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 Captain Hook and Emma cygne
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Besides the fact that it's both entertaining and drama saving I do have reasons as to why I ship everything! And here they are. Not even gonna lie this is probably my most poorly written article ever. If toi didn't take it seriously, no hard feelings, neither did I.

Fariy Queen (Regina and Tink)
I started with this one because it's my current OTP from the show. At first I really kind of hated it for no reason actually, I just didn't like it. After watching the episode and seeing how La Fée Clochette went out of her way to help Regina was just sweet. I also liked how Gina tried to save Tink from making...
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I found this article on tumblr and I have to share it. I'm a hooker (hook's fan) but honestly I'm sick and tired that so many people justified hook's action, he's not prince charming he's a villain and from our childhood we know how awesome he is as a villain (well probably not from the Disney version, he was a comic relieve in that one)!

Here's the article, I hope toi enjoy it:

So, this revelation hit me last night in theq wake of the new promo. toi know the clip, you’ve seen it floating...
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I've been confused for a while about Regina's intentions towards Henry. She'll pretend to care about him, and then scar him emotionally just to win a battle against Emma.

In episode one, Emma had asked Regina if she loved Henry, and Regina replied "yes," yet Emma used her "super power" and knew Regina was lying. Emma is rarely wrong with it, and some of the things Regina does makes it seem like she really doesn't l’amour him. Which begs the question, why even adopt a child?

I think it's because Regina was lonely, she wanted some companionship in a world where everyone is basically walking zombies...
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