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We've heard rumors about how Chad Michael Murray does not want to continue jouer la comédie out Lucas Scott on One arbre Hill. Because Chad might decide not to continue filming his role of Lucas, should they make a movie about what happens suivant in arbre colline and be over after the movie, ou should they continue the montrer without Chad if he decides to not continue his role of Lucas and still make a 7th season?

Well, for me personally, I'm kind of undecided. If Chad decides to leave the show, I think the montrer would be boring without him. Lucas does all of the "narrations" at the begining and end of each episode,...
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For me personally, I think season 6 has been the best season of One arbre Hill. I am a Leyton fan, so for me, this season has been great because season 6 was filled with lots of awesome Leyton scenes! :)And there were also other great things about season 6, nanny carrie was killed, Chase and Mia hooked up,and Nathan made the Cheifs basketball, basket-ball team. But on the other hand, there were some negatives this season, Brooke got attacked,and Q got killed. So, do toi think Season 6 has (so far) been the best season yet of One arbre Hill, ou do toi think Mark should do things a little differently to make the season better?
Episode 6.09 Sympathy For The Devil

Air Date: November 3

Episode Description

Added 10/15

Nathan finds himself face-to-face with an old rival, Brooke deals with someone who once hurt her, and Lucas’ novel leads him into threatening waters. Source

General Spoilers

Added 10/14

Joe Manganiello a dit there is a racy scene with him (and assumed Brooke) in this episode. OTHBLog Chat

Added 9/30

Hilarie filmed with Austin today [9/29]. Peyton meets Julian for the first time as soon as she leaves Lucas’ book signing in LA. It’s a flashback- same outfit and hair from 5.02. credit: curlyhead@FF

Joe Manganiello...
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posted by othluver
 Best Friends
Best Friends
Both Brooke and Peyton are great characters that add alot to the montrer so Im so sick of people taking one side just because of the altimate leyton vs. Brucas débats they say toi have to like either Peyton ou Brooke, but these to are best Friends and they dont always need to be compared to one another because they both different and great in there own way. Peyton is a strong passinate person and brooke is a loveing funny person so we need to stop always comparing them deffinatly now that they arent fighting anymore. Wether there with lucas ou not it really dosent matter i mean we can get so mean listing all the things that each have done wrong but when it all comes down to it theve both made mistakes so we really need to stop saying ones worse because without either of them the montrer would not be the same!
posted by rose2
I'm so excited!Season 5 starts today in Greece.i'm so happy.The last episode of season 4 was fantastic(I saw it 5 times).But the problem is that I heard that season 5 isn't very good and I really want to know if this is true.
1.I heard that Rachel Gatina will appear for 1-2 episodes and she will have been doing drugs.Is this true?.She is my favori character on One arbre Hill.I'm really obsessed with her.
2.Are Nathan and Haley going to have problems in their wedding?I heard that Nathan will do sex with James Lucas Scott's nanny ou something like that.The truth is that I don't like very much...
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One arbre colline is a metaphor for the last man, ou in this case last team standing; the arbre colline Ravens' journey to becoming basketball, basket-ball state champions.

Yet the real tale to this U.S. hit TV series is the story which lives within the team mates; Hormones, Competition and struggle are the essence to this teen sitcom. A story of two Half-Brothers brought together through both l’amour and Hate.

Sharing thier l’amour of basketball, Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) and Nathan (James Lafferty) rejoindre together as the seasons progress along with their ever growing hatred for their Sinful Father, Dan Scott (Paul...
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Everyone's favori "One arbre Hill" couple, Nathan (James Lafferty) and Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti), have certainly weathered the storm.

But when a relationship has survived a high school marriage, a teen pregnancy, murderous in-laws, an ill-timed concert tour, the NBA, a bout with depression, and an endless string of promiscuous psychos... what's left?

"Marital bliss," Lafferty tells Zap2it. "At this point, we've been going so long, and it just feels like every curveball that could have been thrown at the Nathan and Haley relationship has been thrown. What else could possibly come at them?"...
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posted by kellyclarkson12
Taylor is the other Haley sister.She slept with Nathan.
She was in season 2.
She didn't behave quite good to Haley,but she made her a favor,sending e-mails to Chris from Haley in order to send him away.
She didn't come back since then.
In season 7 she is the sister of Haley and Quinn.
She can be quite bitchy and slutty sometimes,but when she gets upset,it touches your cœur, coeur :).
In season 7 she returns with David-Quinn's former husband .
Also in season 7 her hair colour has gotten darker than season 2.
When her mother ,Lydia died ,she sat and cried :))
This was a very emotional scene ;]
I have watched One arbre colline for a long time and it has inspired me and made me and laugh and made me cry! I still watch this montrer every single week but the truth is every week im becoming plus and plus dissapionted with the show. Here is why:

1. Brooke is getting hurt over and over. When I watched Brooke and julian break up and brooke crying as she watched julian and alex together I felt like i was watching the early seasons again. They are using Brooke (One of my favori characters) as someone who can get tossed around and used endless times just to make the montrer interesting, although i dont...
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Kenzie Dalton showers her fiance Chad Michael Murray’s ex-wife, Sophia Bush, with compliments in one of her récent blog posts. Here’s what the 21-year-old former beauty pageant contestant had to say about Sophia:

“I had the télévision on The Bonnie Hunt montrer as I was getting ready for work yesterday. She is my favori talk montrer host. I hear a familiar raspy voice and come into the room to watch actress Sophia buisson, bush do an interview. I can’t help but respect her for being a smart person, having self respect and doing good in the community. Every time we see each other we always have a...
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Two actors try out for Nathan and Haley. Nathan and Dixon argue. Nathan and Haley walk out and other couples are outside practicing.
At home, Peyton puts a lit de bébé together than was delivered par Karen and Andy.
Dan and Jamie walk to school. Jamie denies there’s a girl at school he likes but he wants to invite her over to his house. Dan tells him to say something nice and smile.
Julian and Brooke are in bed. He tells her it was amazing. He’s happy to be a part of her crowd. She says he was probably popular. He says he is late for casting. Brooke gets excited.
Peyton shows up to casting. They mistake...
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Chapter 1: The question that started it all

“Sam will toi please stop skating in my store. I can’t concentrate with toi whishing par every second,” Brooke a dit in frustration is she looked up from the sketch she was trying to finish for the past hour.

It had been 2 weeks since the kidnapping incident, and Brooke and Sam were finally moving on from the nightmarish experience. Currently Brooke and Sam were spending the afternoon at Clothes over Bros. Brooke had been trying to finish one of her sketches and since summer vacation had started, she had dragged Sam along with her to the store....
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So before I start, I want to forewarn everyone who reads this that I am not defending ou excusing the mistakes Luke has made over the years. Nor am I expecting anyone to hate ou loathe luke less after lire it. I am simply delving into a deeper reason for his transgressions, which may help us understand the why a little better (kinda like we understood the why behind the other characters').

OK, so I've read and read commentaires about what a schmuck luke's been in the 1st and especially the 5th season. I can't disagree, but I can't share the same strong newfound hate either. Up to season 4, Luke's...
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I'm actually beginning to grow tired of the débats and I'm considering rooting for Lucas to choose Lindsay ou run off with Skillz. Im a Brucas fan but I strongly dislike the animosity that keeps appearing between the shippers. Admittedly Brucas Vs Leytoners are not nearly as vicious as some of the Nachel/Rathan ou the Brathan crowds, I've no idea what that is but some of them just seem plain mean.
There are a thousand reasons for Leyton and a thousand for Brucas, but Im tired of the 'Who should Lucas be with' picks, especially since whenever I read them I seem to catch spoilers without any spoiler...
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posted by Leightonfan
"One arbre Hill: Don't Dream It's Over (#5.6)" (2008)
[first lines]
Brooke Davis: Alright guys, bring it in.

Haley James Scott: [holding a shot] I guess one shot won't kill us, huh!
[disgustingly, after everyone drinks their shots]
Haley James Scott: Maybe it will. Brooke, what was that?
Brooke Davis: I wanted something that would remind everyone of me... so... they mixed their most populaire liqueur with their sweetest...
Brooke Davis: The bartender did name it a 'Brooke Davis'.

Brooke Davis: [to Owen] toi know, not many people can handle a 'Brooke Davis'.
Owen: Well, it's definitely...
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posted by naley_4ever
 The beginning of a beautiful relationship:)
The beginning of a beautiful relationship:)
I am absolutely devastated par the end of episode 5.10. I am a huge Naley fan and couldn't believe my ears when Haley told Nathan she wanted a divorce. I almost cried... I thought that when Jamie fell in the pool, maybe that incident would help Nathan and Haley forgive each other and work on their marriage. Naley is one of the big reasons I watch the show, and if they get divorced, I don't think I would be able to watch it anymore. Actually I probably would watch it, but it would definitely be hard for me. I could barely watch the montrer when Nathan and Haley were [nearly] separated the first...
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posted by Albiee
 Lucas ♥
Lucas ♥
Apart from their l’amour for the game of basketball, it seems Lucas and Nathan are two young men, with very little in common, but they are bound together par the dark secret that they share a father. Nathan is the étoile, star of arbre Hill's Raven's and a local town hero, while Lucas is the son of single mom, Karen.
But the two boys world's collide when Lucas is put on the Raven's basketball, basket-ball team, and the half-brothers compete, not only for control of the court, but for the cœur, coeur of Nathan's girlfriend, Peyton.

 Nathan & Peyton ♥
Nathan & Peyton ♥
The episode starts with the Raven's playing an important basketball...
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Peyton Sawyer dropped a cardboard box onto the floor of her new home, sighing softly as it hit the ground with a thud.

She kicked at it with her foot while observing the house quietly. It was too big. She was just one person, and yet she knew there was at least one extra bedroom.

Why had she purchased it again? Peyton knew she could answer that question herself. She’d always grown up in a large, empty house, why not do it again? Plus, this could be fun; decorating her own new swinging pad.

Right. Decorating her own new swinging pad par herself. Oh, she could just see the great times she’d have...
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posted by naley_4ever
Jingle Bells, Lucas Smells
By: SamiJane
Genre: Parody
Lucas Scott hardly ever listens to the radio. Lucas Scott hardly ever listens to any musical piece of work that is not already on his I pod. Lucas Scott hardly ever pays attention to any musical suggestion from people other than Peyton Sawyer, and maybe Nathan Scott. But most of all, Lucas Scott never ever listens willingly to any song ou diddy flowing from the vocal chords of the one and only Chris Keller. But, on this uncharacteristically below freezing December night, Lucas Scott...
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Main Characters of One arbre colline (14):

Brooke Davis played par Sophia Bush
Full Name: Brooke Penelope Davis
Age: 22
Parents: Mother, Victoria; father has been mentioned but never seen
Siblings: Is an only child
Other Family: Extended family is unknown; is the Godmother to Jamie Scott, Nathan and Haley's son
Occupational History: Worked at a seafood restaurant as an advertising homard during "Between Order and Randomness". Brooke later worked at the mall for Suburban Filth for which see designed a series of clothing. Soon after, Brooke launched her own clothing line, "Clothes Over Bro's", in "Brave...
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