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Erica's P.O.V 
"I see toi have bonded a bit plus with Niall." Lillian said. 
"what?! Are toi talking about!"I replied. I think I over reacted. 
"ok, take a chill pill." Lillian said. 
"I know, I'm sorry it's just that exams are coming up and everything..." I started.
"I know. We all are worrying about exams too." Lillian said. Then Louis and Zayn came up to us. 
"worried about what?" Louis said, he is quite nosey. 
"Exams. We have them in about...3 weeks." Lillian exclaimed. 
"oh. I didn't know that. I better go to the other to tell them." Zayn said. I went away with him so I could see Niall. At first I thought Niall was annoying, discussing, rude, and all of the above. But now I think he is really funny and sweet. He is a really good friend of mine. 

Louis's P..O.V 
I walked over to Lillian and..Erica I think her name was. I heard them talking, they looked worried and they actually a dit that were worried about something as well. 
"Worried about what?" I asked. 
"oh, exams are coming up." Lillian said. I then realised that I haven't studied at all. So I was planning to soon. But then I remembered that we had a Grade 12 Ball coming up. Great. I had know idea who I was going to ask. I was planning to ask Lillian, but I knew that Harry will want to ask her. So I was planning just to ask some aléatoire girl. 
"hey Lillian do toi have a free lesson after lunch?" I asked. 
"yeah, why?" she replied. 
"I do too. Harry and I were planning to do some studying together, would like to rejoindre us?" I asked. She had a small smile on her face and agreed. We then walked over to the boys. 
"when toi say it like that Louis it sounds a bit creepy." she said. We had a giggle. 
"well, I'm sorry if it did sound creepy, but I can't help it, I am creepy!" I replied. She looked at me in a strange way, but I knew she was joking. 

Semra's P.O.V 
I have really become close Friends with Zayn. I really liked him as well. He is really nice to me and a bit funny. But then he can change into a really serious guy. That's what I found so hot with him. Earlier today I went into the bibliothèque to do some studying. About 5minutes into my studying, Zayn came in. I invited him to come and study with me, he agreed. We were muking around lot, it was really fun! That's when I realised that Zayn is not shy at all. His Friends keep on saying that he is quite shy, but he is not at all. We even got in trouble because we were too loud in the library. 
I found Lillian with Erica talking to Louis and Zayn. When I saw Zayn it put a big smile on my face. Zayn then walked away with Erica to Harry, Niall and Liam, do I followed. 
"hi guys!" I said 
"hi Semra!" All the boys said, and Erica. 
"hello Semra." Zayn a dit personally. 
I was really hoping that he would ask me out to the grade 12 Ball. ou just ask me out in general. But I don't know if it's too soon.
"hey do toi know where Niki is?" I asked. 
"um..she was coming back from L.O.T.E with me, but I don't know where she went." Liam answered. 
"ok, she will be here any minute." I replied. About 5mins later Niki still wasn't here. I was getting a bit worried, but somebody else was even plus worried...
"guys, I'm going to look for Niki, catch toi guys later." Liam said. 

Liam P.O.V
I went to go and look for Niki. She was coming back from L.O.T.E with me, but then when I looked back to her she wasn't there. That's why I'm going to look for her. 
I looked in the sports centre, accueil room classroom, L.O.T.E rooms, and I was a a bit naughty the girls bathroom. That's it, I was in l’amour with her. I've only known her for a couple of days, but we all know the saying, l’amour at first sight. Finally I looked in the library, I found her.
"Niki! Where have been?" I asked. 
"I told you, I was going to the bibliothèque at lunch. Weren't toi listening to me." she replied. I wasn't listening then, I was too busy looking at her gorgeous face. 
"No. Sorry Niki I wasn't. I was too bust looking at your beautiful face." I said. This was it, I was going to ask her to the dance with me. 
She blushed after I a dit that.
"Niki, I really like toi and I was wondering if toi would like to go to the Ball with me?" I asked. Before she could say anything I cut her off. 
"I know, you've got another boy to go with. How stupid of-" I was cut off. 
"Liam, nobody has asked me, and my answer is yes." she replied. My cœur, coeur stopped for a second. That moment was magical. We both smiled at each other. She then gave me a small Kiss on the check. Her soft lips on my check was unforgettable. Shortly after lunch finished and we went back to our classes. I wasn't with Niki, but I told the boys about it. 
"guys! I asked Niki to the dance with me." I exclaimed. They then sighed and past money to each other, I had no idea what they were doing. 
"woo, what are toi doing?" I asked. 
"well, we all made a bet." Niall said. 
"we had to guess what jour toi would ask Niki to the Ball." Louis continued.
"I won!" Harry said. 
I was a bit shock at first but after I found it funny. We all had a good laugh about it. 

AUTHOR'S COMMENTS: helloooo!!! ;) thanks for reading. If toi have any Q's about this article then just ask. Don't be scared, I don't bite! ou do I.... :)
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