So I’ve been working on this over the Hiatus, I started it like a mois il y a and decided to finish it today. I think that’s pretty good timing considering that today the Hiatus ends.
So, here’s why I like every character in OUAT. I do like every character in the montrer (excluding: Blue Fairy and Nova). With an emphasis on the LIKE, some specific characters I love, but I LIKE pretty much all of them.
What makes a good character are these points:
-    The character is well developed: They have a good backstory and their character stays consistent* and at least somewhat realistic.
-    The character develops as the show/movie continues: Whether they become better ou worse, I want character development. (This isn’t always essential for a good character IMO, but it’s nice when it does happen).
-    The character is influential to the plot: pointless characters that just montrer up for one episode and are really important, but never return again annoy me.
-    It’s nice when the character is relatable, I find that one way ou another every character is relatable.
-    Good actor portrayal: If the character isn’t portrayed in the way in which they should, I will never be able to fully appreciate them. And I honestly, must say that part of the reason why I like some characters so much is because of the actors/actresses that play them. The whole OUAT cast is so lovable xD
-    Lastly, good one-liners always help lol, and ALL of the characters in OUAT have these.
(I’m doing this in the cast order according to Google, not the order in which I like them ;)
(And in my opinion, liking a character is different from thinking they’re a “good person” ou thinking that they always make the best decisions. )

I’ve mentioned before that I do not like Mary Margret, I’m not going to go into why because I’ve explained it before and don’t find it to be necessary :). Snow is different, on the other hand. Flashback/Enchanted Forest Snow is awesome. She is a strong and keen woman. When she and Emma were in the Il était une fois Forest, Snow was not a force to be trifled with. She was there to get stuff done and wouldn’t let ANYONE get in her way. BUT the Snow that we are currently experiencing as of the later end of season 2 and all of season 3, is not quite as awesome – AT ALL. The thing that annoyed me about her in season 3 is that she was always like “Let’s not use magic.”, “We can’t use magic!”, even though her points were valid at times it got annoying. I was like for Pete freaking sake, sometimes toi gotta do gotta do to get stuff done (the most vague sentence ever). Sometimes the best thing they CAN do is use magic. Alternative ways are probably better, but when push comes to shove toi gotta bring out the big guns. It’s also perfectly logical for her to feel this way considering her experiences with magic. I honestly found most of “The Neverland Experience” irritating and disappointing :/. I am hoping for some change in her in Season 3B. The reason why I like her is because I like kick-butt Snow. But aside from that I just have a neutral feeling about her. I don’t l’amour her, I don’t hate her. In my opinion, she also matches all of my requirements. I identify with Snow because she’s all about giving people second…and third…and even fourth chances. I tend to give everyone at least a seconde chance. But when I know someone well, and I see good in them (similar to Snow) I tend to keep giving them chances, even when I don’t want to. This can be both a good and a bad thing lol.

Emma also fell off of the “cool boat” in Neverland, she just kind of became boring. This isn’t really a big deal to me because her being awesome wasn’t the focus of Season 3A. In season 1 Emma was great, she was a strong character and a strong person. She’s great because she’s the non-conventional-savior. She has issues, no doubt about it, but I like her willingness to do whatever she has to in order to help ou save her family, much like her father. In season 1 she was on a path of discovery, she had ups and downs, but just as a character I liked her. She is one of the characters where toi can REALLY see her humanity. She was donné this HUGE task of being the savior, she doesn’t know how to handle it, but she does the best she can. But at the same time she’s still human she folds under pressure. She feels like she can never fill the shoes of a savior. She feels like she doesn’t deserve it. A prime example of this is in “The New Neverland” episode. I identify with her because she’s always trying her best to do her best, she’s confused but she still tries. When feels like she’s donné too much, she panics. Obviously, my circumstance isn’t as extreme, but I tend to feel like this when I’m donné an overwhelming amount of homework/school assignments.

Like many a fan, Regina is a favori of mine. I’m very impressed with the writers and Lana Parilla because in season 1 they made toi hate her, ou at least I did. She was just so vengeful and bitter, especially toward Emma. She also tends to look at things very negatively and as if she's the victim, when she's really victimizing other people. (Quick sidetrack: I don’t see how Emma deciding she wants to be in Henry’s life could possibly be a bad thing because a lot of adopted kids never meet their parents. par Emma making that decision I’m sure that will make Henry’s life better). Back to the point, in the episode “The Stable Boy”, toi began to understand Regina more, but she was still pretty horrible. For me, par season 2 I began to understand her even more. Throughout that whole season I was just like “Regina, change! toi can change!” She would try to change, but then she’d backslide, and she’d backslide HARD. All she really wants is love, that’s been her need since the beginning, she didn’t get it from her mother, her fiancé was killed, and she planted bitterness in her cœur, coeur as a result. After all of the traumas from growing up with Cora as her mother, she has trouble finding love, and knowing what it is. She thinks she can make people l’amour her, but she can't :/ All she wants is love, but since she doesn't really know how to l’amour anymore, it's hard. I think that's the saddest thing about her. In an attempt to find l’amour somewhere, she adopts Henry, she thinks that will fix her problem, but she has trouble with loving so she can never really do what’s best for him. I think she was probably a good mother (pre-Emma) for the most part. There’s no doubt that she loves Henry, but I think she’s too scared of losing him (to Emma) to do what’s best. There are a lot of complications between her and the Charmings, I don’t blame either of them for not trusting each other too much. After all they’ve been through with each other, it only makes sense (especially since Regina did pick the fight, cause seriously, who swears revenge on an eight an old, when it was Regina’s mother who did the deed anyway). But I do hope things will change. It’s frustrating seeing Regina change and it not being recognized, but we have to remember that we see plus of her than the Charmings ou anyone else does, we know who she really is. I hope that she and the Charmings can just wipe the slate clean and start over. I also like her because she’s super sassy, I’m pretty sure that’s why any Evil Regal likes her lol. She’s just a strong, yet human character. She can be very self-centered, which is her downfall. She doesn't realize how much she hurts other people because it makes her happy. I think that's really sad. Because she doesn't take other people's feelings into consideration, she just ends up hurting them. Like with Henry and Snow. Both Henry and Snow want to l’amour her, they want her to become her best self again. But it seams like she feels as though they're trying to change her, when they just see the good in her. (Oh, and another quick thing I wanted to add is that I think that Regina should have custody of Henry. During season 2 I feel like the Charmings had perfectly good reason to keep Henry away from Regina because she was pretty unstable. But, anyway, all things considered she HAS raised him. Of course there are some complications along with that story, but I believe that par the end of the season she’ll be a completely changed person. Pretty much, through my perspective, I feel like Regina will be very sad and lonely without Henry. But Emma will be fine if she doesn’t have full custody, she is used to being alone, and she does have Charming and Snow. I definitely think that Emma SHOULD be able to spend LOTS of time with Henry, but I think he should live with Regina. That makes sense, right?*DR78 mentioned that they could share custody, idk why I didn't think of that lol.*)

I feel like there’s not a whole lot to say about Charming, there aren’t any deep ou controversial things for me to say about him lol. So, I like Charming because he’s a family man, he’s all about keeping his family sûr, sans danger and together, even if he has to tolerate Rumpel being a part of it. He’s also a selfless person he puts others before himself, even in dangerous ways. I have a lot of respect for him in that regard. I will say that his downfall, is that he can be arrogant at times. He’s never EXTREMELY arrogant, in my opinion, but he has his moments. For example, he’s constantly butting heads with Hook, which doesn’t bother me, but he can be kind of arrogant about it. It seemed like he felt like he didn’t want to be outdone, ou shown what to do par a pirate. It’s somewhat understandable because Hook hadn’t completely earned his trust until “Good Form”. But at the same time I feel like it’s not an excuse for him to kind of shun Hook lol. He also tends to just be kind of harsh ou jump the gun on some people (if that’s even the term). What I mean par this is that when certain characters are “villians” ou something of that nature he NEVER gives them a chance, unlike Snow. He’s always ready to fight them, even when they may be trying to help. It makes sense to have your guard up when toi don’t trust someone, but he can be very hostile. It’s just like give ‘em a chance, dude. So I guess that’s where my whole seconde chances bit comes in.

Rumple is my favorite, I will say that I like Rumple plus than Gold, though. I don’t really like Gold, he’s meh, he just not doesn’t have as much of that Rumple charm lol. So I like Rumple because, 1. He’s freaking hilarious, 2. He has the voice of an Angel lol, 3. He has a great story. To be honest, those are the only reasons I like him haha. Yes, he has issues, but don’t they all?

I’ve talked about Hook before, but in short , I think he’s a great character (for the reasons listed above) and he has some great lines. He’s not my favori character, but I don’t hate him (I guess I’ve a dit that about everyone). Hook has issues and moments when he annoys me, but like I a dit before, all of the characters do.

My thing with Belle is that I feel like I just always expect the same thing from her, and that’s what she does. I know this can be applicable to other characters, but idk…with Belle it’s just like she does the same thing, she’s just not very interesting to me. But once again I don’t hate her but I definitely don’t l’amour her.

I never DISLIKED Henry, but I never liked him either he was just meh. So I don’t really have anything to say about him…

Another character that I wanted to note is Aurora, I don’t really like her, but I don’t hate her. I found her to be kind of winey and annoying. I think she’ll be less annoying in these new episodes, though.

*Consistency and development are two different things in my opinion. To me, consistency means that they have a consistent same personality, for example a non-consistent character is one who is comic relief one episode and the pessimist the next. I mean, everyone has their pessimistic moments, but I hope toi catch my drift ;) Character development is when the character becomes different in some way over a course of events and time. I’m not the best at explaining this lol.