Les Frères Scott S5 icones ♥♥♥

Pick one:
BP stripe l’amour
Burn that book.
Hand holding is ♥♥
Their hearts are the same ♥
The one boy she'd have Lost it all for.
Covert amoureux ♥
So happy to see you!
Surprise Kiss 2.0
Change the world together
The one, the only, Brooke Penelope Davis
Dreaming of a better life.
I'm just a jealous guy ♥
how come every time I see this stupid book I buy it, every stupid damn time Luke.
Goodbye for now.
Missed toi so bad.
It's my dream.
I still ♥ toi
Simba!Peyton ;)
Paley musique ♥♥♥
Getting back to how we used to be ♥
Always & Forever
Flirts ♥
James Lucas Scott
All we need is rain!
Perfect family ♥
Daddy is sorry
If looks could kill Carrie's skank cul, cul, ass would be dead.
Letting go.
Someday ♥
I will always l’amour toi
Say no, it's what i did!
Not a fashion statement
The perfect family ♥♥♥
Don't let me go.
 xoheartinohioxo posted il y a plus d’un an
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