One Direction Who is your favourite one direction but from the haut, retour au début favourite to the least favourite enjoy :D

Lois_Styles posted on Nov 26, 2013 at 08:55PM
1: Harry Styles
2: Niall Horan
3: Louis Tomlinson
4: Zayn Malik
5: Liam Payne

But I love all of them!!!! <3

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il y a plus d’un an cool1234girl said…
I obviously adore all of them but here's my list-
1. Louis Tomlinson
2. Zayn Malik
3. Harry Styles
4. Niall Horan
5. Liam Payne
il y a plus d’un an ilovejames33 said…
my list goes like this
il y a plus d’un an MaryHoran20 said…
1. Zayn Malik
2. Niall Horan
3. Louis Tomlinson
4. Liam Payne
5. Harry Styles
il y a plus d’un an kittlin00 said…
1. Niall Horan
2. Liam Payne
3. Harry Styles
4. Louis Tomlinson
5. Zayn Malik
il y a plus d’un an Amberla said…
1) Harry Styles
2) Louis Tomlinson
3) Liam Payne
4) Zayn Malik
5) Niall Horan