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posted by GabriellaAdams
Ambers POV:
Drew and I stood on the front porch of Annas house.Everyone was suspose to come over to hang out,althrough we never told anna that.So it was a susprise.
"We thought we should spend some time together."I smiled sweetly at anna hoping for forgiveness that i hadnt called.
"Well toi could have called."
"Yea but I'm out of minutes and Drew broke his Phone."I smirked as she walked in.
"Dad!Drew and Amber are here!!"she yelled to lazy to walk upstairs and tell him.
"I'm gonna kill him!!"courtney yelled eruptively as she ran down stairs,refering to annas and drews break up.She grabbed him and pushed him down,She choked him.
"Choke dat hoe!"I laughed.
Anna pushed Courtney,making her let go
"Im sorry but I only kill professionals and not wimps."she laughed wickedly.
"What?Im not gonna hit a girl." Drew said.
"But you'll break their hearts?"She a dit so cunningly as she gott up from the ground.
"Oh!That was a burn!"A young man walked downstairs,he pasted par then leaving to go to the kitchen. But his image stayed in my mind,He had dark black hair,green eyes,and he was tall,dark,lean and muscular.
Very attractive.
"Courtney chill out." fussed Anna.
"Aww toi now I was only joking."she smiled fakely as she helped him up then hugged him,i noticed her slip her hand in his pockets looking for cash.
Oh how i loved courtneys crazy self.
"Oh quit your creeping him out."she told her.
"Just remember,my shot gun is loaded.'' she warned him in a scarey way.
Drew looked a bit Lost in what had just happened.
"Come on let's go upstairs,We got some catching up to do."said I a dit as I walked upstairs.
"Who is that?"I wispered looking back at the boy.
"Matthew,My step brother"
"Aw that must suck because he is so fine but if I were you...Mmm!You just don't know!"I giggled.
"Yea I know,I was like that the 1st time I saw him."she laughed.
We went in my room.We laughed and giggled about old memories.It was nice to have my Friends again.I could think straight,when the thought of Drew leaving occured.I ignored it through and tried to have a good time.But anna wasnt as strong i was when it came to Drew.
"Yea that jour was so much fun,i miss that"said drew Drew.
I looked at Anna,who was Lost in a trance,i seen a tear fall from her face.
"I'm going to miss you"she murrmurred.
She hugged him.
It was just to hard to comprehend the fact that my best friend was leaving and i wouldnt see him in person for 5 months straight.It was hard althrough i was proad and i supported him in his descion to serve our country.then there was that selfish part of me that wanted me to tell him to stay.I was just so tired of being lonely at school.
"I'll always come back through."he told us.
"Well toi never know."i a dit as my eyes began to get watery.I tried not cry,but i couldnt help it.
"I'll be fine."he assured us.
"I know,I'm just worried."i told him.
I wiped damp eyes.
"Now lets just spend the time left together."he said.
"Okay,ill try."i a dit then leaving to go to the bathroom to clean up myself.I blew my nose and returned to the room.Anna had went downstairs to answer the door for Zayn.I returned to the room were Drew was laying on annas bed.
i flopped on the lit suivant to him.He not saying anything,he just stared at the ceiling.
"so your really leaving?"i said.
"Yea,its just as wierd as it is for you."
"What are toi going to do about Abby?''i asked.
"i was going to give her away.i cant keep her if im going to be gone."
"Aw,please dont.Shes so lovable."
"You can have her if youd like."
''just promise to take care of her."
I stuck out my pinky finger,and i pinky promised him i would.I hoped mrs.rose wouldnt mind her,through her fear of dogs.
"I think we should go downstairs."i suggested.
"but Annas lit is undecribablely comfy."he mubbled.
"Very true,but thats lazy."
"I like being Lazy,it works for me."
i stood up and pulled his feet.
"come on...your so heavy..."
"your so...weak.."he teased.
''not funny."
He finally sat up and he yawned.I dragged him with me downstairs.
"Hey,Whats up?"Drew asked in a sleepy tone.
"Vas happening?"Zayn smirked.
They did some type of hand shake,what was it?A guy code?
It was kinda wierd that Zayn didnt mind Drew.I never understood it,maybeAnna had told him something.
"Dude what's that mean?"Matthew asked.
"same thing."Zayn explained.
"Thats some accent."Drew said.
"well,im about to play call of duty on the Xbox,wanna join?"Matthew asked as he went into the living room. He flopped on to haricot, fève bag.
"Sure dude."Drew and Zayn agreed then leaving us.
"Can toi bring this upstairs?"Zayn asked as Anna gave me his bag.
"Umm sure.." anna anwsered.
It was like that,and they were gone.I was bit amazed how fast it all happened.I never understood boys.
"Mmk l’amour ya."zayn a dit to anna as he walked away.
"What just happened?"she asked appauled.
"You just Lost your boyfriend to some guys.."i explained.
The door cloche, bell rang.It was Louie,i smiled at the sight of him.He walked in kissed me on the cheek.Aww how sweet was he?
"Hey sweetie."he a dit then looking at me,"Wheres the guys?Oh..Hey!"he a dit as he left me.I felt dissed.
Nevermind,him being sweet.
"Great just great."Anna said.
Courtney walked the down stairs.
"Holy fuck Anna!your a dude magnet."she a dit at the sight of all the guys.
"Yea..I guess so." she a dit unproudly.
"Well just look at it.Its guy time.How cute?"I tried to make the best of it.
"The worst that could happen is the other guys montrer up.."said anna.
The door cloche, bell rang to our luck.
Oh how could it get worse?
"Hey Louie,didn't help us get the pizza out."Liam a dit as he gave me a box of pizza.
Harry and Niall walked in and gave me plus pizza boxes,i trembled because it was heavy,and nearly fell.
"Woah plus british people."Drew a dit in atonishment.
"Dude they got pizza!"Matthew a dit as he got up and took a box.He gladly took the box and stuffed his mouth with cheese and crust.All the boys took the pizza leaving us none.
They ate every last bit of it.
And that how it got worse...
I took Amber and Courtney in to the kitchen.
"I have an idea."I said.
She told we were going to spy on them.
She went to a closet and grabbed these old walkie talkies we used when were little.
We put one near the living room where we hear the guys conversation through the speaker.We ran upstairs with the girls to annas bedroom.
"I can't hear anything."complained Courtney.
"Just wait."anna told her.
Suddenly heard a voice,it was hard to hear but toi could tell what they were saying.
"I'm done playin."I heard Zayn through the speaker.
"What toi don't wanna lose again?"asked Drew.
"Nah,Imma go see Anna."he said.
"True,I came to see them."Drew replied.
"What do toi think about her?"Liam asked.
"Shes one of a kind."Zayn said.
"That's true,I had my chance."Drew agreed.
"She is a nice gal,after all."
"We know,Mother Liam."a voice that sounded like Nialls.
"I like Amber."said Louie probably witha smile.
I giggled.
"Dude y'all are like made for each other."said one of the boys.
"How do toi know mr.know it all?"Harry asked teasingly.
"Well I just do."he spit back.
"I told Anna I loved her."Annonced Zayn.
"What the fuck?''said a voice that sounded like Drew.
"Woah get ready for all the question'where u at,Where u been,who was there,"Joked Harry.
"Did toi buy her a ring?"asked Liam.
"Well Ofcourse."Zayn told him.
"Oh gosh!"Laughed Matthew."Never a ring unless toi into marriage."
"What would have toi done?"asked Zayn
"Give her a coca and a smile,And call it a day."Said Harry.
Anna gasped,as we laughed.
"Awe that's mean."laughed Drew.
"But it's funny!"said Harry
"Im going upstairs and shower."Said one of them
We all ran to act natural.Anna must had ran downstairs to get the other walkie talkie.
Courtney and I sat on the lit and began a fake conversation.
"Yea,I know."she a dit kinda loudly.
"That night was so much fun."I replied as i got up to see who was come upstairs.
"yea,we should totaly do that again."she a dit following me.
The coast was clear,we ran quickly downstairs ignoring the boys,we went to the kitchen,closing the door behind us.When we got in there we began to laugh,and snicker.
"A coca and a smile!"i laughed.
"Harry is horrible."she laughed.
"that was really funny through."i said.
"anna probably mad."
"Where did she go?''i asked.
"Dont know,but im hungry."she a dit going to the fridge.She grabbed the jug of lait an a box of cookies.
"Good Idea."i a dit taking a cookie and pouring me a glass.
We went and sat the dîner table.
"What?''she a dit looking at me.
"What boy are toi into?"i questioned her.
"No one..."
"How?You were crazy about them about 2 months ago.If I remember your favori was Zayn."
Her face froze,then she looked at me crookedly.
"NO!I'm going kill you!!!!!"she roared in my face.
I got up and ran away quicky to the living room,she chasing me.I tripped over one of the boys shoes,and fell.
"What are toi running for?"asked Louie as he helped me up putting me in his lap on the couch.
Courtney looked at me in rage,i screamed.
"Protect me!"i laughed holding on to louie.
Everyone was looking at me and Courtney.
"What?Slow down."said louie.
"Dont toi dare."She warned me.
"We were talking about how Courtney was a fangirl about a mois ago."I siad quickly.
"Aww!"smiled Louie.
"Dont need to be embrassed."harry smirked at Courtney.She immedatily Blushed a deep shade of red.
"You're insecure, Don't know what for, You're turning heads when toi walk through the door..."sang liam.
"Not funny."she said.
"Don't need make-up, To cover up,Being the way that toi are is enough,"liam continued.
"your very wrong for this."I said.
Liam chuckled.
''Everyone else in the room can see it,Everyone else but you,''harry joined.
''Baby toi light up my world like nobody else, The way that toi flip your hair gets me overwhelmed,But when toi smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell,You don't know,''the rest of the boys sang.
"Who smiles at the ground?''she said.
"You don't know you're beautiful,If only toi saw what I can see,You'll understand why I want toi so desperately,Right now I'm looking at toi and I can't believe,You don't know,Oh oh,You don't know you're beautiful,Oh oh,That's what makes toi beautiful."The sang the rest in a laugh.
Courtney Lost all expression.
"Did i mention,her favori was Zayn?Oh zayn!He is so so hot,blah blah blah!"i mocked her.
She looked at me vainly.
"Okay,ill stop."i smiled.
"Where is Zayn anyway?"Asked Harry.
"And Anna?''
"Maybe they went on a walk."i said.
"Yea,i guess."said louie."probably to spend some alone together."he said.
"Thats a good idea."i a dit then geting of him and taking his hand.
"Bye guys,im getting kidnapped."he said.
"K,peace out."said Harry.
"Dont do anything stupid."said Liam.
"We wont,Mumma Liam."louie teased him.
"Its Mother Liam to you."liam yelled.
I took his hand and dragged him upstairs to Annas room.
"Your very wrong for tormenting Courtney like that."he giggled.
"Yea,but toi started singing,so it doesnt make it any better."he a dit as we entered her room.
I jumped on the bed,Louie came and sat suivant to me.
"come here..'i murrmurred."im cold,be my blanket."
He laid back suivant to me,then he kissed me on the nose.
"So now toi wanna be with me?"i mubbled.
"yea."he a dit then putting his arm around me.
"be happy i l’amour you."
I sat up then i kissed him softlyon the lips,he smiled kindly and put his arm around my waist.
I pulled my hair back and kissed pushed my lips on his.He flipped me over,where he was on haut, retour au début of me.He smiled gladly at me,and ran his fingers through my hair.I plucked his nose,he winced.
I giggled at him,
"ow,"he said.
I chuckled and kissed his nose,
He nodded yes.
He then kisssed me on the lips.I put my arms around his neck,pulling him closer.He brushd his lips against mine,as i rubbed his back.
I never understood why he chose a girl like me,I wasnt like a beautiful super model,he was used to.I guess i unestimated myself.
Sometimes id get scared he'd leave me for someone else,that was the reason i dint want to go out because of my fear of getting broken.
Suddenly,we heard a thud that was on the other side of the wall.
"what was that?''i asked.
Then we heard a yell.I got up and to see what happened.I seen annas dad in the hallway on the ground,out cold.
"Call an ambulance!"I yelled."He's having a heartattack."

Anna,Drew,Courtney and I went to the hospital to go see her dad.The situtation had tooken a toll on Anna,but I think she was fine when she found out he was okay.He just had to take better care if himself.Courtney was suprisingly upset,Considering how she complained about him all the time.The nights mood had completely changed from being fun and filled with laughter to being tense and moody.Drew was bringing me home,so we left the hospital in his old red pick up truck.I was a bit sleepy and we weren't talking much so I fell asleep in his truck.
I woke up althrough in Drews bed.I yawned as I sat up,to see my surrondings.On the night stand there was a note signed par Drew.I read it to my self:
I had to bring Abby to the park to let her 'go',the apartment manager lives downstairs.Be back soon.-Drew.
I got up and put my feet on the ground,I looked to see the time on the clock but it was broken.It was dark and late,that's all I knew.As an instinct,I went to the cuisine and raided his fridge.
In the fridge was another note:
In the freezer.-Drew.
I looked in the freezer to see a milkshake from Sonic.
I smiled and took a bite,I put it in the counter and went in his bedroom looking for those pajamas I had wore the jour before.
I looked in his drawers,but I stopped my chercher because I came across our eighth grade an book.I flipped through the pages to our class photos.Anna looked nerdy back then,that's when she had braces.I looked to Drews photo,He smiled in a funny way and wore glasses.I missed his glasses,he looked so cute in his glasses.I flipped to my class,But to my sight put me in awe.My photo had hearts suivant to it,on the same page came a old note.
It was the note I had asked him to the valentines dance.It had a cœur, coeur around the yes.I smiled at the note,and put the book back where it was.In the drawer was a journal,I opened the book and I read an entry.

August 19th,Freshmen year.

Today was the jour I was going to ask Amber out.Unfornately Anna was in the way.I couldn't bring myself to just push Anna away.It was very obivious she liked me,but time to time she was a bit pushy.Instead of asking Amber out as I planned,Anna took my time away.The cloche, bell rang and it was to late,I missed my chance.I don't think I'll ever rendez-vous amoureux, date Amber,She was so secretive and I couldn't tell her feelings toward me.I'm so confused.

I looked at this in amazement,I didn't want to get my hopes up so I didn't read another entry,But on the back of the paper was a beautifully detailed sketch of me.It looked as if a professional had drawn it.Suddenly I heard someone opening the front door.
I threw it back in the drawer and quickly closed it.
I jumped back on the bed,and pulled the covers over me.
I closed my eyes and acted as If I were asleep.I heard him drop his keys on the table, tableau and let Abby inside.He walked in and sat beside me on the bed.He sighed and gazed at me.
I blinked a few times and rubbed my eyes.
"Rise and shine."he whispered.
I moaned "No." and turned over.His lit was so comfy,it felt like I were sleeping on a cload.He picked up my feet and took my shoes off,He chuckled and popped one of my toes,I curled them.I pulled my feet in.He also put another blanket on me to protect be from the cold,and he gave me an old teddy ours to give me company.
"I know how toi still sleep with your teddy bear."He chuckled.
"Mr.Snuggles is irreplaceable."I told him.
He chuckled and turned on the TV and turned the volume down for a nightlight.I thought it was funny how he knew exactly what I needed.
"Good?"he asked.
"Can toi get my milkshake?"I whispered.
He went to the cuisine and brought back my milkshake.
I sat up and took a sip.
"My lait shake brings all the boys to the yard."he sung softly.
I laughed a bit to loudly and snorted.He threw his head back laughing and snickering at me.
"Don't laugh at me,I hate when I snort."I a dit still with a smile.
"Why?Its like part of you,if toi didn't snort it would be weird."
"But it so geeky.Eww,I just a dit geeky."
He tittered,"I'll just be honest,Its not geeky,it's cute and toi shouldn't doubt it."
"Thanks,but no thanks I still hate when I snort."
"Oh,You'll never learn."He told me.
Taking a sip of my milkshake,I looked at him.I put down on the table.
"Well toi didn't learn when I beat toi down in our oreiller war."
"I wouldn't hit a girl through."
"Remember earlier when toi a dit that to Courtney?"I sniggered.
"I hope thier dad gets better."
"Yea,I know.It was kind of scary."
"Aww,Drew?Scared?"I joked.
"You tease to much."
I laughed and laid back.
I was getting sleepy again,I rubbed my eyes and yawned.
He still sat suivant me with a small smile on his face.
"What?Do I have something on my face?"
"No,It's just that missed spending time with you,"
"Is that so?"
"I mean your just so crazy but at the same time quite and shy."
"Well,what If I dont wanna be crazy and shy?"
"Thats impossible through."
"Whatever."I yawned.
"I guess I should let toi sleep,"he chuckled.
"Yep."I mubbled.
He hugged me,then pulled the blanket over my shoulder,turning off the lamp.
Before he left,I had asked him a question cluelessly.
He looked back at me.
"Drew,I feel a bit guilty,I went through your drawers,"
But he didn't care,He just chuckled.
"I already know what your going to ask,And I never asked toi out because of Anna.But she made the first déplacer and that's why we went out.."
I pondered him for a second,
"How'd toi know I was going ask about it?"
"I just did,but Amber.."he a dit the coming back to my side."Your beautiful,crazy in a good way and spontaneous,that's evrything a guy could ask for,But I'd rather have toi as my best friend forever then just an ex,So don't ever again underestimate yourself."
I smiled at him and I hugged him tight.
"I totally agree.."I paused."..that I'm beautiful."I snickered.
"See!"he a dit exposing his teeth in a smile.
I laughed,
"Now goodnight.We have to go to school ou we'll get detention."
"Goodnight."I smiled as he walked out.
".......Wait Drew can toi get a jus, jus de box?I ran out of my milkshake!"
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