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Well, everyone on the OTH site has the couples they'd die for and all but all the fighting is annoying, knowone can state why they l’amour BL, LP, JP, KK ou whoever without a death match.

The reason I wrote this is to say maybe a little plus 'understanding' is needed for it all. Just post who u like and why and leave the fighting out, they have LP vs. BL spot so fight someone their.

Anyway just say one reason why u like him/her ou whatever and have a real talk with someone u might not see couple to couple with. OTH is so couple based (thnx Mark) still it does ruin it for fans but i'm doing this so ppl can learn to play nice when everyone is in l’amour with their couples. Lately everones been talking abut it so it would be good to try and be nice cause we all l’amour the montrer and thats why were here :)
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