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Gone are those fresh-faced teens off of The X Factor four years ago. Our boys are now men, and they reckon their fourth album should montrer it.

Chatting about what delights their new album has to offer, Niall Horan admitted that there may be a new sound coming their fans’ way: ‘I think it’s going to be a little bit plus edgy. We feel like we’ve got some really good songs.’

Intriguing. And his band buddy added that they’ve taken this album (mostly) into their own hands.

‘We’ve all taken a hand in the écriture this time. We’ve literally written almost every song,’ Liam Payne told The Today Show.

Does that mean no plus écriture appearances from the likes of McFly and Ed Sheeran? We’ll have to wait and see.

1D’s fourth album follows their Up All Night, Take Me Home, and Midnight Memories albums, all of which were hugely successful.

Things are getting ever busier and busier for the band. With another tour lined up suivant an already, an insider recently admitted that we could be seeing the boys on our telly boxes in realty montrer form very soon. And they even managed to bag themselves a whopping 10 awards at the récent Teen Choice awards. Is there anything the boys can’t do right?
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posted by mehparty3
Gavin, David, and Spencer were in town for the week. I couldn’t WAIT to tell them the great news. I was going to meet them in front of the coffee boutique where I first told them that I had huge feelings for Niall. 2 and a half years later, here I am, telling them I’m engaged to him.
Niall kissed me goodbye, then I walked out my front door to go meet them. “Hey, Lilah-kins!” Gavin a dit once he saw me. “Hey!” I smiled, seeing David and Spencer too. We all sat down and chatted away. Spencer got a new girlfriend, Julia, while David broke up with his girlfriend, Emma. Gavin was, of course,...
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posted by Missprinceton1
harry; amy
me; yeah what
harry; can i talk to u
me; why
harry; just talk to u
me; i'll be back
i Kiss nial on the cheek and go with harry
me; what ya wanna say to me
harry; i cant stand seein toi and nial together
me; why were in love
harry; no im in l’amour with you
i was shoked i had my eyes wide open at what he just said
me; sorry but i allready found happiness with nial
harry; can u find happiness with me
i walked away still shoked
zayn; why toi look so down
me; who me? im not
nial; whats wrong why toi sad
louis; amy... amy?
me; hmm
nial; harry what ya say to her?
harry; nothin
nial; then why after she came...
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posted by mehparty3
It's been a mois since the birth of Annabelle, and Louis and Eleanor had been working non-stop. I decided to jump in and give them a hand. "Hey guys, when's the last time you've had a date?" I asked them one day. "Um... couple of months, actually." Louis guessed, holding Annabelle. "Maybe toi guys should have a rendez-vous amoureux, date night," I suggested. Eleanor sighed. "I don't know, who'd babysit Annabelle?" she said. I coughed. "Um, hello?" I said, gesturing to myself with a giggle. "I'm a great babysitter. I used to babysit my neighbors Tyler and Aidan all the time."
Louis nodded. "I guess that would be...
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posted by MadisonFontenot
Harry POV:

"Please?! Please?! Please?!" My little sister Ruby yelled.
"Yeah!" She a dit putting her brown wavy hair in a ponytail.
"Thanks! Now I am going to go pack!" She jumped off my lit and ran to her room. I laughed and started packing.

Jessie POV:

"Don't tell Harry!" I whispered to Zayn, Louis, Liam, Niall, Tiffany, Amie, and Hannah.
"We won't..." Louis said. We all left, got up, and packed. When we where all done we walked down stairs and saw Ruby and Harry wrestling. The sad thing was that Ruby was winning!
"Alright toi two! Let's go to America!" Niall yelled.
We all got into...
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Lillian's P.O.V's

Once everybody was up we went down stairs to the cuisine to make our breakfast. We decided to make Pancakes. (hotcakes whatever toi call them in U.S)
" mix batter until lumps are gone." "I don't get it." Semra said.
"oh my gosh Semra! Just mix it then when toi think it's ready call me over." erica said. Erica loves cooking. She knows lot sbout cooking. That the one thing I don't really like about Erica, she takes over the cooking and then she'll tell toi what to do. It's annoying!

Once we poorest the batter in the frypan and ate the crêpes we decided to go out shopping at...
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posted by ZoeyMalik28
(A/N Mikaela-Styles! This is for you,love! Hope toi like it! <3)

I giggled as we stepped towards the mall again,"I told toi we'd come back,Liam" I nudged him with my elbow,a smirk playing on my lips

"Pshh..I wanted to come" He started lying,not wanting to have been proven wrong.

Niall started jumping up and down,"LEEYUM!"

"What?" Zayn,Lou,Harry,and Liam a dit at the same time

I glanced at all of them,"What?"

"I....want.......FOOD" Niall whined

"Niall,you just ate Nando's" Daddy Direction responded

"THAT'S A LIE!" Niall exclaimed

I laughed lightly,"He ate Wando's"

Niall nodded,"What the girl said"...
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Deniesse's POV
Deniesse: Mom, he's.. nice.
Alvira: Deniesse, toi just turned eighteen.
Deniesse: Mom, I-
Alvira: toi will be sitting beside me. You're not going back to that siège anymore.

Mom's voice is intense. i can feel that deep inside, she's mad.
Deniesse: Mom,.. it's unfair.
Alivira: It's not unfair, Deniesse. Come with me.

Mom drags me towards her seat. This is so so so unfair. Zayn is a nice guy! when i sat on the siège beside my mom, I secretly glanced at Zayn's direction. He's looking around the plane and i think h'es looking for me. I feel bad for Zayn. I never thought that Mom will do this...
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Zayn's POV
I woke up the suivant day. It saw around 5:30 a.m. This would be a great day. I went outside the house and walks par the peaceful village.

Via's POV
I woke up the suivant morning and heads to the bathroom and took a shower. I went to the cuisine still wearing a bath peignoir, robe and a towel wrapped around my hair. When I opened the fridge, few nourriture were left. I went to my bedroom and changed my clothes into this: . link . Well, I think toi already know the reason why I'm wearing a hoodie. Haha. I locked the main door and gets inside the car quickly.

Zayn's POV
I had a walk around the village. The people...
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Derek POV:
My head was killing me,I couldnt stop thinking about her and the millions of reasons why she didn't want to Kiss me.
I felt shut down and rejected.Of course,I liked her,I just want to know if she liked me.I didn't want run in to anything so I waited,
A few days...I didn't really know what I was waiting for
but something,One thing,Just a spark of sensation ou affection.
She had that one thing,One thing that kept me going,It had been just a week and she had changed me.I was confused in so many ways,If I had kissed her what would have happened,Would she regret it?And say it was just a kiss?...
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posted by fiestagirl12345
Alexis's P.O.V

When we leave I head to my house and sneak in the back. But it was to late my parents caught me on the seconde floor"WHERE WERE YOU?"asks my dad. Before I had time to speak My dad hits me and I fall down the stairs and I fall head first and I hit my nose. When I stood up my mom kicked me on the side and I fell and I get my head banged on the wall. When they leave to work I get up and see blood dripping from my nose and my mouth I go to the mirror and see that I must have bit my lip. I sit In the bathroom and...
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posted by MadisonFontenot
This is my first time écriture on this so I hope toi like it!(:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sammie POV:

"Mom I am going to the store!" I grabbed my keys and bourse, sac à main and ran out the door. When I was on my way to the store 'What Makes toi Beautiful' came on the radio, it was my favori song of One Direction. To bad I only heard half of the song. When ever I got out of the car, I tripped and fell on somebody.

"Are toi okay?" I knew that voice from somewhere, but where? I looked up and saw Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. "Yeah.." I a dit smiling.

Zayn POV:

"Look," I hit Nail on the arm and...
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Hope you're sitting down, ladies, because this news will blow your mind. Justin Bieber has recently revealed that he wants to work with 1D on their new album! "The One Direction guys are great. We have a lot of fun whenever we hang out. They came over my house and we were just chilling out around the pool and listening to music," Justin spilled in a récent interview. "We were talking about me collaborating with them on a song on their suivant album. It's gonna be great." Justin a dit that he loves that the guys are totally normal and down-to-earth. "The great thing about them is that they might be the biggest band in the world but they have stayed regular guys who are just fun to hang with. I don't see them changing. They are just so grounded and have each other." JB and 1D would def be a match made in musique heaven! I will keep toi posté as plus deets on the collab are unveiled.
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