I know that I have been écriture 'The return home' and I'm working hard on a new chapter. But this idea got in my mind and I needed to write it. It's a what if? What if Regina had made someone believe that that someone was her daughter and the big sister of Henry. How would this change the once upon a time we all know? And who is this mysterious sister? And can Henry figure out who she is and find Emma to break the curse?

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the same curse, another way

Chapter 1: They mayor's daughter

She turned around as she put the papers on her mother's bureau away once plus again. What was she up to? How was she going to harm the towns people now. Regina, her adoptive mom was a person she didn't understand. In a way she was unable to l’amour her, but at the same time she felt that somewhere inside Regina loved her plus than anyone.
"Amy…" Regina opened the door. "You're up I see…"

"I'm up…" Amy replied as she stood up.
"Good, toi need to bring your brother to school." Regina smiled "Will that work ou will toi once again screw up like toi always do?"
"I don't screw up…" Amy a dit as she stood up. "Henry!"
A noise was heard from the suivant room as a young boy stepped from the room. He had a book under his arm, his veste was neatly closed and his bag was closed. A soft smile appeared as he stared at his older sister. Amy was an ordinary girl, she was 20 years old and a language major in Storybrooke university. She was a bright student and one of the best musicians in the local musique club. Her skin was pale white and her hair had a soft brown reddish tone.
"Henry, keep an eye on your sister." Regina replied

"No one needs to keep an eye on anyone." Amy reached towards Henry as she picked the book from his arms. She started to run, he followed her down the road. It took him a few minutes to catch up with her. "Did your teacher give toi this book?"
"Yes." Henry replied "It's fairy tales."
"I can see that." She handed the book back to him." So, little brother are toi okay? I mean you've been down since the beginning of the week? What's going on?"
"I…" He turned around. "I've been thinking about my mom…"
"Your real mom…" Amy's arms went around his shoulders. "You shouldn't think about that, it will only bring toi pain. Trust me…"

"Just because your parents were bad people, doesn't mean mine will be…" Henry replied "Plus, toi get your information from our mother, she's evil."
"Evil, isn't that a bit too much?" She smiled at him. "I know your melodramatic moments, but evil is not mom. I mean she's strict and maybe mean. At times controlling and manipulative, but evil?"
"You do realize toi just described evil." Henry smiled "I think everyone in this town is a fairy tale character, even toi have forgotten who toi really are."
"So who am I?" Amy turned to Henry. "Alice? Dorothy? Sleeping Beauty?"
"I have no idea…"

"So with other words, toi don't involve your big sister in this exciting new idea toi have." She turned away in fake anger. With a high sound, she moved her hand against her head. "I would have suspected I would have a starring part in your new idea. So?"
"I still don't know who toi are…" Henry turned away as he opened the book. "Miss Blanchet is Snow White."
"Because Blanche means white in French." She stared at the pictures. She saw a picture of a young woman with wavy long black hair. "That woman really does look like miss Blanchet. So explain this theory farther? Who's mom?"
"The evil queen…" He showed her a picture of the queen. "She send all of this fairytale characters to a town and now they don't know who they are. She cursed you, so no one of toi can have a happy ending."
"And there's not one person that looks like me in that book…" Amy gave him a playful push.
"I think my I need to find my mom…" He turned to her. "Something inside me tells me, she needs to be here. I need to know who she is."
"So what are toi going to do?" Her eyes were on his. "Hire a private detective, find her and go to her ask why she gave toi up. This is not a good idea, Henry."
"I need to now, Amy." Her eyes were filled with pain.
"Here…" She handed a credit card to him. "I saved every money I ever made, it's enough to find your mother. I hope she's not like mine."
"Don't toi want to know who your mom really is?" He took her hand. "Maybe Regina is lying."
"She might be…" Amy turned around. "I just don't want to find her, plain simple."
"What if mother has her trapped somewhere?" Henry stepped towards the school. "Don't toi think she deserves to be saved?"
"Henry, I'm too old to live my live on lies my parents are going to return." She stared at him. "I've been happy with toi and with Regina, I mean maybe there's something toi don't want to know, maybe…"
"Maybe your mom and dad are waiting for toi to return."
"Trust me…" She whispered. "They're not. Don't get your hopes up to high, Henry."

Henry turned around as he saw his sister walk away from the school, she was going to take some extra classes and work some extra jobs. She never spent any money foolishly, it was one of the sensible stuff their mother had thought them, yet right now he kept thinking about the book his teacher had donné him, who would she be? Amy was not her real name, Regina had donné it to her for a reason. Why? He thought about who she could be, his first instinct was to look for people that looked like Amy, but he didn't find anything.
"Henry, I see you're enjoying that book…" His teacher miss Blanchet stepped to him.
"I am, miss Blanchet." He smiled to her.
"So did Amy drop toi off?" She stared at him. "How is your sister?"
"All kinds of awkward." He smiled "She's going to be in a musical."
"I know." Miss Blanchet smiled "I already bought tickets about two months ago, Henry."

The jour passed par quickly as he sat in class, Henry thought about how he could find his mother. Go through the right channels, would a legal office ever give him the name of his mother? And if they did, they would never give him the place where she resided. The answer was somehow plus obvious, the one freedom he had, internet. Internet offered everything, it would be impossible that the internet would not bring him to his mother. And with his sisters credit card, he could do a lot. He remembered her for a long time, part of him even thought that she had grown up with him. Even if he wasn't very sure about that. It could be one of the lies his mother told him.
As the cloche, bell rang, he ran outside. Amy, his sister, was resting against a tall tree. She had her hair tied in a long braid, her hands nonchalant placed to her head. She put them down once again and waved to him. He was lucky with a big sister like him, she wasn't really cool, but to him she was the coolest sister.
"Here toi are." Amy smiled at him. "So figured out who I am just yet?"

"Not yet." Henry replied "If only there was a way to call back your memory."
"The memory that mom a volé, étole from us." She turned around. "Oh no. The evil queen.
She laughed in a dramatic déplacer and put her arm around Henry's shoulders. She smiled at him, if toi had a crazy theory, Amy was the person toi should go too. She didn't laugh with you, even if toi sounded crazy, she embraced everything crazy. Henry believed that their mother did not know.
"So what is your full theory?" She turned to him. "Is it Lord of the rings crazy? Are there elfs? Dwarfs? Princesses? Far away kingdoms?"

"I like it already." She smiled as she jumped off the side walk.
"Be careful." Henry almost shouted.
"Henry, toi know I like living life on the edge." Amy smiled "There's nothing worse than being trapped somewhere unable to leave, watching everything for above."
"Are toi Rapunzel?" A smiled appeared on his face.
"Isn't Rapunzel supposed to be a blond?" She laughed. "Unless my hair was magically altered with my memory."
Henry blushed for a moment as he opened the book, should he look for Rapunzel? Hold the image suivant to his sister?
"So how did we get here?" Amy smiled "A curse?"
"Exactly." He explained. "The evil Queen send a bunch of fairytale characters here and now they don't know who they are anymore, La Reine des Neiges in time."

"Why would the evil Queen do that?" She put an arm around his shoulder. "Why not send a dragon? A wookie? Anything?"
"Because she wanted to take away happy endings."
"So what do we say that we attack mom." Amy jumped on a shallow wall. "We call her out, say to her that we want her memories back and that she should go to hell."
"It doesn't work like that." Henry stared to his book. "We can't save…"
"Is this about your mom, champ?"

"She's the savior." Henry explained. "She's supposed to save us all."
For a moment Amy had no words to say. Henry walked on, but she stopped for just a moment. Did he just call his biological mother savior? He didn't know her, but he was already making her plus than she was. Amy feared that the real person might be a disappointment. That was one of the reasons she never searched for her mother, 'savior'.
"Come on, Amy." Henry called out. "We'll be late at Archie's."

"Now you're saying."

As Henry started to run, Amy couldn't do any but do the same. She ran in front of him and as she passed him, Henry started to run faster. It was almost like a race, but there wouldn't be any winners.
"Beat toi there." She a dit as she knocked on the door. Archie opened up, his eyes stared at hers. She had blue eyes, the bluest she had ever seen .
"Amelia." Archie whispered as his eyes opened wide.
"hey." Henry stepped towards him.

"Henry, do toi mind if I talk to your sister for a moment?"
"Right.." He sat down as Amy and Archie stepped in his office. "Amelia."
"Archibald." She didn't montrer any signs of irony.

"How has his week been?"
"He wants to know his mother." Amy sat down. "He has this book, he thinks we're all fairytales characters, trapped in this town. He thinks his biological mother is the only one that can save us all. He sees her as some goddess, I don't know if that's healthy. It's mom, she's being too strict on him."
"You survived her parenting."

Amy sat down, she sat no words. She just looked at Archie as he sat down across of her. Neither of them gave each other a look. She nervously tapped her fingers. She had no idea what she had to say, why had she survived her parenting style.
"Well, she wasn't the major of the town when I was little." Amy replied "I went to daycare. I am not like Henry, he's a dreamer and all she does is push him down."
"It's for the best."

"It's not." Amy stood up." I don't care how impossible his theories are, they are plus real to him than anything. And maybe just maybe he's right, I mean couldn't he be right?"
"His theories say we're all from a land called the Il était une fois forest." Archie stepped in front of her. "Does that sound so grand?"
"It sounds better than not wanting to be home. I'm working 2 jobs. "She looked down. "I'm lucky my mom doesn't ask me rent and still pays the majority of studies, even if she thinks my drama career is a joke. One jour I'm leaving this town, when Henry is old enough so she can not destroy him. Than I'm leaving her behind me."
"Amy, toi can do that today."

"Not with Henry."

He put a hand on her shoulder, Amy felt that she was responsible for Henry. She would never leave Regina's place, because she wanted to take care of Henry. And as Archie stared at her, he could see the l’amour of an older sister in her eyes. In the background a door opened.
"Is it okay, if I come in?" Henry asked.
"Off course." Amy stood up. "I'll be at Granny's."
Amy walked out of the building, and headed to the le dîner, salle à manger across the road. It was a le dîner, salle à manger run par a grandmother and her granddaughter, everyone called them Ruby and Granny, she had no idea why they called them that, they just did. As she opened the door, Ruby stepped towards her.
"A hot chocolat with cinnamon and cream coming up." Granny a dit as Amy sat down. "Ames." Ruby sat down. "So any action in the dating world?"
"No." She blushed. "There are not enough single available man in town and the ones that are, are jerks. So I am single, I don't have time to date."
"Really?" Ruby turned to her. "Did toi take my conseil and logged in on that dating site?"

"No." She rolled her eyes. Granny did the same as she put the cup of hot chocolat in front of her. Ruby sat down. She smiled at her for a second. Ruby and Amy had been Friends longer than Amy could remember, Ruby was only 3 years older than her and worked in the diner. When Amy was not at school She and Ruby would spend all their time together.
"So…" Ruby stared at her. "How's your mom? Doing the crazy again?"
"I don't know." Amy shook her head. "She's crazy."
"What about if we hit the town?" Ruby said. "It's been a while since we've seen a movie."
"Last week, if I recall it right." Amy turned around. "I don't know, I might have to look after Henry. toi never know when mom has another of her 'town meeting'…"
"Yeah right…" Ruby laughed "How is the little bros doing?"
"As well as toi expect."

Amy took a sip of hot chocolate. She glared at her watch for a second, only five minutes had passed. With a wave of the hand Ruby showed that she had to return to work, mainly because Granny was tapping her foot for plus action. At that moment Amy could finally take her book. She had a copy of pride and prejudice with her, one of the livres she was écriture a rapporter on. She was in her last an languages and already thinking about re-opening the bibliothèque as a past time job. Yet right now her career didn't bring her there, her mother refused to do her that favor. Mainly because she didn't have the power, that power belonged to the wealthiest man in town, he was named Mister Gold, it was so bad that no one even knew his first name. It seemed that he didn't have one, because he had not told any. He owned all buildings in the town, only her house was ones that did not belong to him. Why he was not mayor was a question to her. Maybe because he did not like politics and loved to sell things that did not belong to him. When toi were unable to pay for your rent, he would throw toi on the rue ou he would take property of something that belonged to you.
Amy herself did never watch him as he came par and when she did caught herself watching, it seemed that he almost smiled. Which was odd, because people described him as being unable to smile.

The door opened up as a man stepped inside. He was not the tallest, he had a green hat on his head and was known as the towns drunk, why she did not know. She had never seen him drunk, his name was Leroy and he worked with electrics. When something was broken, he was usually the man that knew how to fix it. He didn't greet her, he just went to a spot he always choose and ordered the usual.

She turned the page around as she took another sip of her cup. Time started to pass faster and when she was very deep in the book she heard Henry's voice.
"Good book…"
"You scared me, Henry." Amy stood up. They walked outside and started their ten minute walk home, past the hospital. Henry stared in front of him, for the first minute he didn't release any words. Almost like he had grown shy. Amy put a hand on his back so secure him. Something was wrong with him, she knew. She knew par the look on his face.
"Why do toi think she gave me up?" Henry asked
"Maybe she couldn't give toi the life she wanted." Amy smiled "She wanted to give toi something better than the life she knew. She wanted to give toi your very best chance."
"You think so?"

"I know so."

"What are toi planning to do when toi find out who she is?" Amy stared at her. "What do toi want to do with the information?"
"I just want to know…" Henry whispered.

"Are toi sure?"
"No." He a dit before running up the stairs, passed Regina. He didn't hear that his mother started to say all kinds of things to Amy, right now he didn't care anymore. His attention was with his laptop and with a way to find his mother and breaking the curse. If he got her to Storybrooke, he could get her to break the curse. What kind of site would be able to help him find his mother? He didn't know how he got to the website: . He saw the money on the screen, could his sister pay 150 dollars, she had donné him the credit card, but part of him felt bad for it. He knew if Regina would find out, she would lecture Amy about the rights Amy had. She would tell her that she would stop paying for his sisters school and that she would throw his sister out. As he typed everything in, his own name. When he clicked enter, there was something going through his body.
'Let's hope she doesn't live to far.' Henry thought. 'I can go see her.'

"Henry…" He heard his name as a mail entered his mailbox.
"Amy…" He smiled.
"So did toi find what you're looking for?" She sat down suivant to him. "I see toi have."
He noticed that she was lire parts of the mail he got. She didn't look mad, it seemed that she supported every déplacer he made. "Don't forget to clear your inbox. Wouldn't want mom to accidently stumble on this mail."
"Amy I'll pay toi back." Henry said.

"Forget about it champ."

Henry turned in that night with heroic ideas about his mom. Every idea was plus heroic that the précédant one. She had to be perfect, she was the child of prince charming and Snow White. She had to be his hero and he would see her when he drove to town. He hoped that the website could find her. His last thought was about his sister, Amy. She was the best big sister he could have asked for. Because of her, he was going to save this town. He needed to figure out who she was and maybe a way to get her memory back. But that was it, today was done. Tomorrow would be grand.


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