Les Frères Scott My favori OTH songs! Your favorite? [Links in comments]

Pick one:
[2x09] Rowing Song -Patty Griffin
[2x10] 23 -Jimmy Eat World
[3x09] For Blue Skies -Strays Don't Sleep
[3x16 Score] Lost Along The Way -John Nordstrom
[3x16 Score] Saving Peyton -John Nordstrom
[4x03] Won't Back Down -Matt Kearney
[4x19] Burgundy Shoes -Patty Griffin
[5x01] Come Undone (acoustic) -Jackson Waters
[5x15] Hometown Glory -Adele
[6x10] Lifeline -Angels & Airwaves
[6x15] Once When I Was Little -James Morrison
[6x16] toi Found Me -The Fray
[6x19] Where l’amour Went Wrong -Augustana
[6x20] I Can Feel A Hot One -Manchester Orchestra
[6x22] Long Time Nothing New -Pete Yorn
[6x22] She Is l’amour (acoustic) -Parachute
[6x24] Come Around -Rosi Golan
[8x13] Sweet And Low (acoustic) -Augustana
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