Pom-pom girls de la NFL Club
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 SeaGals on Snow
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the Seattle cheerleaders the Seagals cheering on Snow
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the best team in Houston
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NFL cheerleaders on Maxim magazine
It's the most Wonderful time of the Year; Christmas is here.

The NFL Cheerleaders are a gift to have and love.

Here's a little jingle a la "Let It Snow"

the weather outside is frighful
but the feu is so delightful
and since THEY got no place to go
let them cheer let them cheer let them cheer

THEY DON"T montrer signs of stopping,
and i GOT someTHING popping;
the lights are turned way down low,
let them cheer let them cheer let them cheer

( the UPPER case words are the words that have been changed )

here's a photo of an NFL Cheerleader; do toi think she's been Naghty ou Nice?
while toi ponder have a very merry Christmas...
 Naughty and Nice
Naughty and Nice
Getting an NFL Cheerleaders as a gift must be on every guy's liste this Christmas.

This might cheer some guys up.
so without further ado here's part 2 of a jingle a la "Let It Snow"

when we finally say good night,
how i'll hate going out in the storm;
but if THEY really hold me tight,
let them cheer let them cheer let them cheer

the feu is slowly dying,
and, my dearS, we're still good-bye-ing,
but as long as toi ALL l’amour me so.
let them cheer let them cheer let them cheer

( again the things in UPPER case are different from the original )

check out the photo of these NFL Cheerleaders; do toi think they cheer for Santa?
well that's it for this an Have a Very Merry X-Mas.
 Cheering for Santa
Cheering for Santa
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