One Direction Lets remember...

bowchicawowwow posted on Oct 27, 2013 at 05:13PM
Hiii everyone!
I want to know how and when u relised that u like One direction? I know that many of u were fans since xfactor, but mby here are someone like me :D

I knew that this band existed, but nothing more. oh, and their song wmyb, thats all. But than, one day i was on youtube, watching random videos, and saw one way or another music video, and i was like - whaaaat, its 1d? they are so grown up! so handsome and sexy! i started to search some info about them and was surprised that they actually are the same age as me, i thought they were younger ;D than next thing that hit me, was how they performed live little things - such beautiful song... and great lyrics and harrys solo ... than i found videos where they changed lyrics to their songs, i thought thats funny and interesting. and that was it. than came other funny videos, i started to know each of them as a person, they were funny, attractive, smart, really talanted and down to earth boys. and here im am :))

so, how about u ? :)

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