Once Upon A Time What was your favori scene/part in 'The Birth'? (5x08)

Pick one:
Dark cygne uses her magic and tosses Arthur against a arbre
Hook asks Dark cygne why she's doing all of this, to which she replies, "for you"
Hook talks to Rumple and Belle about Emma
Zelena screams as she realizes her baby is about to come into the world
Hook jumps off the side of the Clock Tower Building and Dark cygne saves him
Dark cygne & Hook Kiss
Zelena shouts, "shut up, I was a fake midwife, I know the drill" to Robin
Zelena tells Dr. baleine to shut up and get the baby out
Emma vs. Merlin Battle
Emma tells Merlin that he can fight off the darkness since he's the greatest...
Regina talks to Emma about the "lure of darkness" and that she can always...
Robin meets his baby daughter
Hook helps Zelena
Zelena stabs Hook and then shows him the Dreamcatcher so he remembers...
Emma saves Hook from the wound Excalibur caused with Dark Magic
Dark Hook is born
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