Chapter Two

The suivant day, Haruhi was left alone with Tamaki, again. What did he want this time? She had a bad feeling that she would figure out soon.
“Princess,” a dit Tamaki. “ I have a deal for you. If toi go on a rendez-vous amoureux, date with me, then I will forgive your debt.”
Haruhi’s mouth hung open. She was startled. No, she was free. All she had to do was accept the offer. But then she doesn’t feel that way for him, doesn’t she? Then she remembered the night Tamaki held her when she was scared. The lightening petrified her. So what did she feel? Either way, she knew her answer.
“Fine,” Haruhi said. “Only if toi forgive the debt.” And so it was a date.
    It was to be that evening, so she set off to get ready. She had no idea on what to wear; not like she cared ou anything. The least she could do was look nice. But what would look nice? She had no idea, so she went to her dad for advice.
“Hey, Dad,” she said. “ I’m kind of going on a date. Could toi help me find an outfit?”
“What, a date?! Haruhi, you’re growing up so fast! Try this on, sweetie.”
“That? It will have to do, i guess.”
As Haruhi a dit this, her dad handed her a light blue dress with dentelle at the bottom. Then he gave her a short, dentelle cardigan. It was perfect.
    Haruhi reached the third musique room and waited. There Tamaki arrived wearing a white dress chemise with jeans. But she couldn’t help but to notice the red rose he held in his hand. Give me a break, she thought, as if that trick will woo me. But It was a rendez-vous amoureux, date after all, so she accepted the rose and smiled.
“So cute,” Tamaki a dit glomping Haruhi. “You look just like a girl!”
“Excuse me,” Haruhi replied angrily. “Well sorry for not looking feminine for toi all the time!”
“It’s not like that! It’s just that couldn’t toi look any better than now!” At this time Tamaki was exasperating his date, and she showed her anger with a quick humph. And so they got into the limo that was waiting for them outside.
    The car ride was short, quiet, and a little awkward. Haruhi was pleasantly gazing out the window, while Tamaki gazed pleasantly upon her. She turned her head towards him and glared vemonously. Tamaki just chuckled innocently and faced the window. To his despite, they weren’t even at the restaurant and she was ticked off. It didn’t make sense! He could win any girl he wants except her! Was that it then? Was she scared to montrer her love, for her knowledge of that fact worried her? Did she fear he would déplacer on and leave her? He had to know!
    Ah, now they’ve reached the restaurant. To be romantic, he picked a exclusive Italian one. He seen it in all the movies. If any dîner was romantic, it was pasta. It was a shame she couldn’t pronounce most of the foreign words.
“I would like the rigatoni alla bolognese?”
“Make that two, good sir. And we’ll have two tea’s to go with that.”
“Good choice ,sir.” a dit the waiter lastly, and off he went.
    There was an awkward silence after the waiter left. After awhile Tamaki decided to speak. But what would a mature guy say? But then, why not wing it?
“Haruhi,” Tamaki started “I am just so glad to be here with you.”
“Thank you, Tamaki, but I won’t fall for your tricks.”
“What on earth! Haruhi, I l’amour you, and yet toi act so coldly towards me. toi think toi can be independent, but eventually toi will need help. I want to be there for toi but toi won’t give me a chance!”
“It’s not that! It’s just that toi are spoiled rotten! toi get everything toi want, so now toi just expect things!”
After they got their anger out, cold chills went up their spine. The entire restaurant was staring at them! After paying for the meal, the limo took the two back their homes. Haruhi’s accueil was first.
“ Remember, Haruhi. toi are a girl, so act like it.”
End of chapter two