Eternal b*tch face
This may include spoilers for those of toi who aren't caught up yet but toi should know that risk par now

It's no secret on this club that I can't stand Victoria (I refuse to call her Rapunzel) AT ALL! The only good things I can say about her is that she's good looking, I like her accent, and the actress is very talented. However, as a villain, she was a total waste of time because she did little to nothing. She wasn't intimidating AT ALL and just felt like some brat trying to have control over everything but looks really awkward and unconvincing as a legit threat. She felt plus like a silly and annoying little obstacle like Little Bo Peep, Gaston, The Chernabog, Greg Mendall, King George, etc. She during the first eleven episodes of this season, she had done little to no damage to the Heroes and her only real damage was almost killing Lucy. Other than that, she did very little damage. She took Lucy away, tried and FAILED to get rid of Henry, destroyed Jacinda and Sabine's business that was saved soon afterward, and any plans she has either fail easily ou she has someone else do her own dirty work (At least Greg would do his dirty work himself with the help of Tamara). She was even a PAWN in the curse par having the curse make her think she cast it and believe she was in control. She's completely incompetent as a villain, has nothing but an eternal b*tch face in order to seem intimidating, and looks so awkward when she's doing villainous things.

She's really unoriginal, much like most of season 7, and feels like a watered down and cheap imitation of season 1 Regina and Cora but without any of their charm. Regina managed to give off an air of fear from her mere presence and there were very few who weren't afraid of her (Those being Emma, Gold, and MAYBE Henry). She didn't have to spray someone with pepper spray to come off as intimidating and assert her power. Hell, she was even able to hide her tracks and handy work a lot plus discrete and tactful than Belfry ever did. With Belfry, it was always SO OBVIOUS and it makes it a wonder that she never got arrested until the Eloise Gardner episode. I mean, the things Regina did in season 1 were obvious to us because we know she's the villain but she managed to hide her actions so well that we could believe that the other characters couldn't have a case against her, which only Emma was Rebelle enough to challenge and half the time got blown up in her face. They tried to have Belfry imitate Regina and Cora's actions because of how they worked well as villains but in such an idiotic and lazy way.

Hell, they even waited until episode 8 to explain why Belfry had custody of Lucy over Jacinda. REALLY LATE FOR THAT! Regina managed to explain why Emma had no rights to Henry in a few sentences in the very first episode because of how Emma had it be a closed adoption. It didn't take that long and didn't feel like it was throwing exposition. It wouldn't be that hard to explain why the step-grandmother had custody of Lucy. But waiting this long makes people question how stupid the legal system is until they FINALLY explain it. It was just so they could have a similar situation to the season 1 Emma-Henry-Regina situation but in a lazier and taureau, bull crap way that they don't explain until MUCH later on than they should have. The legal system doesn't even see a step-parent as entitled to any rights to their step-child, so why would they with a step-grandparent? This is information that needed to be addressed sooner so that the audience who have at least half a brain don't question how stupid the legal system in this city is.

She blames others for things that aren't their fault and feels like she deserves better. I mean, Cecilia was even trying to be kind to her, despite how this is just as uncomfortable a situation for her because of how she finds out she's married to a man whose first wife is still alive, and Victoria treated her coldly. Cecilia even a dit for her not to work with the rest of the help and to just enjoy the party because it was her daughter's birthday. I mean, she's paying the help at this party, so she can have Victoria be a guest and still get paid if she wants to because she's paying for the help at the party. She's just as uncomfortable as Victoria is but she put in plus of an effort and didn't act like some bratty child and come off as passive-aggressive to her. Sure Drizella reacted plus to Cecilia because she barely even remembered her birth mother because she was so young when her mother disappeared. Cecilia was basically the mother she was the most familiar with and remembers being with her for most of the years she could remember. That's no reason to treat Drizella so cruelly ou ruin Cecilia's happiness. They could've found some weird way to make them all a family in some kind of bigamy (Being married to two people at once, which Marcus already is) thing ou whatever. Not only did she ruin Cecilia's happiness but she also took away Ella's mother and ruin her thoughts about how l’amour causes pain and isn't real.

She may have thought Marcus was basically saying he loved Ella plus than his blood daughter, Anastasia, since he said, "I could only grab one." I really don't see it as favori picking but rather he may have poorly chosen his words. He loved all three of them the same and if he had enough time he would've saved them both. I think she took it the wrong way. Also, why the hell couldn't the girls just swim out of there? I know it's cold but they couldn't have just sunk like rocks like they made it out like the did. Also, why couldn't Anastasia just call out to Ella to come back because the ice was cracking instead of going out there on the crumbling ice like an idiot? I know she's a child but even a kid at that age would have plus common sense than that.

I also HATED that they made Lady Tremaine also be Rapunzel. I just didn't feel like it was a clever twist but rather just some bullcrap you'd see in bad fanfiction written par a middle schooler. Don't get me wrong, this montrer has done something like this before with characters who were traditionally Heroes and making them villains, such as Peter Pan and King Arthur. But when they were made to be villains in the montrer it made sense because of the context of the original source material. Neverland actually didn't stop people from aging, it only slowed down the process, except for Pan for some reason, so when The Lost Boys got too old, Pan would kill them and was pretty much just an asshole and a murderous, despicable BRAT!

With King Arthur..... mainly depends on which version of the story toi go par because so many versions were written over the centuries that there is no continuity, so its hard to talk about all of them. But to name the most famous one that comes to my mind, he cheated on his wife (Before he knew Gwen was cheating on him with Lancelot) when he raped his half-sister, Morgana (I forget if at that moment he knew she was his sister, not that it matters because it's still adultery and RAPE), whom he was sexually attracted to, which resulted in the pregnancy of the child of incest rape, Mordred, who was destined to kill Arthur and die as well. Arthur's father also raped her mother through Merlin's magic to make himself look like her husband and have sex with her. But the truth was revealed and I know it didn't end well for the mother since back than the woman being raped made her the biggest offender, especially if she gives birth to a child when she's married to another, because victim-blaming was acceptable back then. So Morgana and her sister Morgause Lost their mother when they were young and she was raped par that same illegitimate child that took her mother and her rightful crown away from her.

Even with the twist of Cora being The Millers Daughter from the fairy-tale Rumpelstiltskin, I could believe. I mean, the woman was willing to accept a deal with a strange magical creature where she'd give him her first born child just so she could live. She also goes back on her word. It's not really villainous ou anything, but I can I could buy a plot twist of that character being a villain because of what absolute assholes the other characters in the fairy-tale were and she was just caught in the middle of it all and would suffer for it.

The Little Bo Peep being a bad guy was pretty odd but the original character had no real personality and wasn't from a story but rather an old children's nursery rhyme, so it wasn't really all that important, especially since she was only in one episode.

Those characters I can actually believe would be evil in Once Upon A Time's version of them because of how King Arthur and Peter Pan acted like villains in their stories but were still considered to be the protagonist we're supposed to want to win despite being despicable human beings. The Millers Daughter got one crap storm after anouther happen to her so I don't find it hard to believe there would be a twist where she becomes a villain. NOTHING about Rapunzel in the original fairy-tale gave anything that would make her a good idea as a villain ou the identity of a famous villain like Lady Tremaine. It was just a complete waste of potential for the character of Rapunzel par having this be so out of nowhere!

No matter what her suffering, she still chose to kill her husband and treat her other daughter like crap. Drizella was too young to remember her and grew up with another woman as her mother, so of course, it'll take time for her to warm up to her and she'd be closer to her step-mother. That doesn't mean she should treat her like crap, emotionally abuse her, make her feel like she's not good enough, and even be willing to kill her to bring back her favori daughter (I think she was definitely worse with picking favoris than Marcus EVER was). I know it was a complicated situation but she really made it hard for me to feel bad for her because of how she treats the ones she once loved. Besides, wouldn't Gothel locking Anastasia up in the hopes she'd be the guardian she was looking for also mean she'd have to wake her up so she'd be saving her from death? I wonder what Gothel and Drizella's way of waking her up was going to be since it didn't involve Lucy's belief.

I didn't feel much for the sacrifice and "redemption" from Belfry. After in this exact episode she a dit she had to rescue the daughter she "actually cares about" right in front of Ivy and not to mention she told her that she hadn't done anything deserving of her love. taureau, bull CRAP! Drizella a dit in the episode "Wake Up Call" she a dit to her mother she had always tried to earn her approval and l’amour but it was clear she wasn't going to get it because she wasn't Anastasia. Secondly, a child shouldn't have to earn their a parent's love! They're supposed to already have that love. She was even willing to kill Drizella to bring back Anastasia. Plus, she loves Lucy? Yeah, because when I l’amour someone I plot to have them slip into a magical coma that would most likely result in death. NOT!

She even killed the man she loved/the father of her children all because he only had enough time to save one of the girls and it was Ella (Who he a dit he loves as much as his own daughters) and not Anastasia (Though, she really should've just shouted to Ella about the ice instead of going out herself). She disowned Drizella just because she didn't immediately go crazy about the mother she thought was dead but still thought of sending out the lanterns for anyway. I mean this horrible parenting is just like Ozai (To Zuko and to an extent, Azula) and Ursa's (To Azula) parenting and just look how well their kids turned out. She acted like a bratty child who had no reason to act the way she did, which makes her seem like a brat throwing a tantrum for not getting what she wanted.

Regina's reasons for wanting to kill Snow White were weak but toi can also kind of understand her position. I mean, the way Snow reacts in the scene where Regina finds out she told Cora her secret could come across to Regina that Snow might've did it on purpose because she wanted her all to herself (Snow was very attached to her at that point). Which could've also had her take out the rage she had for Cora out on Snow because she saw it as Snow trying to control her life just like Cora has done to her all her life. Was she correct in this assumption? HELL NO! But I can still KIND OF understand her point of view and it's still better than just wanting her dead because a magic mirror a dit Snow White was prettier than her.

Zelena's is also plus understandable because her mother abandoned her and she was raised par an abusive father that despised her. Then she finds out about her sister that her mother gave everything to and got to become a Queen but wasn't satisfied, while Zelena had nothing and thought her mother didn't think she was good enough. Were her assumptions that Regina's life was perfect and she was just an ungrateful brat that didn't appreciate what her mother did for her correct? Once again, HELL NO! But I can understand her motivation and anger that made her become green with envy, especially with her father and other people (Since some assholes were talking about what a wicked creature she was because of her magic when she was a little girl in the episode "Where Blue Birds Fly") thinking she was a wicked monster.

I can even understand Cora's point-of-view because of how she had been dirt poor her whole life, had a father that was a lazy drunk and she basically had to do his work for him just so they could eat, goodness knows what happened to her mother (Dead ou abandonment), was treated poorly, was blamed for something that wasn't her fault and forced to apologize, was lied to par a man that knocked her up, and just wanted a way out of that hell she was living called her life. Does that make all she did okay? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Either way, their reasons for taking their anger out on others are plus understandable than Belfy's reasons. Her "suffering" was caused par her being a brat and choosing to hurt the ones she cared about ou the ones who did her no harm just for her own reasons and to focus on Anastasia. Yeah, cause I'm sure Anastasia would be perfectly okay when she found out toi killed her father, treated her sister terribly, made her step-sister that she loved like a sister a servant, and basically killed her step-niece in order to bring her back to life.

I realize she's a villain but unlike other villains on this show, her reasons were just pathetic and her actions aren't understandable from a psychological perspective. And I don't buy that she didn't want Ivy dead when she actually had planned on killing her in order to bring back Anastasia back in the Il était une fois Forest. Her redemption was done horribly, her motivation sucked, and her sacrifice was last minute and makes me lack any sympathy for her.
I'm guessing we're never going to find out why her light blonde hair turned to dark brown