Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. Pingas!

It was a nice sunny jour in Equestria. Everypony had just finished Winter emballage, wrap up when Pinkie Pie had an idea.

Pinkie Pie: I've got an idea!
Fluttershy: What is it?
Pinkie Pie: We should celebrate easter!
arc en ciel Dash: Pinkie, what's easter?
Pinkie Pie: On some aléatoire jour in April which keeps getting changed because of Spring Break, the easter bunny goes everywhere to hide Easter eggs in everyone's houses.
Fluttershy: A bunny does that?
arc en ciel Dash: This isn't going to end up like christmas is it?
Pinkie Pie: Maybe :3
arc en ciel Dash: Right... Uh I'm going to help Fluttershy with something. *flies off*
Fluttershy: *flies away*
Pinkie Pie: They don't believe me. I'll just have to go to the world's smartest poney in all of Equestria. Derpy Hooves!
Derpy: *crashes into ground* Did someone call my name?
Pinkie Pie: Yes. We need to find the easter bunny!
Derpy: Oh boy where is it?
Pinkie Pie: I might know. The crystal empire!

But when they got there it wasn't as crystally as it was supposed to be. Sad, but true King Sombra took over with Cadence as queen. She didn't want to do it, but was forced to anyway.

Derpy: salut I found a bunny.
Pinkie Pie: Is that what I think it is?
Easter bunny: Yeah it's an egg. What did toi expect?
Derpy: toi can talk?
Easter bunny: I'm the easter bunny, I can do whatever I want. *flies in air*
Pinkie Pie: How is that possible?
Easter bunny: I just told toi I'm the easter bunny!
Guard 72: Hey! Over there!
Pinkie Pie: Let's get outta here.
Easter bunny: Agreed.

But unfortunately Derpy was captured, and put in prison.

Pinkie Pie showed the easter bunny to everypony in ponyville. They were amazed par what it could do.

arc en ciel Dash: I thought that Pinkie Pie was being-
Pinkie Pie: Rinky dinky Pinkie Pie? Nien! This is the easter bunny.
Fluttershy: It's so cute.
Easter bunny: Thank you. I try
Angel: *kicks Fluttershy*
Fluttershy: Easy Angel bunny!
Easter bunny: Angel? He just kicked you.
Angel: l:(
Fluttershy: He's just jealous.
Pinkie Pie: Has anyone seen Derpy?
arc en ciel Dash: No. I thought she got killed during the fight against King Sombra.
Fluttershy: She wasn't in the fight.
arc en ciel Dash: Then where is she?

At the Crystal Empire

King Sombra: Do toi know how much being ruler of the crystal empire means to me?
Derpy: No.
King Sombra: Well it means... A LOT!!
Derpy: Oh. Can I go now?
King Sombra: No! toi are my prisoner forever!
Guard 66: Sir? The easter bunny is back!
King Sombra: NO! No one must have happiness! NOBODY!!
Pinkie Pie: Let's go inside the castle.
arc en ciel Dash: Maybe Princess Cadence knows where she is.

But when they went inside, they were in for a surprise.

Guard 78: How dare toi disturb the queen?!
Cadence: I don't want to be Queen of Sombratown!
arc en ciel Dash: Sombratown? This is the Crystal Empire.
Pinkie Pie: Unless King Sombra took over.
arc en ciel Dash: Well in that case *K.O's guard*
Cadence: I just don't know what went wrong.
Derpy: That's my line!
Easter bunny: We gotta déplacer A.S.A.P!
arc en ciel Dash: Bye Cadence! We'll talk to toi later.
King Sombra: Alright, where did they go?
Cadence: They left.

Sombra went after the three ponies that had the easter bunny, but he couldn't keep up with them. Mostly because he was chasing after a speedy pegasus.

Guard 45: What's wrong sir?
King Sombra: That easter bunny is trying to make ponies here happy. I cannot allow it!
Guard 45: Why not sir?
King Sombra: This is Sombratown! Everyone must work 24/7 and be miserable. I also found the Queen eating something she wasn't supposed to.
Guard 45: What was it?
King Sombra: A colored egg!
Guard 45: What's so bad about that?
King Sombra: She is supposed to eat beans!

During the conversation the easter bunny was eavesdropping. If Queen Cadence could only eat beans, maybe he could make them taste better. Perhaps with-

Pinkie Pie: Jelly?
Easter bunny: That's right. We're making gelée beans.
arc en ciel Dash: That sounds delicious.
Derpy: I l’amour gelée muffins!
Pinkie Pie: Well we are making gelée beans.
Fluttershy: Are toi sure we should be doing this? What if we get caught?
arc en ciel Dash: Then we take off. We're all faster then King Some bra!
Pinkie Pie: Some bra, *laughs*
arc en ciel Dash: It wasn't that funny. Now, lets make gelée beans!
Applejack: What're ya'll doing?
arc en ciel Dash: We're making gelée beans.
Applejack: What are those?
Easter bunny: We just invented them. If toi want to help go for it.
Applejack: Did that rabbit just talk?
Pinkie Pie: Rabbit? It's the easter bunny.
Applejack: The what bunny?

While cidre fort, applejack helped with the gelée beans, Pinkie Pie told her everything. Even the fact that King Sombra took over the crystal empire.

The suivant jour they snuck the gelée beans to Cadence.

King Sombra: *clopping*
Guard 32: Sir?!
King Sombra: Oh dear. *opens trap door, killing the guard*
Guard: 29: What just happened?
King Sombra: Nothing! What do toi want?!
Guard 29: I just saw the Queen eating something called gelée beans?
King Sombra: gelée beans?! Let me see this!!
Cadence: I don't see why I can only eat beans. I'm older then you, I can eat whatever I want!
King Sombra: I am a higher rank then you! toi eat what I tell toi to, and it will only be beans!
Guard 29: With all due respect that sounds stupid.
King Sombra: YOU'RE STUPID! *opens trap door*
Guard 29: *falls* How many trap doors do toi have?!?
King Sombra: As many as I need.
Cadence: I'm going for a walk.
King Sombra: No! toi are not to leave this château at all!

Meanwhile at ponyville.

Easter bunny: I'm a little worried.
Pinkie Pie: About what?
Easter bunny: About Cadence.
Fluttershy: Why?
Easter bunny: She always seems nervous whenever we see her.
arc en ciel Dash: She's being forced to be the Queen of some depressed empire that no one wants to live in. Of course she's nervous.
Easter bunny: I know what we can do. All mares like stuffed animaux right?

So the easter bunny went back to Sombratown with the four ponies, including Applejack. Eeyup, she's helping out with all the easter happiness movements to Sombratown. Hopefully they make it the Crystal Empire again.

Cadence: So bored!
Guard 55: Too bad. We're bored as well.
Easter bunny: Well allow me to help toi out with that.
Cadence: Easter bunny! What are toi doing here?
Pinkie Pie: We brought toi something. Stuffed animals.
Fluttershy: I made them myself.
Cadence: They're so cute. Thanks guys.
Guard 55: *cries* I WANT A STUFFED ANIMAL TOO!
Fluttershy: Ok. Here toi go. Everything is allright.
Guard 55: Thank toi so much. It's just that being here is boring!
Applejack: toi can leave right?
Guard 55: King Sombra won't let me.
arc en ciel Dash: Well forget about him. We're always coming and leaving here, why can't you?
Guard 55: You're right. I'm also taking the princess with me.
King Sombra: Oh no your not! toi will kill those ponies, and the easter bunny!
Derpy: I don't think so! *throws muffin*
King Sombra: Wow
Muffin: *explodes*
arc en ciel Dash: Let's go!
King Sombra: We have a traitor! Kill anyone leaving Sombratown!
other guards: Yes sir *grabs guns*

The other guards kept chasing the ponies, and shot at them. However they kept missing, and the others got away.

Easter bunny: Alright. It's the last jour before Easter, and we got to make a lot of things to bring pleasure to all the ponies in the crystal empire.
arc en ciel Dash: How are we getting all the stuff there?
Easter bunny: par train. We'll worry about that tomorrow.
Pinkie Pie: I really want all the crystal ponies to be happy.
Applejack: They will, but what about Cadence?
Cadence: I'll stay with Twilight until things get sorted out.
Guard 55: I'll help toi guys defeat King Sombra.
Pinkie Pie: Ok
arc en ciel Dash: (I don't know if I should trust him. One wrong move, and he's dead.)

It was finally easter day. Pinkie Pie, and cidre fort, applejack were getting the train loaded with stuff to celebrate easter with. Meanwhile the easter bunny was with arc en ciel Dash, and Fluttershy. They were trying to find an engine to pull the train.

station owner: Why should I lend an engine to you?
Easter Bunny: Come on please? It's very important.
station owner: Important? What about the 21st century limited?
Passenger 1: And the Powhattan bow & arrow?
Engineer: And then there's the coal that goes to Hoofington.
station owner: I'm not sure how you're talking, but leave us alone!
Easter bunny: Without an engine, how are we getting the train to the Crystal Empire?!
arc en ciel Dash: Who needs an engine, when you've got the fastest flyer in all of Equestria?
Fluttershy: arc en ciel are toi serious?
arc en ciel Dash: I'm pulling the train.
Pinkie Pie: What?! No poney has ever pulled a train before. What makes toi think toi can?
arc en ciel Dash: Get in, and find out!

Dash grabbed a rope, and tied herself to the train so that she could pull it.

Applejack: Oh my celestia this isn't going to end well.
arc en ciel Dash: *pulls train*
Pinkie Pie: What?! She's doing it?!?
arc en ciel Dash: Aww yeah!
Easter bunny: How is that possible?
Guard 55: Does it matter? We're giving King Sombra what he deserves.
Easter Bunny: What are toi saying?
Guard 55: He doesn't want anypony to be happy. We'll make that happen.

Back at Sombratown

Guard 41: Sir? toi might want to see this!
King Sombra: *looks in binoculars* WHAT?!? How is a poney pulling a train?
Guard 41: I don't know, but we have to stop her. What car will toi be taking?
King Sombra: Any car!
arc en ciel Dash: Halfway there. I got this.
Applejack: How is everything?
arc en ciel Dash: Everything is fine! Get back in the train.
King Sombra: I want someone to get that train back to Ponyville now!
Guard 27: Yessir *backs up engine*
arc en ciel Dash: Oh no!
Pinkie Pie: What is it?
arc en ciel Dash: King Sombra's men are blocking my path. I'll be right back.
Guard 11: What are toi doing?!
arc en ciel Dash: *kills guards* At least I don't have to pull the train anymore.
King Sombra: Shoot her!
Guards 41 & 63: *Shoot at arc en ciel Dash*
Guard 55: Of course! *shoots the two guards*
King Sombra: Attention all units! The traitor is on the train! Shoot at will!
Guard 36: Why don't toi shoot him?
King Sombra: I will *shoots Guard 55*
Pinkie Pie: *grabs gun & kills King Sombra*
Guard 36: The King is dead!
Guard 44: Who is going to lead us then?
Guard 7: No one I guess.

So all the guards sat there, and did nothing. Meanwhile, the crystal empire was becoming crystally again.

Pinkie Pie: Yeah!
Fluttershy: yay
Applejack: Y'all gotta cheer louder then that.
Fluttershy: Yay.
Pinkie Pie: Louder!
Fluttershy: Yay
Easter bunny: LOUDER!!
Fluttershy: *inhales* yay
Pinkie Pie: Oh my celestia...

The train finally made it to the crystal empire. Princess Cadence was waiting.

Princess Cadence: toi made it.
Easter bunny: Yeah, and now to celebrate easter.
arc en ciel Dash: Did toi see me pull the train?
Princess Cadence: What
arc en ciel Dash: I pulled it most of the way here from Ponyville.
Pinkie Pie: We filmed it to!
arc en ciel Dash: Now everyone gets to see my awesomeness!
Easter bunny: Not yet! We've gotta celebrate Easter.
arc en ciel Dash: Fine! Let's color some eggs.

Everypony in the crystal empire started painting eggs. While this was happening the easter bunny hid some eggs for the ponies to find.

arc en ciel Dash: Why'd toi paint all your's pink?
Pinkie Pie: Because I l’amour pink!
arc en ciel Dash: But you're supposed to make them look different.
Fluttershy: I think it looks fine. *paint cub on egg*
Applejack: Aww, I like yours.
Fluttershy: Thank you.

When they ran out of eggs to paint, they went finding the eggs that the easter bunny was hiding.

arc en ciel Dash: I got 15 bits, and gelée beans.
Pinkie Pie: So did I!
Applejack: Ah got 20 bits. But I'll pay ya both for your gelée beans.
arc en ciel Dash: No thanks.
Pinkie Pie: Ja, give me your money! *hands gelée beans*
Applejack: Ok, *hands money*
Easter Bunny: Allright, I have to go now.
Fluttershy: But why?
Easter Bunny: Easter is over, and I have to get going.
Pinkie Pie: Aww man.
Princess Cadence: Hey, where's King Sombra?
Applejack: Dead.
Pinkie Pie: I killed him.
Princess Cadence: Wow. toi ponies do some amazing stuff.
arc en ciel Dash: Thanks, but we have to go too.
Princess Cadence: Ok then. See toi around.

And that was the ending of the very first easter celebrated in Equestria. A few wierd parts, including the clopping, and hopefully that never happens again. Goodbye.

Song: link

Announcer: SeanTheHedgehog is, the leader in fan fictions.
Henry: *Stares at the fire, and does nothing*
CIA: *Arriving in helicopters, and Suburbans*
NS Men: *Firing at the Suburbans*
CIA Agents: *Jumping out of the helicopters, and running out of the Suburbans. All equipped with M4 Carbines*
arc en ciel Dash: salut Applejack? Sean wants toi to-
Octavia: ooh.
Derpy: What? *sits on torch* Oh my muffins!
poney 90: *Sees Karl driving his car on two wheels, gets scared, and spins out of control in his Desoto. He hits another car*
poney 87: *Goes down an embankment, and crashes into a boulder*
Police Pony: *Stops to see if everyone is okay*
Karl: *Passing a Cadillac, nearly getting the left side on the car*
Cadillac Pony: *Stops*
Karl: *Goes down the hill*
Ponies: *Looking at Karl's car*
Karl: *Gets the left side of his car down, and slowly wakes up*
Frank: *Hits Alan*
Alan: Feeling's mutual. *Hits him back*

Both cars kept hitting each other.

Men: *Shooting at Logan*
Logan: *Blocking their shots with his lightsaber*

Three of the men got hit.

Logan: *Turns off his lightsaber, then uses his KH70 blaster to shoot the other man*
Mike: *Arrives* Heeey!
Tie Pilots: *Turning around*
Tom: *Shooting a Tie Fighter*
Harry: Being this is a .44 magnum, the most powerful handgun in all of Equestria, and will blow your head clean off. toi gotta ask yourself a question. Do I feel lucky?
Scorpio: *Fires two bullets, but misses*
Harry: Well do toi punk?
Jade: *Waiting at Mossberg Station*
Sean: Why are we doing a Christmas episode this early?
Austin: Don't ask me.
Sean: *runs across*
Nazis: *shoot ice*
Bill: *Drives out of the parking lot*
SHP Officers: *Shooting bullets, but miss, hitting buildings Bill drives past*
Con: *getting towards bridge*
bateau Driver: *Gets past bridge*
Bridge Operator: *lowering bridge*
Con: *gets on bridge* *Using spell to keep engine from derailing* *Lands back on rails*
John: How are toi sure he's there sir?
Morris: *Shoots at an Officer laying down, using another set of stairs for cover*
Imperial Officer 52: *Returns fire*
Morris: *Stays behind the wall, and returns fire*
Imperial Officer 52: *Gets hit, and dies*
Imperial Trooper 74: *Returns fire*
Colonel Turner: The MC40 they were on crash landed on the planet.
Con: *drives a motorcycle off of a cliff, and is falling towards an airplane*
Sean: *Watching Tails fly his car*
Tails: *Flying high in the air*
Con: I come from the C.I.E. My name is Mane. Con Mane.
Sean: *On a motorcycle, he catches air from riding up a small hill. He lands between two fences.*
Announcer: SeanTheHedgehog is, the leader in fan fictions.

Scenes used from Revenge Of The Diesels, Johnny Lightning, Pinkie's Treasure Hunt, 1960, Six Shooters 2, The Bounty Hunter, Trainz, The Battle Of Coruscant, Dirty Harry, Hedgehog In Ponyville: The Grand Galloping Gala, The Challenger, Die And Let Live, Where Eagles Dare, Golden Iris, Life In The Fast Lane, Nightmare Moonraker, Hedgehog In Ponyville: The Great Escape.

And now, enjoy two previews to other fan fictions from SeanTheHedgehog.

The Storm - 2015

feu Ponies: *Putting out the fire*
Ditto: Alright, good work. Now we need to deal with that other fire.
feu Ponies: Lead the way.
Ditto: *Gets in his squad car, but it won't start because of the cold weather* Come on, come on!!
feu Ponies: We'll go there ourselves!
Ditto: Wait! toi have to wait for me to get this thing working, so toi can follow me!
feu Ponies: *Getting into their feu trucks, and driving away*
Ditto: Gah! Get back here! You're disobeying orders from a police pony!!!

Meanwhile, an alarm was heard: link

poney 63: Hey, that's the alarm to evacuate this city!

Another one was heard: link

Police Ponies: Let's go! Get to the Pennsylvania side of the Delamare River!
Ponies: *Getting ready to evacuate*

plus explosions were occuring. This time, some buildings were blowing up.

Ponies: *Falling onto the ground*
Police Ponies: Keep moving! We don't stop until we traverser, croix that bridge!!

As everypony was preparing to evacuate, Orion, and Snowflake were flying par in their helicopter.

Snowflake: This snow is falling so fast, I can barely see.
Orion: Relax, we shouldn't be far from Trenton. *Hears engine stop working*
Snowflake: What was that?
Orion: Uhh........
Snowflake: Please tell me this thing didn't break down.
Orion: Maybe it did, maybe it didn't.
Orion: I don't know!! *Feels helicopter losing altitude* Okay, yeah, it's not working.
Snowflake: What do we do?! Where do we land?!!?
Orion: I'll find a spot!! *Sees a bridge* Not there, not there! *Tries to make helicopter go left* Great, this thing can't go left, ou right.
Snowflake: The engine stopped working! What do toi want it to do?!!?
Orion: Not land on the bridge!!!

But it did. Orion, held on tightly as the helicopter slid on the bridge going only eighteen inches.

Snowflake: *Falls out helicopter! Wah! *Falls off bridge, but grabs the edge*
Orion: Snowflake!! *Runs to Snowflake* Hang on! *Grabs Snowflake* I got you.

But they heard a sound: link

Snowflake: What now?
Orion: I think the bridge is moving.

The sound stopped, and the bridge collapsed. Orion saw the part he was on land into the water, while part of the bridge behind him was still intact.

Snowflake: AH!
Orion: Relax, I got you! Can toi fly?
Snowflake: My wings hurt, I think I broke them when I fell out of the chopper.
Orion: That's not funny-
Orion: I'm trying. You're heavy.
Snowflake: Well, did toi ever consider exercising?
Orion: Did toi ever consider losing weight?
Snowflake: Well, now that toi mention it-
Orion: *Acidentally loses grip on Snowflake*
Snowflake: AHHH!! *Lands on an icy part of the river* Ugh, *Holding wound on her front leg, then looks in front of her. She sees a path of ice she can use to get back to land*
Orion: *Tries to use his wings to fly off the bridge, but the snow forces him onto the ice suivant to Snowflake* Well, flying ain't working for me either.
Snowflake: No kidding. I see a way we can get back to land. Follow me.

Kelly's Heroes - 2018

It was a dark and stormy night in Naboo. Rain was falling down hard as lightning strikes flashed nearby, followed with the sounds of thunder.

Imperial Officer: *Slowly walking back and forth, making sure the Stormtroopers load everything onto the étoile, star Destroyers* Not long now, just keep it moving!

What the Imperials didn't notice was that a Metra, was parked suivant to two AT-ST's. Inside was a female officer being held hostage par two Rebel's.

Their Metra is the one on the bottom: link

The driver was Kelly. The Imperial officer was sitting suivant to him, as another Rebel named Babra was pointing an A295 at her head.

Imperial Officer: Keep moving, don't stop until all supplies are safely on board!! *Walking past the Metra, but stops. He slowly turns around, and looks at Kelly*
Kelly: *Waves hello to the officer*
Imperial Officer: Hey! Hey!!

Song: link

Kelly: *Drives forward, heading towards the officer*
Imperial Officer: Stop them!!!! *Gets hit, and falls down*
Stormtroopers: Rebels, and they have one of our own as a prisoner!
Kelly: *Knocks down a fence, and travels on a muddy road*

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

A étoile, star Wars fan Fiction

Kelly's Heroes

Starring Sean Bodine as Kelly
Louis Bodine as Big Joe
Craig Becker as Crapgame
Jerry Meyers as Oddball

Also starring everyone else in alphabetical order

Andrea Libman as Colonel Allandra
Alec Baldwin as Major Colwin
Brett Dejneka as Little Joe
Cody Wengryn as Rancher
Eminem as Corporal Baledin
Ian Lafferty as General Rancor

Kelly: *Pushes an IFT-D into an AT-ST*
Imperials: *Watching the AT-ST fall into a puddle, soaking them with muddy water*

James Arnold Taylor as Lieutenant Olara
Jeff Bodine as Cowboy
Joey Timpano as Babra
Kilmer Varela as Corporal Ramn
Michael Luxich as Fisher
Mordecai the Sullustan as himself
Wes Bentley as Merner

Artillery was closing in on Kelly. He stopped, watching an explosion occur in front of him. He proceeds vers l'avant, vers l’avant down the road.

Based off of the 1970 film of the same title.

The trio were out of Imperial territory, and were heading towards a small Rebel base, but there was still artillery closing in on them.

This fan fiction takes place during the same time as The Battle Of Endor. Our group of Protagonists are a squad of Rebel Soldiers that are tired of the war, hoping that it will end soon.

Kelly: *Slows down as he crashes through a fence*
Rebels: *Running around, moving supplies from one building to another* Come on boys, keep moving! It's time to get the supplies on the speeders!
Kelly: *Stops suivant to a building*
Rebels: *Continue running with the supplies*
Kelly: *Gets out* Come on Colonel.
Colonel Allandra: Is this how toi treat a lady? *Gets out with Babra, still pointing his blaster at her head*
Kelly: Only if they're an Imperial. *Walking towards the building with the Colonel, and Babra*