Niall pov
I was performing every jour and I was thinking about Rosie every second
Of the day
jour to jour I lived and I did try to be happy but I was not so happy as I was when I was with rosie
And when the first mois was over we had a interview and when they asked do toi have a girlfriend I a dit yes but than I had to say that I can´t see her as much as I want
And the interviewer a dit oh sadly why not
Than I a dit because she lives where in a other country and that she may not watch tv from her parents

Louis pov
Niall was not happy I can see it from every thing he does
He did not jump really high ou he did not laugh as much as the time we met
He is really in l’amour with her but they did not see each other for two months now
For us it went really fast but I bet that for him it was not
If I could wish I wished she can be with us but it was so sad that she is living so far away
Now she is his summer l’amour a really good summer love
A summer l’amour he can´t stop thinking about
So yeah I and Ireen where really good friends
I saw her in one of our shows
And I a dit if toi want toi can come after the montrer but she did know Niall missed Rosie and she Thought if I come Niall will cry so she did not come and of course I did understand that

Liam pov
Niall did only smile when I a dit ou did something funny
And I can understand why he missed rosie because I was missing Kayla to
But I a dit to her that I wanted to be Friends and she did understand that because maybe she
Felt that we will not see eace other again
Rosie was really sweet so we only a dit it to Niall so that she did´t have to miss her parents
And now we where three months further

Harry pov
Daphny she was my girlfriend and she had been at the montrer and we had each other mobile number but I did only call her when I was not with Niall
She did l’amour me and i did l’amour her
It is so sad to see niall so down I never saw him this way and it was not fun I did try to
Bring back the smile he did not smile when i maked a joke he only looked at me like
Please harry stop with this so it not helped to make jokes he only wanted to see her again and
Now there was just still two months to go

Zayn pov
I did not know what to say to him
I did feel like I did it all
That I ruined every thing
So I was not that happy as well I mean it was for I small part my schuld
Maybe if I told him that we had to go I did´t feel like this but that’s what I think
Now there is still one mois I hope he feels a little bit better when he has seen her
So the last mois was fast over and I saw him driving away in his beautiful car
Niall pov
So drived to there with in my head that I would see her again
And when I was at the place we met I waited the like 4 hours than I drived to
What I thought her accueil was and all what a saw was the house there was no gate
Where Rosie where talking about so I walked to the door I pushed on the bell
And than a man opend the door
I´m looking for Rosie Campbell
The campbells are not living here anny plus he a dit and he gived me the address to there new house and when I drived to there I saw girls talking but she was not one of them so I pushed on the door bell
And a old man answerd the door
Hello i´m niall i´m looking for rosie
Why are toi looking for her
I have to know
She she is not here
Ok tell me her aders then I drive to her house
I cant he did cry and I was like oh than a women came to the door and a dit whatdo toi want
I I I come for rosie I a dit with my head down because I thought I would know what she would say
Rosie my sweet sweet rosie she is death
I am so sorry
Yeah I thought toi would be
Wait somebody in the house said
And she a dit your niall right
I a dit yes I am
Here and when she a dit that she gived me paper I did not know what to do with it
So I opend it with the hope there was standing something

i hope toi like it