Robin is so much better then Nami in every way. Her fans know it to be true but there's always someone who will insult her par saying she is ugly ou she is useless ou a whore and a slut. Thing is as far as ugly goes anyone who says that should look in the mirror before casting judgement. As far as useless, without Robin, Luffy cannot become Pirate King and that's not to say that the others don't contribute but none of them can read the poneglyphs. The whole she's a whore ou a slut well I can debunk that:
2nd) The definitions for whore and slut: *whore - sells one's body (you know for cash, sounds familiar doesn't it Nami fans even though she never was on her back she was however willing to allow people to take pictures of her for a profit. Now I know what your're going to say "that's not the same thing" and toi are right but calling someone else a whore doesn't feel good when the table, tableau is turned on toi does it?)
*slut - a woman who has many casual sexual partners ( as stated as my 1st statement this is not a hentai so there is no proof that Robin has been around the block.)
Now for my last bit there is a particular person who has gone to Youtube, Fanpop, Orojackson and other sites that I have forgotten the names of and condemned Nico Robin on everything she does and what she looks like. I have no problem when people voice their opinions but when questions are asked that have absolutely nothing to do with a certain character that toi clearly hate but toi make it your mission to point out that characters supposed flaws at every site I've mentioned and then some, you've got some serious issues that need to be sorted out real quick like ou better yet stop watching the montrer all together. Oh and also it makes no sense why someone who hates Robin would be on her fan page. If toi would like I guess I can make time to go over to the Nami fan page and do the same shit. Just some friendly advise from a Nico Robin fangirl.