obvious shouldn't it? Oh and i promise this won't be badly written XD ( at least i hope not)
Mai Inoue gaped at Ouran’s Academy’s illustrious campus. It was bigger than any school she had ever been to and far plus luxurious. She knew she shouldn’t be here…..this wasn’t her type of life at all, not anymore at least. She twirled her black hair and twitched as she entered the guidance counselor’s wing. The paper she got in the mail a mois il y a a dit she was to go to a “Mr.’s Amano’s” office. It was in the far corner to the left. Knocking lightly on the door Mia heard a “Yes, enter…..ENETER!” Mai entered scared and flustered a bit. Mrs. Amano was a tall, mousy haired woman who was sorting through some papers rapidly. There was an awkward pause and then “Well sit down child sit down”. Mia sat down and a dit “My name’s Mai Inoue and I am a seconde an transfer student” and handed the unpleasant counselor her paper work. Mrs. Amano looked over the papers and a dit “Alright you’re entered in our attendance record and should start classes as of today please change into your inform before toi go to period one”. Mia nodded and was donné a schedule and a large princess marguerite, daisy like uniform. As she left the office she thought this has to be the ugliest, frilly uniform I ever saw and sighed before walking into a bathroom. When she walked out and glanced at herself in the mirror she looked at herself in the mirror and rolled her eyes, this wasn't her at all. Ouran just had to have the most degrading female uniforms ever didn’t it? Walking towards her first class she entered and sat down. Since it wouldn’t start for a few minutes she got out a book and was going to read just as she heard someone say “Oh come on Kyoya!” “For the last time toi idiot no, we are not doing it!” “But why not?” the other voice whined. To her amazement she saw Kyoya Ohtori and a blonde boy standing there. Kyoya made eye contact with her but didn’t say anything. The blonde boy however beamed and giddily started introducing himself “Hello my dear my name’s Tamaki Suoh and who might toi be?” “Mai Inoue, oh and par the way Tamaki not every girl wants to be hit on before they even get a chance to get your name”. Tamaki got a horrid “I’m a terrible prince” faze (the type he got from Haruhi on an almost regular basis) and took his seat. Mai finally getting over her nervousness and back to her usual self a dit “Oh and hello Kyoya haven’t seen toi in a long time”. Kyoya who was pretending to look over his homework replied with a “Hello Mrs. Inoue” and the best host smile he could muster. Mai snorted “Hello Mr. Othori”. Tamaki who had finally gotten over his rejection had watched the conversation with interest “So toi two know each other.….” “Please stay out of this Tamaki” Kyoya glared. Tamaki was about to say why should he when class started. Math was generally Kyoya’s best subject, after all math related to money, which was what being owner of a company was all about. Today though with her being here his concentration was questionable, scratch that it was completely off. And to make matters worse Mai answered every question perfectly on her first jour with no problem. Extremely happy when the cloche, bell rang the shadow lord picked up his belongings and paced (an Othori never runs pathetically) out of the classroom. Just remember keep calm…..there’s no reason to be so nervous it’s beneath you, keep calm…..”So Kyoya…..” “WHAT!” so much for keeping calm Kyoya thought “Who was that girl?” Fixing his glasses Kyoya answered “She’s just someone I knew a long time il y a that’s all” “So why are toi so intimidated par her?” “As I a dit before it’s none of your business, and for the record I am afraid of no one” “Sure about that Kyoya?” Mai creeped up behind him and whispered in his ear and made him jump. Laughing she a dit “See toi later” and sped away. Same old Mai never changed, but I have Kyoya thought with sadness and he and Tamaki headed to their suivant class.
    Lunch time finally came and it as a relief to Kyoya, true with the club it wasn’t exactly the “peace and relaxation” time he wanted but it was better than being called on in class and not answering. To make matters worse the conversation got turned to him “So this new girl in our class Mai Inoue apparently knows Kyoya and he’s totally afraid of her!” Tamaki dramatically told the story to his friends. The group was shocked for a bit but Hikaru sneered “Someone has actually scared the evil shadow lord?” “I never thought that was possible” Karou added. Kyoya sighed, “Tamaki is being his usual self and being an over dramatic idiot don’t pay him any mind” “So toi not afraid of this Mai girl?” Haruhi asked with a smirk, “Kyoya looked puzzled “No and why are toi smiling?” “Because I’m right behind you” Mai once again made him jump and everyone laughed. She sat down with her tray and a dit “Apparently toi really are afraid of me Kyoya” with a snort he replied “Hardly, toi just shouldn’t sneak up on people like some stalker”. Mai was still proud of her self though and got to know the club. Kyoya couldn’t help but think she was a lot like Tamaki, a natural people person. She never had trouble conversing with people usually and always made Friends easily. She was: funny, smart, and had good looks, everything someone with her upbringing should have. She and Haruhi got along well and Mai whispered “So Haruhi tell me…..exactly why are toi in a boy’s uniform?” Everyone stopped talking and glared at her, hoping no baser par heard “What are toi talking about Mai Haruhi is indeed a boy….” “Give it up Tamaki; Mai is way too smart to be fooled par your poorly made cover stories” “For once he’s right, now why is she pretending to be…” “STOP SAYING IT!” Tamaki shouted and people stopped to stare “Let’s talk some place private and we’ll tell you”. So Mai was whisked away into musique room #3 and sat down on the clubs luxurious couch. “Okay here’s how it goes…” Tamaki explained that they were a host club; he even went so far as to ask Mai to become a customer to which she flat out declined (big shocker there!) and then went onto Haruhi’s debt and her having to pretend to be a boy. Mai laughed “So you’re making this poor girl be a boy because she broke some stupid vase? I bet it was Kyoya’s warped money obsessed mind that came up with that one” “Actually it was Tamaki, and if you’re going to insult me please do it on a professional level I hate first grade run on sentences” “What did toi just….” Hikaru intervened “Alright toi tow stop fighting” still mad at Kyoya Mia turned to him “So do toi think toi can keep the secret?” smiling Mia replied “Of course! I actually want to help toi guys out”. Haruhi looked confused “How?” she asked “By becoming a member of the club?” “A member of the club, how?” Honey asked innocently. Mai glanced at Kyoya with a smirk ‘Well it must be hard on Kyoya doing all the clubs taxes and such so I was thinking I could be his assistant just from one math class I can already tell I’m better at figures then he is”. Kyoya stood up “That was uncalled for!” “No, that was an example of a ‘professional insult’ was it not?” Frustration masked Kyoya’s face “I do not need an assistant Mai” “Well I think it’s a marvelous idea!”. Tamaki got in his ‘I’m the prince of this club’ pose (or to everyone else the: ‘Tamaki’s got another idea sure to get us screwed pose) “What?” Kyoya asked “Yes it’s a marvelous idea to have a female in the club. It’ll relax the shyer girl plus knowing there’s another girl in the room” “If we wanted a girl why would we mask Haruhi?” Kyoya practically shouted losing his temper as he so often did with his best friend’s schemes “Haruhi’s a host to pay off her debt. Mai is going to be sort of a mascot for the club” “Hold it! I am not being a mascot”. Tamaki put his arm around Mai’s shoulder “Not like that, you’re just going to be sort of a ‘moral support’ for the girls that’s all, plus I think your right Kyoya could use a little help with the book work, he can have plus time to be a host!”. Mai grinned, she hated the idea of being a ‘mascot’ for the club she certainly liked the idea of annoying Kyoya all jour “Okay I’m in”. “Hold on a second, don’t I get a say in this?” “Alright let’s put it to a vote, all opposed to having Mia in the club raise your hand”. Kyoya’s hand raised “All in favor?” everyone else’s hand shot up like gunfire “It’s unanimous!” “Tamaki toi do know ‘unanimous’ means everyone has to agree don’t you?” “Okay then it’s almost unanimous!” Kyoya couldn’t help but think he sort of deserved this, karma has a way of biting people in the cul, ass sooner ou later, Mai’s smirk didn’t make it any easier though “We should celebrate let’s all go out to eat!” . Kyoya tried to smile; maybe this wouldn’t be so bad, maybe karma was forgiving him…..”Kyoya’s paying!” Scratch that, karma was a bitch.
    So that’s chapter one. I honestly am sort of happy with how it went. I promise this will get better as it goes along. I know a lot of people must be asking: What did Kyoya do to Mia to make her so amer towards him? Well toi will obviously find out soon, I don’t want to give it away to early but I’ll reveal it soon.
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