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Your hand fits in mine
Like it’s made just for me
But ours this in mind
It was meant to be
And I’m joining up the dots
With the freckles on your cheeks
And it all makes sense to me

I know you’ve never loved
The crinkles par your eyes
When toi smile,
You’ve never loved
Your stomach ou your thighs
The dimples in your back
At the bottom of your spine
But I’ll l’amour them endlessly

CHORUS: [Zayn and Liam]
I won’t let these little things
Slip out of my mouth
But if I do
It’s you
Oh it’s you
They add up to
I’m in l’amour with you
And all these little things

You can't go to bed
Without a cup...
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posted by fiestagirl12345
Alex's P.O.V

I was working at a cafe. i put on my tablier and started work. i was working when 5 boys walked in i knew who they were OMG ONE DIRECTION i a dit in my mind. i was trying not to fangirl. it got worse i had to take their orders. "hi i'm Alex and i will be youre waider what will toi like today" i ask with my little note-pad. "hmm fraise tarts, pêche, peach tarts" they all said. "alright youre order will be ready in a few" i say walking back. i was at the register waiting for the order comes i hid my scars and bruises. from my bf. i walked over to them and gave them their orders when Harry...
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posted by fiestagirl12345
Harry's P.O.V

i was out-side jogging when i saw her she was soo beutiful. she had brown wavy hair blue green eyesshe was par the lake chant some songs and tanning. i smiled and continued to jog. when i was done i decided to go sit with her. "hey do toi remember me ?".

Ally's P.O.V

i turned around to see a boy with curly bronw hair green eyes and the best smile. "umm air-port right sorry i hit my head earlier dont remember that much" i say removing my ear-phones. "what song were toi listenig to'' asks harry. my memory came back the other day. "this song called up all night?" when she a dit that i froze. "may i listen to it?' asked Harry. "umm sure" i hand him my ear-phones he listend to it with his eyes closed he was smiling. "hey toi sound like one one of them" i ask. ''you are probably thinking of somebody else good song though" says harry getting up he then continues to jog. author's note: sorry its short.
posted by NopaleaBonneX2
This is my first fan fiction and I hope toi enjoy it.
(In the story I moved to Londres and I lived with my cousinn James. We have a brother and sister bond. It is 2 weeks later).

James P.O.V.
I woke up at 7 o'clock in the morning and I went down stairs to fix me some tea. I got bored and I wanted to be entertained, so I went up stairs and storm into Nopalea room. "NOPALEA GET YOUR cul, ass UP". "NO". When she a dit that I went and jumped on her lit then I pulled the covers off of her. When I did that she got up and started chasing me. " GET YOUR cul, ass OVER HERE JAMES KENNETH LOPEZ". I started laughing...
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posted by KatherineLondon
"Drop everything now

Meet me in the pouring rain

Kiss me on the sidewalk

Take away the pain

'cause I see sparks fly whenever toi smile..."

I danced around the store as I refilled all the Candy jars. It was ten a.m. on a Monday morning so I wasn't expecting many people to be stopping par the small sweets shop. I did an arabesque, dancing to the music. I used to take dance lessons when I was younger but stopped so I could focus on my studies. I didn't realize how badly I missed dancing until the seconde I started again. The musique blared throughout the entire store; I couldn't hear anything over it,...
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posted by 1Directioner001
auteur notes: sorry it's quite short. Still need your opinion so please comment. Hope toi like it :)

Ash P.O.V.
One week can look pretty short when toi know your two best Friends are coming. We did one plus concert and one meet and greet. When you’re at the concert ou the meeting the crowd doesn’t seem that big but it is huge. We’re flying to Washington DC our suivant destination where Chels and Amy are going to wait for us at the hotel. The airport is the craziest place I’ve ever seen there’s directioner everywhere and we all have to run for our lives. I just can’t wait to get at the...
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posted by johncenaw85oi
I actually got up in time the suivant morning, but that was because i had got a text from niall! It said:

“hey! Call over around 6 ok?x”

That didn’t seem like niall, because he NEVER spells things correctly! But maybe he wanted to? Im not sure. I replied:

“ya dats perfect;) xx”

I put down my phone and quickly got ready. I didn’t feel like breakfast, so i just grabbed an pomme to eat on my way up. I called for kate, and she came outside.

She told me that she was going out with harry on Friday and i told her that i was going over to nialls. The two of us were like jumping up and down!

We met...
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posted by johncenaw85oi
The doctor came in and told me i had to get stitches so he was gonna have to put me to sleep.

I wasn’t looking vers l'avant, vers l’avant to being put to sleep but i didn’t mind as long as it would take away the pain. And afterwards, maybe i will be allowed to go see niall, Amanda, kate and everyone else!

I was put to sleep a few minutes after that, so i haven’t a clue what happened! I presume that he stitched my head up, and then waited for me to wake up. When i woke up, my mom and sister were beside me.

“hi, luv. Are toi ok?” my mom looked very worried. “ya im grand. par the way were am i?” i thought...
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Harry paced around his bedroom, biting his nails and fidgeting with his fingers. What was he going to do? Why did he have to be so stupid? He slammed his fist against the wall. He knew that night would come back to haunt him, but he never thought it would be like this. That it would be this soon.

He would be able to protect Carter from Lucy, right? That would mean he’d have to be with her 24/7, but that didn’t matter as long as she was okay. But what if he gets in trouble with Tim again and winds up in hospital? Who would protect her then? If he told Liam, he’d just go straight to the...
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hate this haters of niall it isn't fair just cause he's irish he's amazinq u haters can't not even sing like him he's amazinq why toi people doing this to him haters plz stop that's y he din't sing on the song gotta be toi that's not fair cause without niall there can't be one direction im 15 doe my account got messed up and put 98 and my name is crystal doe and im a huge fan of 1d and niall........(think of this) if niall gets out of the band who's gonna replace him noone cause he's special & unique l’amour u niall =)
posted by canal
Message me at least two ideas for Little things make it big, unsuspected and exciting. Along with that write what toi look like, what your like, your favori one direction member and why toi should so happen to want a spot in my story "Little things." the haut, retour au début two winners will get a spot in the story for at least three parts.

That's all toi need to start i'll anounce the winners in a week from now. looking vers l'avant, vers l’avant to this. ok bye thanks for lire ,if toi did, thanks for entering if toi did, and ill see toi all later chow
Anna's POV:
We got out the car and went inside the l’amour shack.
"Oh salut Laquisha!"Harry greeted the store clerk.
"Wazzup Harrit?!"
"Not much,Chillin like a villain."
"That's yo baby?"She asked.
"Nah it's hers."
"Why'd toi bring the baby in here?"I asked.
"I wanted to see the mises à jour and new stuff.Oh I got an idea,So she can't see as well."He put his sun glasses on Ronnie.
Ronnie giggled.
"nice to know toi come here regularly."I laughed.
"Anna,Come here!"Amber called out from the dressing room.
I went to go see her as I walked I pick a few things off the rack.
She was wearing a skanky baseball outfit.
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*Janine wakes up she fixes her hair so she dosen't get made fun of par Harry saying something like - You're hair is a hot mess! and so are you! So she ties up her hair and walks downstairs.

Harry was cutting an orange.
Harry- This is all the nourriture you'll be getting today bitch.
*he gives her a slice of orange.
Janine- Thank you...???...
Harry- Hahaha I'm just joking! and par the way i never really was going to rape toi hahah. I just wanted to get toi to have sex with me ;) . just kidding i just wanted toi to forgive me that's all. I never thought it was going...
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            *    *    *
Part 3: Shopping.

Zayn’s POV:

We had just arrived at the shopping centre. I was not interested in shopping at all, and I just came to see Bella. I had not met her for just 3 days but I felt like 3 years. I really really missed her. I shouldn’t have these feelings for her but I couldn’t help my feelings. I was even jealous of Niall. Whenever he kissed her, I always wished that were me. That was the l’amour from one sight. I was scared that one jour I would do something to...
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posted by xMrsNiallHoranx
Name: Harry Edward Styles

Age: 17
DOB: 01/02/1994

Star Sign: Aquarius
Home Town: Holmes Chapel, Cheshire
Fave Film: l’amour Actually
Fave Band: The Beatles
Fave TV Show: Family Guy
Celeb Crush: Cheryl Cole
Man Crush : Louis Tomlinson
Bet toi didn’t know: he has 4 nipples
Turn-ons: Giggling, hair extensions, pussy cats.
Turn-offs: Swearing and squealing.

Harry is a loyal and faithful boyfriend. His mum also says that he is very romantic.
On a rendez-vous amoureux, date he would wear a nice pair of jeans, boots, a nice haut, retour au début and a blazer.
His perfect girl would have a good sense of humour, cute and someone who is loyal.
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posted by harry98
Part 1!

It was a sunny Monday afternoon in Ireland as me and my bud Leah headed to Supermacs after school. We were going to a One Direction concert that night and we were really excited about it! As we headed to Supermacs Leah a dit to me 'What if One Direction are there? I will die!' she a dit happily. 'I doubt it' I replied sadly 'They're probably in some posh hotel getting ready!' Leah frowned and a dit 'We can always hope!' So we kept going and a few minutes later we were at Supermacs.We chatted as we headed inside,suddenly I heard a familiar voice behind me.I turned around and I saw One Direction.................
posted by Eviem99
Eleanor's suitcase lay on the lit neatly packed beside her.
In just over an heure she'd be back on a plane to Manchester while Louis would be on a plane too, but his destination would be America.
The two sat beside each other clasping their hands tightly together.
" Cheer up l’amour toi won't miss little old me" Louis joked standing up, Eleanor followed suit.
" Probably not. Besides there's LOADS of hot guys in Manchester" She a dit lightly, though the crack in her voice was noticeable.
He laughed, and then Eleanor laughed until they were both in hysterics soon forgetting the reason they were laughing....
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Louie's Pov:
We sat in my car arguing about how i should walk her way back to her house.For some reason she didnt want me to see where she lived.She wanted me to leave her on the corner from where i picked her up from.
"I cant just drop toi here,its not in my nature."
i told her.
I had the car parked in an old abandon parking lot,next to a building.In the street,were a gang of men passing around something smoking it.
"ill be fine,''she told me.
"How can toi be sure?"
"I've been in worse situtions.''
I looked at her,"Situtions,You shouldnt have been in."I got out the car and wlked around opening the...
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posted by aanikamerchant

Tess'sPOv: we all were in a club drinking when Niall and linda joined us 
Louis: let's dance 
Tess: oh k we all began to dance.
I was dancing vth Louis tomilson . Bt 
There was still confusion in my mind. 
Louis and we all left the club. The paps were asking questions. The boys wanted to answer them so we stood suivant to them. 
Paps: one direction who is your girlfriend.
Louis pulled me closer to him and a dit " this one" Liam and the rest did the same.
Louis: u scared
Tess: no I have a habit of this 
Louis: how
Tess: dad and luke are famous so whenever i go out alone people...
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posted by aanikamerchant
Chap13 : at the one direction plage house~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tess'sPoV: we all entered the house. 
Louis: so girls did toi like it 
Aaliya: it's amazing. 
Shenali: it's big 
Tess: it's great 
Linda: it's jst perfect. 
Liam: good to know u liked it 
Niall: everyone here has its own room. 
Louis: u can select one for ur selves. 
Aaliya and Tess made a run and went up and selected a room suivant to each other. Niall selected the room in front of Aaliya. And Linda suivant to him. I selected a room in front  of tess. Liam was in the suivant room and Harry and Kia zayn and Shenali were in the rooms of...
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