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Why do people find Rebecca Mader annoying?

I mean not all people. There are a lot of people including me who find her really hilarious and loving but I've also seen commentaires about her being annoying. Why is that? If toi ask me, her "annoyingness" is my favori thing about her. lol
 beekee404 posted il y a 1 mois
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zanhar1 said:
Because they're wrong. ;)
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posted il y a 1 mois 
pmmom38 said:
I feel like you, I like her, she played on Lost previously. I like her in both shows. I was thrilled when I found out, she was joining the show.
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posted il y a 29 jours 
hatelarxene said:
Who finds Rebecca Mader annoying? I've never heard of anybody finding her annoying.
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posted il y a 28 jours 
Not a lot of people thankfully. However I have seen a couple people say she's annoying. There was one in particular in a commentaire on a video of her and Lana doing a panel together last August where they a dit they're only watching for Lana cause they find Bex annoying.
beekee404 posted il y a 27 jours
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