One arbre colline citations Fav Quote?

Pick one:
sometimes people play hard to get to know the other persons feelings are real
i was worried i wouldnt be enough for toi
i wanted toi to fight for me
i could have held toi in my arms forever it still wouldnt have been long enough
toi should take a job application now that your unemployed
im the quy for toi Brooke Davis .. youll see
why does everybody lie?
Brooke Davis is gonna change the world someday
why wont toi ever let me all the way in .. i need toi to need me back
haley.. i dont like that name lets call toi brooke
i could never actually give toi away
salut buddy i missed toi
i think toi need to get your insecure a** outta this house
Ah! Stop hitting me!Stop s’embrasser my wife! I'll stop when toi start!
 stephy_rules posted il y a plus d’un an
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