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 Niall Horan 2013
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Niall Horan 2013
niall horan 2013
this is us
best song ever
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This One Direction photo might contain portrait, headshot, gros plan, and closeup.

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Part 2: Kid-napping

Isabella’s POV:

At school, in Maths class.
“…And the highest mark of our précédant test is Bella’s” Our teacher informed
Oh god, I couldn’t believe when I heard the result, I did the test in a very bad mood. Vicky was also surprised:
“Did u cheat, Bella? How could toi do that crazy hard test?”
“I don’t know, either, Vicky.” I told her

“Why are toi always so intelligent? Since toi was only 6, toi have always been the most intelligent in school. My parents are always comparing toi with me.” Vicky complained.
“Cuz I don’t go to clubs every night and change...
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Zayn’s POV:
The suivant day, we hired a van and Louis sat there driving.
He a dit “That’s her home…” pointing to one of the houses in the street.
We were all anxiously waiting for her to step out of her house. And yeah, she did.
We had some chloroform with us which we poured it on a cloth.
She came closer to our van. I was having the chloroform dipped cloth in my hand. I held my hands outside and pressed that over her face.
She started struggling hard and kicked Niall on his stomach.
After some seconds, she was out of consciousness.
Louis a dit “PERFECT!”
Next we had to kidnap Harry. What a...
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