((This one shot was inspired par the book: the Luxe ))

toi heaved an audible sigh of relief as toi finally got the chance to walk up to your room. Who knew that the grand ball your best friend Penelope threw could take so much out of you? Lifting your heavy shepherdess costume dress and walking up the grand staircase in which led to your room, toi took a last glance at your mother and your sister, Haruhi. It was quite sad that toi couldn’t speak your mind to them like toi used to, back when toi were little.
Finally approaching the door that led to your bedroom, toi put your hand on the elaborate or doorknob and turned it, walking inside the bedroom once the door was open. The walls of your room were painted a brilliant blue, and on each mur there was some sort of beautiful artifact that was a part of the décor. Noticing that your maid, Lina, wasn’t waiting there to groom toi for the night, toi sighed. Sometimes she was so lazy! Shaking your head in disapproval, toi walked to the golden Japanese screen and went behind it, undoing the ribbons at the back of your dress and lifting the heavy thing from your body. Only dressed in your bloomers and corset, toi also undid the blasted corset in which had been suffocating toi the whole night. Finally undressed, toi slipped your thin fabriced nightgown on, along with your slippers.
Walking quickly to your dresser, toi brushed your hair and tried to find a way to pass the time before you’d finally get to see Him again.

Finally deciding that it was late enough and that your aunt, mother and sister were asleep, toi put on your silk kimono your deceased father had donné you, tied the sash, and slipped silently out of your room. Walking as fast and quiet as toi can, toi went down the servant stairs and into the kitchen, not noticing your maid crouched down on the floor as toi went.
Walking out to the horse stables, toi looked around quietly and whispered your love’s name.
“ Mori? Mori are toi there?” Finally seeing his silhouette in the small loft that was his room, toi walked up to the ladder that led to it. Looking at him with lust in your eyes, toi put your foot on the first step of the ladder, not caring about the splintery wood of it.
“Hi, _______.” Mori looked at toi with his emotionless face as toi climbed the suivant step of the ladder. “ Let any boys touch you?”
Looking at him with great care, toi slightly rolled your eyes. “ Mori, toi know that all of the men I dance with at balls have none of my interest.”
“I know, but the thought of all of those men touching toi in places just gets me so angered… I mean, they all have money, and I don’t….”
Looking at him like he was crazy, toi answered his response. “Mori, I don’t care about the money! I l’amour you!”
Seeming satisfied with your response, Mori stretched out his long, strong arms, and lifted you, walking over to the l’espace where his lit was and lowering toi onto it. Going on all fours on haut, retour au début of you, Mori traced your body shape with his hands, which sent a wave of shivers down your back. Unwrapping your kimono, toi watched with much interest as Mori put a trail of hot kisses down your neck, collarbone and jaw, speaking before he gave toi a lustful Kiss on the lips.
“Miss _______, I do think I believe toi l’amour me.”