Aria POV:

I woke up and got dressed for school
I looked at my phone and I had three miss calls from Harry. I left my phone on the cuisine table, tableau and went to school. After school ended I walked out and saw Tiffany talking to someone. I walked closer and it was Harry. I looked at the ground and ran to my car. I drove off. I went accueil and walked inside.
"How was school?" My cousin Ken said.
"Fine!" I yelled then ran to my room. I sat down on my California King lit and looked out my window.
I felt a tear go down my cheek. I sat in my lit for awhile then when it got dark I changed and went walking.

I didn't know where I was going. It started raining but I put my hoodie on and keep walking.
"Aria!" I heard someone yelled my name so I turned around and Harry was running to me.
"Aria..." I was broken hearted but I knew what I had to do.
"Harry..." He went to Kiss me but I backed up.
"Aria what's going on with you?" I stood starring into his eye in the rain.
"Harry i l’amour you... but I can't have someone else getting hurt....I'm sorry.."
"What do toi mean?" I looked him. The way he looked at me just cut me up.
"I'm sorry! This person is..... Liam could have died! I can't let anyone get hurt....."
"Are breaking up with me?" I hugged him.
"I'm sorry.... I will always l’amour toi Styles!" I kissed him and ran back home. I sat on the porch step and leaned against a pole.

Harry POV:

She kissed me then ran off. I walked back home.
"Harry what are toi doing in the rain?!" Niall ran outside. I couldn't say anything. I walked inside and Niall followed.
"Hey Harry! Where have toi been?" Louis asked but I ignored him and ran up stairs.

Niall POV:

"What going on with him?" Zayn asked me.
"I don't know..." I sat down on the couch.
"What?!" We heard someone scream from Louis's room.
"Jessie?" Louis ran into the room.

Jessie POV:

"You what?! Why?" I asked Aria.
"Jessie?" Louis came into the room.
"Aria... I'm coming over..." I told her and hung up.
"Aria and Harry broke up..." I told Louis.
"What? Why?"
"I don't really.... something like I can't let him get hurt ou something... I gotta go! l’amour you." I kissed him.
"Love toi too!" I smiled and walked out and drove to Aria's house. I walked into her house and sat on her bed. She was hugging a oreiller and had tear stains on her face.
"I couldn't let anyone else get hurt..."
"I know...." I hugged her. She started crying.
"It'll be okay." I said.

Tiffany POV:

I went to the One Direction house and everybody was in their rooms. It seemed like there was a lot of tension in the house. I walked into Niall's room and he was sleeping. I walked over to him and Laid down on the bed. He turned over and opened his eyes. I felt something poke me. I picked it up.
"Why is there carrots in your bed?" I asked
"Long story..." He laughed. He wrapped his arms around me and I snuggled into his chest.

Amie POV:

I woke up in Liam's arms. I sat there looking at him. He was sleeping so peacefully. His eyes flickered open, "Morning..." I smiled.
"Morning...." I whispered back. He pulled me closer to him and kissed me. I got up and walked down stairs to get some pomme juice. I walked back up and a nurse was in there putting something in his arms. I sat near the bed. She took his temp then left. I took his hand and took a sip of my pomme juice.
"How are toi feeling?"
"Better..." He smiled at me.
"I l’amour you..." I laughed and gave him a kiss.
"I l’amour toi more!"
"Nope!" I denied.
"I l’amour toi thing big!" He tried to sound like Scotty McCreery.
"Nice try..." I laughed.
"Your a good singer but your not a Scotty McCreery!" I put down my pomme jus, jus de and hugged him. I sat back on the lit and Harry came in.
"Hey buddy! How are toi feeling?" He asked. Liam looked at me, "Better!" He looked at Harry.
"So... Did who see who did?" He asked.
"No..." He a dit under his breath. "I was sitting in the living room and I heard a bang then felt a sting in my chest..." Harry nodded.
"Well I just wanted to check up on you..." Liam nodded, "Thanks your a good friend..." Harry smiled. "Bye!" He left the room.
"Did he seem a little weird to you?" I asked Liam.


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