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 Nina Dobrev fond d’écran ❤
Nina Dobrev fond d’écran ❤
fond d’écran
Nina Dobrev
beautiful nina
nina fond d’écran
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This Nina Dobrev fond d’écran contains portrait, headshot, gros plan, and closeup. There might also be attractivité, appel, hotness, attrait, chaleur, bustier, nuisette, shimmy, changement, glisser, nounours, chemise, slip, teddy, déplacement, and glissement.

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 Nina has so many awesome dresses but my favori is black and white mini dress.
Nina has so many awesome dresses but my favorite is black and white mini dress.
maryam1311 sent modernfan the same interview I sent her, so nothing's change except for Sara's réponses :) I hope toi enjoy, and August is open link

1. How do toi feel about be the Nina FOTM? Did toi want to win?
I feel great! Sure I wanted to win, I think we all do. But I think there are some people who deserved to win too.
2. Out of all of Nina's characters that toi know of, if another celebrity that toi know could replace any of them, which would toi think they should replace? Which part do toi think Nina would suit best that another celebrity has?
Nina is such a great actress and no one could...
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