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haut, retour au début 10 worst cars ever made

Hello and welcome to aléatoire Dialectics! Today we are not going to deal with movies, but navigate to different tides. First of all, I'd like to thank my good friend Seanthehedgehog for inspiring me with his liste in the same category! I'd also like to state, that toi shall not be bored with long, technical specifications and whatnot just a basic description and explanation of why I think a specific car made it on this list, thus making it relatively short. So without further ado, here's my haut, retour au début 10 liste of the worst cars ever made!

10: Peugeot 307 (2001-2008)

Kicking off our liste is the car which nearly doomed the French car manufacturer, Peugeot. Although the exterior was quite attractive at the time and the 307 introduced several modern innovations, such as the ABS, the knee airbags, the rain sensing wipers and the direct injection of fuel into the engine and it provided safety and comfort; it had several catastrophic failures, most of them related to the faulty electric system. Flickering lights, low life span light bulbs both on the outside and the inside, unreliable electric window openers and central lock and vital displays where the letters and informations faded away after a few years. haut, retour au début that with crappy assembling quality and toi have a car that made Peugeot notorious of unreliability; a blow the manufacturer still hasn't completely recovered from.

10: Peugeot 307

9: Ford pie, pinto (1970-1980)

This small car for the American market was a disaster. Literary. It had such an unfortunate design flaw that allowed the gas tank to explode when the car had a collision from the rear. Although this problem was fixed on later models, the global, ensemble poor quality and the tendency to rust gave the pie, pinto a bad reputation.

9: Ford pie, pinto

8: Yugo Koral (1980-2008)

This particular small car was notorious for its extremely poor quality even in Eastern Europe, where it was manufactured, in the former Yugoslavia to be exact. Even though it was fuel efficient, everything was wrong with it. The rusting body, the faulty wiring, the underpowered engine, which all resulted in a high maintenance cost, not worth the time and effort at all. No wonder why its introduction to the North American market was a total bust. A Canadian radio station had one for years and nobody would take it, even when it was totally free of charge.

8: Yugo Koral

7: Ford Edsel (1958-1959)

Speaking of marketing busts, our suivant contestant is “highly qualified” to speak of such matters. Originally meant to be a luxury car, but the Edsel was nothing plus than a giant gas guzzler that became the definition for insanely poor quality and unreliability. The manufacturer handed the cars over to the dealerships in an incomplete state. Parts were missing! The design was also a huge failure: the vertical grille was often referred to as the “vagina” ou the “toilet seat”. Not many of these cars were made, Ford halted the production only after a quick year.

7: Ford Edsel

6: AMC Pacer (1975-1980)

Known as the “human terrarium”, the Pacer represented an extremely cheap and poor quality. Due to its design and the large glass surfaces, it could heat the interior to incredibly hot temperatures while the exterior had the tendencies to leak, causing the vehicle to rust tremendously, basically rotting away from the inside out. Despite all the disadvantages, this small car is experiencing a renaissance among certain subcultures, and often referred to as a “nerd car.” On a personal note, I really like the design of this car, I think it's pretty. It would still be a sight to behold on Hungarian streets.

6: AMC Pacer

5: Chevrolet Vega (1970-1977)

There's not much to say about this car, really. It's ugly, there's no characteristic in the ordinary, lifeless design, it's too small on the inside and most importantly: the Vega had the “incredible” ability to begin developing rust on the body even in the showrooms and rust away even in such dry places like Arizona. A waste of perfectly good steel if toi ask me.

5: Chevrolet Vega

4: NSU Ro80 (1967-1969)

Never thought you'll see a West German car in this list, did you? Well, the Ro80 claims 4th place for a reason. The exterior design is somewhat clumsy, giving it an imbecilic front look and an oddly shaped rear. But the plus serious design flaws can be found under the hood. The unique aluminum Wankel engine had such a low life expectancy, that it had to be completely re-newed (basically re-manufactured) after every 10-12 000 miles. Although it is considered to be one of the ancestors of the Audi, this car knows nothing about that famous German precision.

4: NSU Ro80

3: Tata Nano (2008 - )

Now things get really interesting (and crappy) as we enter the haut, retour au début 3. Arriving on the 3rd place is none other than the infamous Indian car, the Tata Nano. It's designed to be as cheap as possible and toi can see that both on the inside and the outside. It has a two stroke rear engine, which has the “ability” to set the car on feu even par the smallest collisions. It's underpowered, extremely unsafe and uncomfortable, not to mention the downright hideous, amorph exterior. But what do toi expect when toi buy a car for only $1600?

3: Tata Nano

2: ZAZ 968 Zaporozhets (1960-1994)

This car... wow... this was like plague... produced in the former Soviet Union, the Ukrainian ZAZ 968 is the epitome of crappy cars. Powered par a flathead V4 engine which lasted for only 30 000 miles at best, was meant to be a cheap, affordable vehicle for the masses. But it was a small, extremely loud, underpowered rustbucket, from which the paint began to peel off while still in the showroom. It used a gas stove for heating which was rumored to make the fleurs blossom even in the Siberian tundra, but it was also very dangerous and when in use, it could make the car explode like a firecracker any time. Miraculously, this poor excuse for a car remained in production for plus than three decades, but only a few of them remained in the garages of some collectors; the rest were just parked down and quickly rusted away after the collapse, swiftly following the Soviet Union down the drain of history.

2: ZAZ 968

1: Ford mustang II (1973-1978)

Our number one pick for the dubious titre of the “Worst Car In Automotive History” is none other than an unholy abomination, a blasphemy: The Ford mustang II. While its predecessor was a major success in every way possible, the seconde generation destroyed the Mustang's reputation just as quickly. It was basically a traverser, croix breed, which inherited every bad quality of the base models, such as the exploding gas tank from the infamous Ford Pinto. However, the haut, retour au début of the shit-cake was the engine. Due to the oil crisis, they replaced the famous V8 with a four cylinder sawing machine. The iconic running horse on the grille has become a joke and the car was a disgrace to all sports car fans. The global, ensemble poor quality and unreliability was just the tip of the ice berg. This mustang almost put and end to Ford's poney car era, which caused severe injuries that could only heal in the matter of decades. The mustang II is also one of the most hated cars in the world.

1: Ford mustang II

But, before we finish, here are some “honorable” mentions”, as usual:

Reliant Robin (1973-2002)

This isn't even a real car since it has only three wheels. Although the body was made from durable glass and plastic fiber which resist corrosion, the construction (two rear wheels, one in front), made this scooter extremely unstable below 25-30 mi/h speed. It was not a difficult task to flip this car over and sustain injuries from the accident but admittedly it reliving its “days of glory” among certain subcultures, among people who like to have fun, utilizing the Robin's natural “abilities”.

Reliant Robin

Trabant 601 (1963-1990)

This particular small car was a significant part of Eastern Europe's rue life during the Soviet era. It has been produced in Eastern Germany for nearly 30 years. Although the simple, undemanding construction did not require much maintenance, the body was made from Duroplast, a material manufactured from recycled cotton and glass fibers. It resisted the rust and the corrosion indeed, but made the car very unsafe. Even the smallest accident could cause severe injuries, but the 601 was not a speed demon. On the contrary! The infamous two stroke engine produced only 26 horsepower and a haut, retour au début speed of 50 miles/hour. It was cheap, it offered nearly no comfort ou heating and an global, ensemble poor quality but it was quite reliable and stable even in bad road conditions. I also have personal relations to this model because my grandma used to drive such a car for plus than a decade. The engine had a characteristic disharmonious idle and produced blue, stiffing smoke like a chainsaw.

Trabant 601

DeLorean DMC (1981-1983)

It's not something you'd expect from the genius behind the famous Pontiac GTO. Although the exterior was made from the finest stainless steel, the engine was underpowered and the car had a faulty electric system, which could trap the driver inside in case of an accident, because the gullwing doors wouldn't open. The vehicle also had a tendency to leak and rust from within. Despite all its flaws, the car became famous as the time machine of the legendary Back To The Future movies.

DeLorean DMC

AMC Gremlin (1970-1978)

Despite being faster than most subcompacts of the era, the Gremlin had the same problems as most AMC mannequins at the time. Rust. A lot. A whole lot. Lots of lots of... huge amounts of... shit load of... a lot. Even though I personally like the design of this car, most people did not. Due to the global, ensemble poor quality and unreliability, the Gremlin was often referred to as "AMC's April Fool's joke", since it was introduced to the market in April 1, 1970. Controversially to its bad reputation, the car experiencing a renaissance as a “nerd car” just like the AMC Pacer.

AMC Gremlin

Pontiac Aztek (2000-2005)

This SUV is just a disgrace... even though it had several innovations and good owner experiences, it was mostly criticized because of its chaotic design. And let's face it: this car is so impractical and hideous, it's a no brainer why toi don't really see any of them on the roads anymore.

Pontiac Aztek

Well, that concludes our liste for today, I hope toi enjoyed it! Which car toi think is the worst? Don't be shy to leave a comment!

Until suivant time! :)