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With the help of my wife and children,I was able to walk away and say good bye to an old friend.It had been a few days since the funeral,Anna took the kids out for ice cream.I didn't really feel like going any where,I was still a bit upset.I found myself wondering around,I walked through the empty house.I found myself to be in the extra bedroom,where Mr.Tom had stayed.
Everything was untouched,Excactly as he left it.
On the bed,sat the book he gave to me.I didn't think much of if,I hadn't read it but that 1st page.I sat down on the bed,and and opened it to the seconde page.In deep black writing,It read'Prove your love.'I was puzzled nothing plus was written on that page.
"I put a ring on her finger,Thats how I proved it."I a dit to myself.
But it didn't seem right,as if I were wrong.I sat for a for minutes,thinking about it.Soon I heard car doors shut.I put the book down,and walked out to the living room.They came in the house,Kenna ran up to me.She had chocolat on her face,I picked her up and hugged her.
"Sweetie,You got a little something on your face."I said.
"There's also a little something in your car."Laughed Alex.
She leaned in and greeted me with a kiss.
"Yea,She got a bit messy.Just look at Ronnie."
I looked at Ronnie,she hadn't a dit a word,She was covered in chocolate.Instantly I laughed.
"it's not funny!!"she whined.
"Yes it is!!"I chuckled.
"Oh really??Then toi might hug dad??"
She tried to hug me but I ran.She chased me around.
"Don't break any thing!!"Yelled Anna.
I bumped into a vase breaking it...
"It was Ronnie!!!"
"Zayn!!"She yelled.
She then started to chase me.I ran upstairs in to our bedroom and locked the door.I felt relieved,until I turned around.
On the lit sat a stack of divorce papers.
"Noo!!Dammit."yelled Anna.
I opened the door,
"Why?"I asked her.
She sighed and walked in.
"It wasn't meant for toi to see,Courtney a dit I should when toi where in Britain."
"And toi listen to her?"I shouted.
"I thought about it,But I don't.."
"Why not!If toi even took it in consideration."
I stood up and started to pack.
"Zayn!!Dont leave!"she yelled.
She was crying,and I was angry.
"Think about our children!"She yelled.
"Why?They already knew it was going to happen,Their hearts can't break anymore then they already are."
I zipped my suitcase,and turned around.
"Daddy..."I heard the sweet voice of Kenna.
She was there the whole time,She stood par the door in her pajamas.I stopped what I was doing,and I knelt down.
"Yes,Honey bee."
"Are toi going to leave again?"she started to cry.
"No,We are.Straighten up my Lil solidier,You don't have to cry."
"No!!!You can't take them from me!"Anna yelled.
She pushed me,but then she backed up.I stood up,Lookin her in the eye.She was scared,It was the 1st time she had hit me in the 30 years I knew her.I walked closer to her,I was angry and out of control.I pulled my hand back,but then I heard a yell.
"No!!Stop it!!"Ronnie yelled.
I looked back,But I went back to Anna.
"Don't ever put your hands on me again.I will be taking them."I told her.
I turned back and I picked up Kenna and my suitcase.
I started to walk down the stairs.
"Dad!!Dont leave!"Yelled Ronnie.
"Alex!Come on,Ronnie are toi leaving ou not??"
"No,This is stupid."She a dit from up the stairs with tears in he eyes.Kenna started to cry too,Alex a dit nothing.
"Ron..nie...."Kenna managed to say.
Ronnie came downstairs,
"Kenna,Sissy loves toi and don't toi forget it,I have to stay to watch over mommy,Remember what happened last time?"
She didnt say anything to me.I kissed her on the feu head and walked out the door.
(A/N Hey,hey,hey. Kay,so I've been doing some thinking. Maybe I have the slightest idea of what
to do. Don't hate me for this part. I get dramatic when I want to. Haha.)

I glanced at the boys,no Harry,"Can-can we go
see him now?"

"We don't know if you'll be able to..handle it. He's awake now" Liam responded

Well,it's been 4 days. Last time the boys went,the nurse a dit Harry was in a coma. That just was worse. I couldn't handle knowing I wasn't there
like he was when I got stabbed. He stepped in
the room the minute I woke up. But no. The boys a dit it would be too much and that I'd probably have...
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posted by DiamondYJ
Tori's POV:

Louis thought it would be best for me and Nikki to stay in a different hotel from the rest of the band. I agreed instantly, noticing a ton of pressure was lifted off of me. "And be careful of the papparazzi. If they hear anything of toi and Niall, your life will be a lot plus complicated." I remember Louis telling me.

Nikki sits on her lit and stares at me. "What happened with toi and Niall?" I turn around to watch as she got ready for her rendez-vous amoureux, date with him. "I don't know. Why don't toi ask him?" Nikki nodded. "Okay. I hope your friendship can be saved." I rolled my eyes. "Doubt it."...
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I hope toi like it!(:

"Liam! Liam!"

We looked every where but couldn't find him. I was really getting worried.

I called Sammie to see if she has seen him,

"Sammie.....have toi seen Liam?"
"No... I have never met him before!" she sounded excited, then she realized something was wrong.
"What's the matter?" she asked me a little scared
"He is missing....and we can't find him and we are all getting a little worried!"
"no I haven't seen him, but I will keep an open eye out"
"Thank you."
"I will do anything to help"
"Okay bye Sammie"
"Bye Louis"

~~~~~~~~~End of conversation~~~~~~~~~

Liam POV:...
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posted by GabriellaAdams
Anna's POV:
After walking for about an heure in the midst of no where,I was exausted.I seen a old pick up truck.
It was Drew.He rolled down the window.
"Ya lost."
I opened the door and got in.
I started to cry.He hugged me.
"I know now how toi felt."
"Its okay,Everything's gonna be alright.Tell me what happened."
I told him the whole thing From the jour at the plage to the seconde Niall ran away.
"Look at me,At anytime toi can call me and be there for you."he consuled me.
He took me back to the mansion.
I hugged him.
I got out the truck.
Harry and Louie came outside.
"Hey meet my.."I looked behind...
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~ At the Mall ~
Niall ‘ s P . O . V
    The boys and I arrived 5 minutes earlier . We just waited at the main door . Then we saw Stephanie and violet . Stephanie looked great . Then we had eye contact, for about 3 secondes . I had papillons in my stomach . I didn’t wanna embarrass myself in front of them . Well mostly Stephanie . I had to hide my emotions and play it cool .

Stephanie ‘ s P . O . V
    When I saw Niall I felt different . I never got that feeling before , but it felt good . Then he a dit hi to me and gave me a hug . I didn’t wanna let...
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Chapter Two One jour I'll Marry! One Direction

One jour I'll marry One Direction, yeah call me crazy but it will happen... one day. JAZMINE!!!! Kimberley is yelling at me like there is no tomorrow! She hates my guts so bad today I was having a two minute douche and she then a dit your wasting water! We're going broke because of you! While Kimberley was yelling at me I just knew I was going to get her back! But I never knew when, I might do it when I marry One Direction but then they might think I'm crazy, which Kimberley is. My l’amour for One Direction is forever, I dream about them in my sleep,...
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LIAM PAYNE:]It feels like we've been living in fast-foward Another moment passing par (U-up all night) The party's ending but it's now o-ur never Nobody's going accueil tonight (U-up all night)
[HARRY STYLES:]Katy Perry's on replay, she's on replay DJ got the floor to shake, the floor to shake People going all the way, yeah all the way I'm still wide awake
[EVERYONE:]I wanna stay up all night And jump around until we see the sun I wanna stay up all night And find a girl and tell her she's the one Hold on to the feeling And don't let it go Cause we got the floor now Get out of control I wanna stay...
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Lets montrer our worldwide 1D l’amour !!!!
Credits: Zayn Malik
One Direction
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Ruby’s P.O.V

I luckily lived I just fell into Acoma that’s all of course when I woke up Harry’s face beamed with happiness his green eyes bright. I was packing to rejoindre the lads on their tour. I was getting the last of my things when I got over 1,000 followers. I smiled and kept packing. I got loads of hate from some fans but I ignored it. I got all my things and walked out everyone was in the living room talking and gathering snacks. Harry comes towards me and hugged me tightly. I hugged him back with a Kiss on the cheek. We got all our luggage and headed to our flight. I was terrified...
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Chapter12 the Following night

Aaliyah's POV: I n Alex were not at all hungry . So he n I decided to hangout on the plage while the others were eating. 
Alex: salut do u hv any boyfriends
I: no if I would be having I would hv told you 
Alex: ok 
I: Bt y r u asking this
Alex: no I jst thought that u like that blonde guy
I: oh no no no I Dnt like any of them
Alex : u knw I hv seen them some where
I: yeah they are one direction
Alex: one direction yeh right they sing good
I: yeah I knw Bt not better than owl city 
Alex: yeah right 
Xxx: salut aaliya tiffany Is calling u both in the living room
I turn back to...
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Liam's P.O.V.
After the campfire we all headed off to our cabins to get some much needed sleep.
"I am so tired" I a dit as I rolled onto my bed.
"Same here bro" Zayn a dit walking into the bathroom.
"Goodnight Louis a dit as he walked in, he jumped into his lit straight away.
"Hey Guys, Night guys" Harry a dit as he came through the door.
"I am so bored, and hungry" Niall a dit as he walked through the door.
"W"hatever I'm going to bed. Night Guys" I a dit before going to sleep.
---------THE NEXTED MORNING---------
We all woke up to laughing and screaming.
"What is all that laughter?" I a dit opening my eyes....
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~ The Club ~
Zayn ‘ s P . O . V
    I really didn’t want to go with them , but I didn’t want to stay accueil all night and do nothing . We got dressed and headed to the place where we were going to meet them .
~ At the Club ~
Louis ‘ s P . O . V
    I saw Eleanor , Danielle , and some other girl . She had hazel eyes , blonde hair , and she was kind of tall .
“ Louis , Liam . . This is my friend Kayla . “ Eleanor said
“ Hi Kayla . “ Liam , Zayn , and I said
    She waved to us and smiled . We then greeted each other , and after...
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Riley's Dads POV:
"Are toi ok sweetie? toi look upset" and I watch she's as still as a stone and I watch as her tan face turns completely pale and I think she has stopped breathing and her face is turning red becuz she can't breath then I'm thinking I should call an ambulance when she falls right over whispering the words very quietly and mutter like "you don't know your beautiful...."

Riley's POV:
I can't believe he did that to me I blackout and I feel like I'm chant "what makes toi beautiful" but I have no idea I don't know what's going on I faintly hear siren them I realize mute yes are...
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Ronnie's POV:
Rebecca and I were watching the boys tryout from under the bleachers of the foot ball field.I was thrilled with excitement because at any moment we could have been caught.
Rebecca was rather chilled out,as she watched them through a pair of binoculars.The boys were running around the field.
"Wheres Derek?"I asked.
"He's the last one."
Derek dragged behind the other guys,then he past one....then another,and another.
"Wait a second,He's not last he's overlapping them."
"Woah!Go..."I yelled.
"Shh are toi trying to get us expelled?"
"Oh,go derek."I wispered
"He'd be a good runner."she told...
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Deniesse's POV
Here I am again!

I look at my mom which is 3 seats away from me. She gave me a mad look. I turned to Zayn.
Zayn: Do toi mind if I'm going to ask toi aléatoire questions?
Deniesse: No. why?
Zayn: I want to know toi more.

He cracks a smile that only heaven can make.
Deniesse: Okay. I will ask aléatoire questions to you, too.
Zayn: Sure thing. Uhmmm your full name..
Deniesse: Deniesse Marielle Alexander. Yours?
Zayn: Zayn Javaad Malik. errmm your nationality- I mean something like and american- italian.
Deniesse: I'm of Italian descent, half Sicilian, half Abruzzese.
Zayn Oh. I want to ask you...
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Via runs to the rive and cries her cœur, coeur out... She shouts while crying...
Via: "Why are toi doing this to me!"

More tears are now streaming down her face..

Via: I don't deserve this!!!

She stayed at the rive for a long time .... she cried for hours.. She's been at the rive for almost five hours...

The suivant day, Harry saw Via sitting on a hammock. Her eyes are red and puffy because of hours of crying.. Harry was about to approach her when Liam stopped him and said..
Liam: Don't, Harry..
Harry: Why do toi care? (mad)
Liam: Because she's not okay.. Her cœur, coeur was broken three times throughout her life......
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Anna's POV:
I woke up on Tuesday to get ready to go class as usaul.
I had a beautiful dream where mom got to meet Zayn.
He sent me a txt:Good morning beautiful,I l’amour you<3.
I walked down stairs.She'd usually be watching the news.
"Courtney?"I yelled.
"I'm up here."she shouted back.
I went upstairs to her room.
"Whats wrong?Your always..."I didn't finsh my sentence.
There was a young man sitting with Courtney.
"Um..Who us this?"I asked.
She started to cry.
"He's my brother."she cried.
"Um..Can someone tell me what's happening?"
He stud up and shook my hand.
"I'm Matthew."he said.
He had Long black hair,Blue...
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