Haruhi’s Identity Revealed
par Otaku_Sarah

Chapter One
    Haruhi went about the school in a daze. The thunder was so scary last night! And she couldn’t believe she jumped into Tamaki’s arms. How on earth did that happen? She wouldn’t have been worried if it wasn’t for the fact that it felt good. Then she remembered something. It was Tamaki flirting for her. She remembered how he asked if she fell for him yet.
“Haru-chan,” called a familiar playful voice. “Hurry up before we are late for the club, okay?”
Honey smiled. It was so sweet that she could get diabetes. He is seventeen, she reminded herself, not a baby!
    Slowly the door opened to reveal the usual fragrance of thé and roses. But instead of the whole gang, it was only Tamaki. Why wasn’t she surprised?
“I’m leaving.” she said. But it was too late. Honey grinned evilly, just as he locked the door.
“Darn rich kids.” she couldn’t help but say to herself.
“Haruhi,” a dit Tamaki smooth and elegantly. “I need to talk to you. Have toi fallen for me yet? I saw the look in your eyes the other day. It was, shall I say, attraction?”
    Haruhi didn’t mean to, but she gave off a cute, nervous smirk. He came and grasped her par the waist; swaying her around in a circle. She landed her head perfectly on his chest.The situation made her blush instantly. Slowly Tamaki tilted her delicate chin, bringing his lips closer to Haruhi’s. To complete it all, he stared right into her eyes. It was too much! So using the same amount of swiftness, Haruhi smacked him. She knew he was messed up in the head, but that was the frosting on the cake.
“Pervert. I know how toi flirt with all the girls. Besides, I’m just paying off my debt par staying in this club. I would quit if I had the choice.”
Haruhi’s words struck him like an arrow. Was he that shady? Well, he was the prince of the host club. What’s not shady about that? Then out from behind a covered piano, came the twins.
“Hello Hikaru and Kaoru,” she said. Her voice was flat as usual. “I suppose toi two had something to do with this?”
“Why us,” a dit the twins in perfect harmony. “Do toi possibly think we could come up with those lame lines?”
    Wham! Another Arrow went right through Tamaki’s heart. Now it was too much for him. Being his usual childish self, he sulked in the corner.
“If Tamaki is only going to make passes at me, I think I’ll find another way to pay off my eight million yen. That means I quit if he doesn’t grow up, okay?”
    The twins looked with disinterest. Apparently she didn’t care if the school found out that she’s a girl.
“Fine. Let it be.” a dit Hikaru.
“But toi still haven’t tried any of the fancy foods have you?” chimed in Kaoru. This was their usual bribe.
“Like I said,” Haruhi a dit sternly. “Only if he doesn’t mature!”
    The twins hit her weak spot. Being poor, her most commonly eaten meal is instant ramen. And Haruhi’s main goal was to try fancy tuna. Then came a sudden click noise, and the door busted open. It was Honey and his buddy Mori.
“Is Haru-chan in l’amour yet?!” a dit Honey. To add emphasis, he flailed his stuffed bunny around.
“Not yet,” say Tamaki. “But from here on out, I am mature! Yet in the meanwhile, the club will be open for business. Let’s go!”
    The club went and got their last member, Kyoya, and welcomed their clients inside. The host club is a curious club. It is a club where a group of boys flirt with women, hoping they would buy their merchandise. Their main hommages consisted of roses, tea, and fake tears. Haruhi, being a girl herself, found that this club had questionable motives. But in the meantime, she was forced to flirt herself. No one knew she was a girl, for she did have a boyish appearance to compliment her short hair.
“Haruhi! Over here,” called a girl. “I want toi to sit with me.”
With aléatoire girls everyday, Haruhi found it hard to remember names. But she managed to remember this time. It was Kiyoko, wasn’t it?
“I brought us some sweets, Kiyoko. I hope toi like them. They’re nothing special though.”
“Thanks. I bet they’re not as sweet as you, anyway!” she said. They both smiled.
“I l’amour your smile. Come on, please? May I see another?”
    Kiyoko smiled again. And as they smiled at each other, the twins were up to their usual nonsense.
“And then I fell down,” a dit Hikaru, telling a tall tell to the ladies. “It was kind of funny.”
“No, Hikaru, it wasn’t,” a dit Kaoru. “I was so worried when toi fell. Please, don’t let it happen again.”
    Kaoru was tearing up. Then Hikaru gently tilted Kaoru’s face to his, gazing into his eyes.
“It won’t Kaoru. I promise. Do toi forgive me?”
“Yes, brother dear.” At this moment the girls were squealing with excitement.
“I can’t watch,” a dit the first girl. “It’s too much!”
The seconde girl replied. “You must! toi never know if we’ll see this again!” And the girls watched on excitedly.
“Excuse me, Tamaki. How exactly do toi plan on maturing? Haruhi is not going to like the fact you’re still flirting.” a dit Honey. It was rude of Honey to ask, but it did strike a chord with him. Shocked, Tamaki looked around. He had five whole customers! Five girls he was wooing! That was not going to get him his real princess. So he stood up and shamefully declared that he will not accept any plus clients.
    Everyones head turned. Some spilled their tea. Some dropped their jaws. A few even shouted in disbelief. He was the prince! No one had a higher request rate than Tamaki. It was so out of character.
“I’m sorry,” he said. “But there is one special person who’s cœur, coeur I must win!”
    Tamaki had stirred up quite a commotion, so Kyoya, the club’s director, went to speak to him.
“Tamaki. I understand about the person on your mind, but this is a business. And besides, the charges we get for our hommages alone are nothing to sneeze at. I’m not saying toi have to woo the girls. It’s just that we are losing our most valuable member here.”
“I must do this, Kyoya.” Tamaki said.
As Hikaru and Kaoru saw this, they got concerned. Kaoru didn’t know why, but he didn’t like the idea of those two together. Then he got this strange feeling. Was it anger? No, it wasn’t. Whatever it was, he brushed it to the side.
    With the whole club surrounding Tamaki, they wondered about a lot of things. But the one thing they all wanted to know, how long was their sempai going to last. And the only way to get their answer was to wait.
End Of Chapter One