((This one’s kinda short, but I think it’s really cute. Enjoy! ))
toi sighed and sat on the bench, your (e/c) eyes red and puffy from crying. It wasn’t your fault toi could see things others couldn’t, toi were just born… different. Looking to your only friend, your eyes watered once more. People called toi pathetic to make up the idea of seeing ghosts, but it was no lie. Your only friend was a ghost, and she was five, just like you. Her name was Annabelle, and she died for having the same thing as you. She could see ghosts too, when she was alive. (She comes from WAY back then.) Coming closer to you, she cooed soft words into your ear, trying to calm your crying.
“W-why was I born like this?” toi questioned, looking to the girl. She shrugged, letting her curly auburn hair fall over her shoulders.
“I guess it’s just the way we were meant to be, toi and I. We’re just…Different. And don’t worry _____, you’ll find a friend who’s alive! Not everyone’s a meaner, some are actually nice. “Giving toi an encouraging smile, she disappeared, leaving toi alone….Again. Wiping the tears from your eyes, toi saw a boy at about the same age as toi approaching. He had black hair and was wearing a small black cloak. Giving a soft smile, he sat on the bench suivant to you, and placed…A cat puppet? On the siège of the bench.
“Who were toi talking to?” He inquisitively asked. Looking into your (e/c) eyes, he asked another question. “And why were toi crying?”
Placing a stray piece of hair behind your ear, toi sighed and looked to your shoes. “You probably won’t believe me…”
Giving another smile, all the strange boy a dit was “Shoot.”
Taking a deep breath, toi told him your situation. He didn’t interrupt, and he didn’t call toi a liar. All he did was nod, listening to your story. Taking your small hand in his, he faced you.
“So that’s why toi were crying? Nobody should be that mean… suivant time they do that to you, tell me and I’ll use black magic on them! Oh, and my name’s Nekozawa.” toi smiled, he was nice!
“R-really?” toi looked at him, your smile bright enough to light up a city.
“Really. Just because toi can see things others can’t, doesn’t mean toi should be bullied and called names. You’re not different, you’re special. They’re just jealous, and don’t want to believe anything other than what’s in their boring grey lives.” He gave toi another smile. “Oh, and I didn’t catch your name. What is it?”
Dusting off your skirt, toi told him your name. “My name’s _______.”
For quite a while, toi and Nekozawa talked, becoming plus and friendlier with each other. Giving him a Kiss on the cheek, toi bid your farewell and left your new friend.