Author's note: Sorry it's quite short. Again' thanks a lot to TasteDaRainbow <3 hope you'll like it.

Ash P.O.V.
Who does she think she is to tell me what to do? I just talked to Amy and she just hung up before I finished. That was rude. I asked her if there was a problem and she a dit no and then calls me saying she still loves Harry. It’s quite too late Harry and I are already in the car to his Mother’s house.
-"Who was it on the phone? toi seem like toi had some sort of argument."
-"It was Amy."
-"What happened? toi look annoyed."
-"Well she just told me she was in l’amour with you!"
Okay that was mean. I shouldn’t have told him, but when I’m pissed I always say things I regret after. That’s exactly what’s happening.
-"Well that’s unexpected."
He seemed embarrassed. I really should think before I talk. Amy will know for sure.
-"Yeah that’s unexpected. Could toi pretend I didn’t say anything please?"
-"I can try. Anyway we’re here."
Harry’s mom is really charming and his stepdad too. I haven’t talked a lot with his sister because she had to leave but she seems nice. We took all our stuff and went in the Bungalow. It’s quite small but cozy. Then we went in town to have supper. We went in this small little restaurant and it was a lot of fun we talked of our friends, family and about our lives before we met.
-"I didn’t used to rendez-vous amoureux, date many guys and I was the kind of girl to text in class and never pay attention," I said.
-"You don’t date? Impossible!"
-"Well it’s the truth. Chels and Amy use to rendez-vous amoureux, date a lot but not me."
-"Well we learn a lot tonight!"
Then we went back to the bungalow to talk about the “thing” that happened with Amy. We entered sat on the lit and looked in each other’s eyes for two long minutes.
-"Do we really have to talk about it?" he asked.
-"Okay then..."
-"Does Amy know about all this?"
-"No she doesn’t and it’s better if she don’t. She must think I started loving toi when she returned to Canada."
-"But if she learns it she will be so hurt!"
-"Of course but she won’t learn it."
-"I hope so..."
-"You want to know anything else?" he asked.
-"Why haven’t toi just told me toi loved me?"
-"Because if toi remember, toi hated me when we first met."
-"That’s right! I didn’t hate you; toi were just annoying" because toi looked like toi loved six girls at the same time."
-"Were toi jealous?"
-"Of course not!"
-"You were!"
-"No, I wasn’t!"
-"Anything else?"
-"Yes, never do this again to anyone!"
-"I learn from my mistakes and I won’t ever again, I promise!"
-"You’re stupid"
-"Oh toi think so?" he a dit with big smile.
He tried to grab me but I ran away. The bungalow was small so I couldn’t escape for a long time. He soon caught me and we started kissing.
-"You know I l’amour you, he a dit to my ear biting it."
-"Yes I know and I l’amour toi too, I replied laughing."
We changed into our Pyjamas and went to bed. We were both exhausted par the flight and wanted to take a long night of sleep.

Harry P.O.V.
When I was sure Ash was asleep I got up and called my mom then Niall. I knew he was with Amy earlier this afternoon.
On the phone
-"Hey Harry what’s with calling me that late?" he a dit with a sleepy voice.
-"Ash was long to fall asleep. She talked to me about what happened with Amy. I thought that since Amy is in your country toi could try to talk to her and I’ll do the same with Ash."
-"Amy is actually on my couch. Can toi believe that girl forgot to reserve her hotel?" He a dit with an amused voice.
-"That girl is lost!"
-"I’ll try to do what I can, good night now."
-"Good night!"