January 12, 2001

Andy: *Stops his car in front of the police station*
Lewis: *Gets out*
Andy: *Drives away*
Bob: *Watches Lewis enter the police station* Lewis, guess what Shawn got the two of us.
Lewis: What?
Bob: Come on, follow me. *Walks with Lewis outside into a parking lot*

Outside were two brand new Chrysler 300's

Lewis: I guess this explains why Andy sold my car yesterday.
Bob: Yep. These are our welcome back gifts.
Leonard: *Walks over* Welcome back toi two.
Bob: Thanks Leonard.
Leonard: Lewis, I gotta talk to you.
Lewis: Alright.
Bob: I'll go somewhere else, and let toi talk in private. *Leaves*
Leonard: Andy thinks, you're seeing mares for prostitution.
Lewis: What gave him that idea?
Leonard: Three years ago, he saw you-
Lewis: Hey, that was three years ago. That mare he saw me with? She paid me 80 bucks for helping her get her car fixed.
Leonard: Well, alright, but if I find out that you're making money off of mares for sexual favors, you're gonna be in deep shit. The same goes to Bob, Shawn, and every other police pony.

Leonard was always on our case about this, but at the Silver Ballroom, on December of 2005, Bob made plans. Two new officers joined us while we were suspended. They were Bobby Fore, and Ren Blaze.

Bob: Okay, we all know about the mares in Illinois, right?
Orion: What part of Illinois?
Bob: East St. Foalis, they're just across the river from us.
Edwina: *Arrives*

There was also Edwina Warbucks. Warbucks wasn't an officer, but she was going to help us.

Bob: She's going to sneak into their hideout with a camera on a pair of glasses. *Pulls out the pair of glasses* The camera is too small to be seen, but the video quality is good. We can see everything.
Bobby: When are we pulling this off?
Bob: In two days. Edwina finds the drugs, we get millions of bucks, and we'll be rich for a very long time. Who's in?
Orion: We're all in.
Ren: Here here.
Kyle: *Arrives* Bob, your payment to me has been doubled.
Bob: Oh, Jésus Christ.
Kyle: It's been 13 years Mr. Stone! I want my money now!
Bob: Kyle, how many times do I have to tell you, the scratch on that laser disc was there before I got it? I mean for all I know, toi could have put it there.
Kyle: I didn't! toi did! Give me my money!
Lewis: Kyle, come on. *Walks Kyle out of the bar* Just get the fuck out of here!
Kyle: I'll be back toi guys! toi just wait!! *Walks away*

suivant day

Bob: *Walks outside of his house to get a newspaper*
Bobby: *Parks his car in front of Bob's house*
Bob: *Watching Bobby get out of his car, and walking towards him*
Bobby: *Gets suivant to Bob, and sees the flowers* They're beautiful.
Bob: Thanks. Is there something toi want to talk about?
Bobby: Before we try to pull off our drug bust, I just realized something. Leonard won't want us to keep all of the money we make when we sell those drugs.
Bob: Look, everything is under control. toi don't have to worry about it. We sell the drugs, make millions of dollars, keep our mouths shut, and don't buy anything until February. If everypony keeps quiet, no one, except for us will find out about it.
Bobby: Okay.
Kyle: *Running towards* Bob Stone!! Where's my money?!!?
Bob: *Grabs Kyle, and pushes him onto the ground* Go get money from somepony else toi orange cunt!
Kyle: *Gets up, and walks away, but he looks back at Bob* You'll pay for that! toi WILL PAY FOR THAT!!!

Later, Shawn stopped at Lewis' house.

Shawn: *Rings the doorbell*
Lewis: I'll get it.
Andy: Alright.
Lewis: *Opens the door*
Shawn: salut Lewis.
Lewis: Come in Shawn. What's going on?
Shawn: *Closes the door, and whispers* we did it.
Lewis: Really? We got the money?
Shawn: Yeah. That's all I wanted to tell you. *Leaves*
Lewis: *Very excited* YEEEEEEAH!!!!!!!
Shawn: *Hears Lewis' screams of joy*

The Silver Ballroom was decorated for Christmas which was only a couple of weeks away. This song is playing on a radio (Start at 1:32): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jQy_ppY2bI

Bob: Well done everypony. Drinks are on me.
Ren: *Arrives with cerise Blossom*

cerise Blossom
Bob: Where have toi been Ren? And who's this?
Ren: My wife.
Cherry: How do toi do?
Bob: Good.
Ren: Guess what I just bought? *Shows Bob the registration to a car he just bought* I bought myself a brand new Chrysler 300, in dark green.
Bob: *Looks at the registration* A Chrysler 300?
Ren: Yeah.
Bob: As in the car?
Ren: Of course the car. What else?
Bob: Didn't I tell toi not to buy anything until February?! What if Leonard finds out about this?!?!
Ren: But Bob, it's just a car.
Bob: It's not just a car! It's a luxury car! How much did it cost you?!!?
Ren: Only thirty grand, and I got it registered under my mom's name.
Bob: I don't care! Take it back to the dealer, and sell it! This instant!!
Ren: Okay Bob. *Leaves with cerise Blossom*

After they left, Orion arrived, wearing a fancy sports jacket.

Bob: Oh, not toi too!
Orion: What?
Bob: What did I say about buying things?
Orion: I don't know. What did toi say?
Bob: I a dit not to do it until February!! Can't toi wait until two fucking months?!?!
Orion: Hey, calm down Bob-
Orion: *Leaves, speechless*
Shawn: *Gets suivant to Bob* salut look, I know that we're the only ones here, but if toi keep shouting like that, somepony might here us.
Bob: *Looks at the ground* I'm sorry Shawn, but I told everyone not to buy something until February, but they aren't listening to me. If Leonard finds out about us keeping the money from that drug bust, we're in a shit load of trouble. Oh, and make sure that Edwina gets this message. *Hands Shawn a letter* She has a job to do for me. On that letter, it says that she needs to deliver a truck, to a place west of here. The address to the truck, and the time that it'll be there is written in the letter. The sooner she makes the delivery, the plus money we make.
Shawn: I'll send this to her right now.

Edwina was sleeping in her apartment when someone rang her doorbell.

Edwina: *Wakes up, and goes to the door* Hold on, I'll be right there. *Opens the door*
Bob: *Enters with Shawn*
Edwina: How do toi do boys?
Bob: toi know what time it is?
Edwina: I didn't get a chance to look yet. *Looks at her clock. It is 10:08 AM* Oh shit.
Bob: toi were supposed to deliver that truck at 9. par the time Orion got there, some DA officer was driving it away.
Edwina: Did they make the money?
Bob: Well, toi see? That's the thing. Orion followed the truck thinking the DA would make the money, but instead, the driver was taking a dit truck to his headquarters.
Shawn: Orion had to destroy the truck. They'll have a hard time trying to find it, but they still need to find out who the driver is.
Bob: And since we told toi to drive it...
Shawn: *Grabs his Walther, and puts a silencer on it*
Edwina: I ain't goin' down that way! *Runs to a fusil, carabine on her left, and grabs it*
Shawn: *Shoots Edwina before she can feu any bullets*
Edwina: *Falls down, dropping her rifle*

Bob, and Shawn were easily able to plant Edwina with the truck. Even better, they were able to get the DA in trouble.

Bob: *At the morgue suivant to Shawn, and Edwina* The truck she's driving is just a regular truck. Then some trigger happy bastard District Attorney pony, shoots a flare at the truck. He also tries to kill Edwina, but she escapes, and the events that just happened are too much for her. So, what does she do? She puts a bullet into her head.

And they bought it.

DA Pony: *Getting put in a police car* I didn't do anything!
Police poney 94: Oh sure, murder isn't anything.

Shawn's l’amour for killing not only came in handy for Edwina, but it also became unfortunate for a poney I just hired at The Silver Ballroom. He was only 21, and his name was Clark. We ended up calling him Super Stallion because of that name.

Shawn: *Playing poker with Bob, Lewis, Orion, Ren, and Bobby* Come on Super Stallion, hurry up with the drunks!
Bob: Drunks? We only have one drunk here Shawn, and that's you.
Shawn: Ah, keep your mouth shut.
Clark: *Arrives with bière for everypony* Here toi are officers.
Shawn: Hey, Clark. Why do toi come here so slow with the drinks, then go quickly back to the counter?
Clark: I go quickly back to the counter, because I know toi want plus drinks.
Shawn: I think you're afraid of me. Is that it? Are toi afraid of me?
Clark: No sir.
Shawn: I think you're lying. *Pulls out a Desert Eagle* So I'm gonna teach toi how to respect me.
Bob: Jésus Christ Shawn, don't do it.
Shawn: Relax, relax, I know what I'm doing.
Clark: Oh shit. *Running to the counter*
Shawn: Don't run from me! *Shoots three bullets, each hitting the floor, near Clark's hooves*
Clark: *Hiding behind the counter* Look Shawn, if it's all the same, I think I know how to respect you.
Bob: Shawn, put the gun away.
Shawn: *Puts the gun away*
Bob: Good boy.
Lewis: Let's keep playing cards everypony.
Clark: Can I come out now?
Bob: Yeah, you're good.
Clark: *Walks back to Shawn, and the others*
Shawn: *Quickly pulls out his gun*
Lewis: Everyone look out!!
Shawn: *Shoots Clark's head*
Lewis: Goddammit Shawn! What the fuck was that for?!
Shawn: I won't take shit from anypony. Do any of toi want to go against me?
Lewis: Shawn, we're all Friends here. Let's just continue playing cards.
Shawn: Fuck. I'm sorry everypony.
Bob: Let's all drink. *Pours himself, and everyone else a drink* Here's to Super Stallion.

Everypony had their drink, payed their respects to Clark, and continued with the card game.

It was just a busy jour in The Silver Ballroom. Since Shawn killed Clark, Shawn had to help me run the place.

Shawn: *Brings three drinks to a table* All Miller Light's, right?
poney 523: Yeah, thanks.
Shawn: You're welcome. *Walks back to Lewis* Why are we running a bar? We're supposed to be police officers.
Lewis: We are police officers, just not on Saturdays, and Sundays.
Bob: *Loses his last life on the pinball game* Ah! So close!!
Ren: Maybe you'll beat Lewis' high score suivant time.
Bob: I don't know fellas. I got really close, but it's gonna take a miracle to beat Lewis' high score.
Kyle: *Enters The Silver Ballroom* Bob Stone!
Bob: *Turns to the right* Oh shit, not this guy again.
Kyle: Your payment to me has been doubled again.
Bob: Kyle, toi can't double a payment that doesn't exist.
Kyle: It does exist Bob!
Bob: Nopony even uses Laser Discs anymore. Do toi still have any of those in your store?
Kyle: No, but that's not the point.
Lewis: *Runs over* What's the problem toi two?
Kyle: Bob owes me money!
Bob: No I fucking don't.
Lewis: Kyle, come with me. *Walks with Kyle outside*
Kyle: I can't have him play with me like this Lewis. He owes me sixteen quadrillion dollars.

Yes, quadrillion is a real amount of money.

Lewis: Okay, okay, I get it. Just, go back to your video store, and I'll tell him about it. toi need to be patient Kyle.
Kyle: *Walks away* I don't have time for patience.
Lewis: *Walks back into The Silver Ballroom*

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcCNcgoyG_0

Bob: *Looks at Kyle as he walks away*
Lewis: *Looking at Bob*

I could tell Bob had a lot going on in his mind after Kyle walked away. He also changed in personality. A lot.

Bob: *Walking with Lewis* Do toi see anypony following us?
Lewis: No one is following us.
Bob: Are toi sure? Are toi sure? Check again. I think Leonard got someone to follow me.
Lewis: Look Bob, the only poney following toi is me. Calm down, and let's get inside. *Walks into The Silver Ballroom with Bob*

And on New Years Eve, just two hours before midnight, Bob was fed up with Kyle asking him about the money he didn't owe.

Kyle: Bob, toi gotta pay me. toi gotta give me my money right now.
Bob: There's no way I owe toi that much money!
Kyle: I've had it up to here with your shit Bob! Give me my fucking money!!
Bob: Okay. Orion, Shawn, come with me. We're going to give Kyle his money.

At first I thought Bob was serious, but the way he a dit it made me realize, what they were really going to do with him.

The song fades away as Bob walks with Kyle, Shawn, and Orion.

Bob: *Walks outside with Kyle, Shawn, and Orion*
Orion: Here, we'll take my car.

Orion's car is a Chrysler Pacifica

Kyle: Why are we all going together?
Bob: Well, toi know the old saying, the plus the merrier. *Sits in the back with Kyle*
Shawn: *Sits suivant to Orion*
Bob: *Stabs Kyle with a knife*
Kyle: *Tries to shout, but gets choked par Bob*
Bob: No money for toi Kyle.
Kyle: *Dead*
Bob: Okay, take him somewhere vacant, and burn his body. *Gets out of the car*
Orion: Alright, we're going to burn his body. *Gets out of the car*
Shawn: Will toi get back in here?
Orion: *Gets back in the car* I thought we'd do it inside.
Shawn: Are toi nuts? We'd set the place on fire. Let's get out of here.
Orion: *Starts the car*
GPS: Welcome, please follow the highlighted route.
Shawn: Oh come on, we don't need a GPS. *Turns off the GPS* Will toi get going?
Orion: I'm waiting for the car to warm up. I can't drive unless it's warm.
Shawn: Who cares if it's warm ou not? We need to get going.
Orion: *Drives*

Lewis: *Playing cards with Andy, Bob, and Orion*
Shawn: Thanks for inviting us over toi two.
Andy: You're welcome.

The doorbell rang.

Lewis: I'll get it. *Stands up* Don't toi dare look at my cards.
Shawn: I'll make sure they don't Lewis.
Lewis: *Opens the door*
poney 83: Yo, what's good homie?
Lewis: I'm playing cards with some friends. Can I help you?
poney 83: Yeah man. toi know Kyle Jordan? The poney that owns the Video Store?
Lewis: Yeah. What about him?
poney 83: Earlier today, I went to his store, but it was empty. He didn't lock the door, and just left everything out like it was open. Now I know Kyle, and something ain't right.
Lewis: Maybe he went on a vacation, and forgot to close up shop.
poney 83: That ain't like him man. Kyle's plus responsible than that. He told me all about you, and how you're a police officer, toi gotta do something.
Lewis: Okay, we'll do something about it. In fact, I'm here with two of my partners right now. Come with me. *Watches the poney enter the house, and closes the door* Bob? Can toi cut me a slice of cake?
Bob: Sure. *Grabs a knife*
Lewis: *Walks with the poney into the room where they're playing cards*
poney 83: Hey, where's the cake?
Bob: *Stabs the poney seven times, and pushes him onto the ground*
poney 83: *Dies*

Now like with Edwina, we a dit that this poney killed himself. Before his death, he was known as Ed Allen. At the morgue, we told Leonard that Ed killed Kyle, then followed me accueil from the police station. There, he confessed that he killed Kyle, but couldn't handle the pressure. So he killed himself. Leonard told the DA, and they bought it.

Later at The Silver Ballroom, things were heating up.

Bob: We told toi not to buy anything until February Bobby!! It's only one mois away!!
Bobby: My son got impatient, and I had to buy him an X Box 360.
Shawn: They just started making them last year! toi could have waited!
Bobby: Well what about Orion, and Ren?!
Bob: What about them?
Bobby: Orion still has that sport jacket, and Ren still has the Chrysler!
Orion: Oh, way to fucking go!
Ren: Lewis just got a brand new 300! Why can't I have one?!
Bob: Hey! Everypony! Listen to me. Lewis sold his précédant car, to get his. Okay? That's why it's okay for him to have it.
Shawn: toi sold the car I gave to you?
Lewis: It was five years old Shawn, I needed something new.
Bob: Shawn if it makes toi feel better, I still have the 300 toi gave me. Now the rest of you, toi have 24 hours to sell everything toi purchased. If toi don't, Leonard's going to get suspicious, and realize we did something wrong to get the money to buy those things.
Orion: It's been a whole month, he hasn't noticed. I leave my manteau at home.
Ren: And I still use my wife's car to get to work.
Bob: Whether toi leave those things at accueil ou not, Leonard will find out someway. Now get going.
Ren: *Leaves with Bobby, and Orion*
Shawn: toi think they'll sell those things?
Bob: I doubt it. salut Lewis, how much longer are toi going to keep this place open?
Lewis: Two seconds. Let's get out of here.
Shawn: Alright. *Walks out of The Silver Ballroom with Bob, and Lewis*
Lewis: *Locks the door*
Shawn: See toi guys. *Gets into his Monte Carlo, and drives away*
Bob: Before we go, I have to tell toi this. Ren, Bobby, and Orion are gonna have to be killed.
Lewis: I understand, they fucked up.
Bob: They're going to get too much attention with those things they bought. *Walks to his car* They could have waited until February. Now they're going to die. *Passes a Mercedes with two gangsters* salut fellas, wanna kill me? Follow me. *Gets into his car, and starts it. He drives away*
Lewis: *Laughing*
Gangsters: *Following Bob*
Lewis: *Laughing as he watches the gangsters follow Bob*

I was glad to see Bob back at his old self, especially with those gangsters. Bob led them right to the police station, and they got arrested for attempt of murder. They wanted to try to kill Bob as quickly as possible, and didn't see the station until it was too late.

Song (Start at 0:25): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5vxVuee5qA

Colts: *Playing rap musique while throwing stones under a highway bridge. Something grabs their attention, and they all walk towards it*

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WW-sdypv3yI

It was the Chrysler Ren bought. He, and cerise Blossom were sitting in the front seats, both dead, and covered in blood. Taped on the right side window, are the papers documenting Ren's purchase of the car.

Bob was as good as his word. He killed off the other ponies, to save our asses. We also got their take of the money.

Garbage Pony: *Picking up a big garbage container with arms attached to a garbage truck. As the container is tipped to dump garbage into the truck, Bobby's body comes out of the container*
Garbage 2: salut wait! Stop stop stop!!!
Garbage Pony: *Runs out of the truck, and sees Bobby in his truck* He's dead!

Bob got Ren's money, I got Bobby's, and Shawn got Orion's.

Gangsters: Come on man, let's see what's in the truck.
Gangster 93: *Opens the doors to the back of the truck. Everything on the truck is La Reine des Neiges meat, and Orion*
Orion: *Covered in ice. He has La Reine des Neiges to death*

It took two years for Orion's body to thaw from the ice, for the autopsy. The extra money I got from Bobby, along with my salary from the police department, and my sexual activities in Illinois got me $5.7 million dollars in two weeks.

Bob: *With Shawn, and Lewis at Lewis' house. All three of them are smiling*
Andy: Have a good time Shawn.

And good news for Shawn, he was to be promoted to a detective. The seconde highest rank a police poney can have. It was pretty ironic since he ended up killing plus ponies than me, and Bob, we didn't expect him to make the most amount of arrests out of the three of us.

Bob: *Smiling as he sits with Lewis in The Silver Ballroom*

As Shawn went off to get his promotion to detective, me and Bob decided to wait for him at my bar. There, we would celebrate together. We were very proud for Shawn. To be a detective, toi got to spend ten years in the police force, and make 500 arrests. Bob only made 396, and I only made 200.

Shawn: *Walks out of a Ford Crown Victoria with three other ponies. They walk out of the garage where the car is parked, and walk into the house*

The song fades away

Shawn: *Walks into the house. It's vacant* What the hell is this?
poney 84: *Attacks Shawn with a taser*
Shawn: Ah!! *Falls down*
Bob: *In a phone booth* Hello?
Leonard: Bob, good to see toi again. What's going on?
Bob: toi can't see me, we're talking on the phone. Where's Shawn?
Leonard: Shawn? Well, we had some kind of trouble.
Bob: What kind of trouble?
Leonard: toi see, he was at the house with us, and something happened.
Bob: Did toi kill him?!
Leonard: Of course not. He just did some things he wasn't supposed to do, and he ended up getting arrested.

In jail

poney 37: *Hits Shawn*
Shawn: Ah! *His face is covered in blood, and tears*
poney 37: What's wrong Shawn? toi don't want to talk to us?
Shawn: Okay okay!! I killed them! I killed them all!! Edwina! Kyle!! Ren, Bobby, Orion!! I did it all par myself!!
poney 38: Was anypony else with you?
Shawn: NO!! It was all me, just don't arrest me!
poney 37: toi know we have to arrest toi Shawn. toi killed five ponies, and lied about their deaths. Oh, and toi also killed Benjamin Guarino. He was my father.
Shawn: Oh fuck.

Thankfully, the ponies that arrested Shawn believed him. They thought he was the only one who was involved in those killings, so they didn't even go after me, ou Bob.

Bob: *Still at The Silver Ballroom with Lewis* This isn't right Lewis.
Lewis: I know, I know. I hate it as much as toi do Bob, but there's nothing we can do about it.
Bob: *Sighs*
Shawn: *In a jail cell*

Shawn was fired from the St. Foalis Police Department, and sent to Chicagoat. He stayed in jail for 24 years.

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRhxSzMzEkU

May 8, 2006

Lewis: *On a lit doing a mare in the butt*
Mare 39: Oh Lewis! This is excellent!!

suivant jour

Mare 85: *Giving Lewis a blowjob*

suivant jour

Lewis: *Laying down on a bed*
Mare: *Giving Lewis a hoofjob*

My sexual activities in Illinois was definitely getting me a lot of cash. On the 11th though, things seemed to be fucked up. Bob needed some silencers for a few of his guns. I got some, but they didn't seem to satisfy Bob. He didn't even try putting them on his guns, and he said...

Bob: This is shit! None of these silencers fit on my guns. Go back to the store, and get different silencers, and stop seeing those mares.

Now today was busy. My brother, and his four daughters came par for a visit, but my brother got involved in an accident. So, while his daughters stayed with Andy at my place, I had to get my brother from the hospital.

Lewis: *On a highway. He's not concentrating, but realizes he's driving towards other cars that stopped, because of an accident*

Stop the song

Lewis: *Brakes, and stops, two centimeters away from the bumper of a Volvo*
Police poney 84: Sir, are toi okay?
Lewis: I guess I was a little distracted.
Police poney 84: Okay, be careful from now on.

9:00 AM

Lewis: *Walking into the hospital*
Nurse: *Sees Lewis* My goodness, you're sweating.
Lewis: Yes.
Nurse: I think we better have toi lay down somewhere.
Lewis: Ma'am, it's okay. Just let me get my brother.
Nurse: It's okay, let's wait in a room for a doctor. Okay?
Lewis: Better idea.

Inside a closet, toi could hear the nurse having an orgasm.

Doctor 53: Sounds like Nurse Mirabella is at it again.
Doctor 77: Did toi ever get it on with her?
Doctor 53: Not yet.
Nurse: *Walks out of the closet with Lewis*
Lewis: Thank you.
Nurse: You're welcome. *Walks over to the doctors* Now, who's next?

Song (Start at 0:18): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRhxSzMzEkU

10:45 AM

After dropping off my brother at my house, I had to go with Andy to the supermarché to pick up plus booze for The Silver Ballroom. While we were at the supermarket, I also found somepony that wanted my silencers, and he payed me a good amount of cash.

poney 84: *Gives Lewis a thousand dollars*
Lewis: Thanks pal. This means a lot. *Goes with Andy back to the car to go home*

11:05 AM

Back at home, one of my nieces wanted to go check out the Gateway Arch, so I volunteered to take her. I only wish I knew what was coming.

Lewis: *Backing out of the driveway*
Gangsters: *Blocking the driveway with a Corvette, a Lincoln, and a Honda*

Stop the song

Gangsters: *Pointing pistolets at Lewis* Get out!! Get out of the fucking car!!!!
Lewis: Goddammit. *Gets out*
Gangster 93: Put your hooves in the fucking air!!
Andy: *Watching everyone else panic, he runs upstairs to hide*
Gangsters: *Shooting Lewis' brother*
Daughters: toi don't have to kill us! *Die*
Gangsters: That's everyone. Let's go.
Andy: Shit.

In a train yard

Gangster 39: toi realize how much trouble you're in?
Lewis: Why are toi doing this to me?
Gangster 39: toi know those mares toi were fuckin' in Illinois? Some of them happened to be my cousins, and I don't like cops fuckin' my cousins. What do we do with this guy?
Gangster 94: Throw him off a bridge into a train.
Gangster 39: No no, we did that with somepony yesterday.
Andy: *Pulls up in his Subaru* Let him go!
Gangster 83: On what condition?
Andy: Take all of this. *Puts a bag of money onto the ground* Inside this bag is 2 million dollars worth of money. Real money. toi let him go, this money is all yours.
Gangster 53: Deal, and we'll also take this. *Takes the keys to Lewis' Chrysler* So long toi two.
Lewis: *Walks into Andy's Subaru*
Andy: *Drives away*

2006 is without a doubt, the worst an of my life.

As if nearly being killed par gangsters isn't bad enough, I saw several police ponies at my house.

Andy: Yo, what's going on?
Lewis: Stop the car.
Andy: *Stops the car*
Lewis: *Running over to another police pony* What's everyone doing here?
Police poney 94: We're confiscating all of your cash, as ordered par Leonard Plesance.
Lewis: Leonard?

At The Silver Ballroom

Lewis: toi can't take all of my money Leonard. There's a bunch of mobsters that want to kill me.
Leonard: toi should have thought about that before toi fucked all those mares Lewis. I told you, no prostitution.
Lewis: Look Leonard, I fucked up. I'm sorry. I needed the extra cash. Now toi practically took all of my money, and I need it badly.
Leonard: *Stares*
Lewis: Please Leonard! I really need that money! I got bills to pay, I gotta run The Silver Ballroom, I need to protect myself!! I can't do any of that without money!!!
Leonard: *Looks at his bureau for a few seconds, then pulls out $3,200* Here.
Lewis: *Takes the money*
Leonard: Take this too. *Gives Lewis a piece of paper*
Lewis: *Looks at the paper. It says that he is fired, and has 72 hours to leave St. Foalis*

Thirty two hundred dollars.

Lewis: *Laying down in an empty room in his house*

That's all Leonard gave me, plus my three jour notice to get out of town, otherwise me and Andy would be arrested. It would be difficult preparing to leave in time, especially with selling the house, which usually takes a whole week.

Andy: *Visiting Bob at The Silver Ballroom*
Bob: Okay. *Gives Andy $8,700* I'll take very good care of this place.
Andy: I'm glad.
Bob: Let's go for a walk. *Walks outside of The Silver Ballroom with Andy* So, how's Lewis doing?
Andy: He's depressed, just found somepony that would buy his house, but it'll take two weeks for him to buy it. He's travelling down here from Northern Canada.
Bob: I see. *Takes out $6,000* Here, give this to Lewis too when toi get back home. Listen, I have these sports jackets that nopony wants. Would toi like to have them for free?
Andy: Where are they?
Bob: Inside that building, right there.
Andy: To the left?
Bob: That's the one.
Andy: *Starts to get suspicious, and slowly walks to the entrance*
Bob: They're all free, so go ahead, and pick out anyone toi want. Take them all if toi really want to do that.
Andy: *Slowly opens the door, and looks at four ponies.
Ponies: *Playing Bridge, but stop to look at Andy*
Andy: *Gets scared, and runs to his car*
Bob: Go on in, it's right there.
Andy: I'm sorry Bob! *Gets into his car* I have to go! *Starts the car, and drives away as fast as he can*

He quickly got back home, and skidded to a stop.

Lewis: *Walks out of the house holding a gun*
Andy: *Running over to Lewis* Bob just tried to kill me.
Lewis: What happened? What happened?
Andy: Let's talk about it inside. *Goes inside with Lewis*
Lewis: *Locks the door*

Andy escaped a trap that Bob had for him. Had he gone inside, Andy never would have returned. Bob a dit he wanted to see me in The Silver Ballroom, and so I showed up there.

Bob: I figured while you're leaving town, I'd give toi one last job to do with me.
Lewis: What do I have to do?
Bob: Look for this pony. *Shows Lewis a picture of a light brown stallion* He should be living somewhere near the Cardinal's Stadium.

I knew that this was a trap set up par Leonard himself. As I was sitting there with Bob, I played along, looking like I didn't suspect a thing, but when I left The Silver Ballroom, I went to a completely different area.

Lewis: *With Andy inside a building, talking to Barry*
Barry: How did toi know where to find me?
Lewis: I went to a train yard, saw some gangsters, and asked if they could help. They told me to come to you.
Barry: What do toi need me to do?
Andy: We're being threatened par these two police ponies. They want us to leave town, otherwise we'll get arrested.
Barry: What are their names?
Lewis: Bob Stone.

At night, Bob was in The Silver Ballroom when three ponies came in, and shot him.

Lewis: And Leonard Plesance.
Leonard: *Driving his car when two gangsters in a '68 Chevy pass by, and shoot Leonard. He dies, and crashes into a light pole*
Barry: We'll kill these two tonight. They've been giving us a lot of trouble. After we kill them, you're gonna have to be somewhere far away.
Andy: Far away?
Lewis: Like where?
Barry: Take these two tickets. *Gives Lewis, and Andy a plane ticket for Los Angeles* And fly there as quickly as toi can.

We sold everything after Barry got us those tickets. We sold Andy's Subaru, and everything in our house. After we left St. Foalis, Barry shipped us our money that we earned from selling our house, to Los Angeles. Los Angeles was much bigger, much noisier, but less violent. Our bills were cheaper, and we started our own auto shop. It became a success, and we both enjoyed our new life there.

Song (Start at 5:35): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSNJ00iAZ7I

Sometimes though, I imagined Shawn coming all of the way here, just to kill the two of us, for leaving St. Foalis, and having Bob, and Leonard killed.

Lewis: *Standing on his front porch, having the imagination*
Shawn: *Standing in a dark alleyway, shooting seven bullets from his Walther*
Lewis: *Shakes his head, and walks back into his house*

Everything turns to black for the end credits

Lewis Lee went on vacation to Roanoke Virginia in 2013. He was beaten up par gangsters there for having a threesome with two mares, and charging them $100 for sex. He has been clean ever since.

Andy and Lewis had a falling out in 2015. After meeting him in 1992, Andy left Lewis, and moved into Portland.

Barry Baricza was arrested for helping Lewis, and Andy leave St. Foalis. He was sentenced to jail for ten years.

Shawn Baldwin is still in prison in Chicagoat, and will finish his sentence in 2030. He will be 66 years old.

Cast Of Characters & Their Creators

Any character with a * suivant to it means they're characters from the montrer

SeanTheHedgehog's Tony Wineglass as Lewis Lee
Windwakerguy430's Chimney Sweep as Bob Stone
SeanTheHedgehog's Sam Phillips as Shawn Baldwin
Leonard Plesance from SeanTheHedgehog

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WW-sdypv3yI

*Octavia as Mackenzie White
Kyle Jordan from SeanTheHedgehog
Andy Dobbs from SeanTheHedgehog
Benjamin Guarino from SeanTheHedgehog
Orion Stardust from Alinah_09
Bobby from SeanTheHedgehog
Ren Blaze from Alinah_09
Jade_23's Nikki West as Edwina Warbucks
cerise Blossom from Alinah_09
Barry Baricza from SeanTheHedgehog

Songs used in order

Nothing Can Stop Me: Gene Chandler
Happy Days Theme Song
House Of The Rising Sun: The animaux
The Great Escape: Elmer Bernstein
Wonderful Tonight: Eric Clapton
No Way Out: Paul Anka
Will toi Still l’amour Me Tomorrow: The Shirelles
Since I Don't Have You: pistolets & roses
Me & My Shadow: Frank Sinatra
Bad - Big Audio Dynamite: Ferris Bueller's jour Off Soundtrack
Life Could Be A Dream: The Crew Cuts
Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town: Fred Astaire
Slow Ride: Foghat
Cheer Down: George Harrison
Opening: Ferris Bueller's jour Off
One: Metallica

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