I think that it could go both wats being a yes ou a no. Yes because it i=did`nt work out with her and him, but no because she is so busy with her RACY PICS that she posts ONLINE! and still her fans are like she is the perfect romodel and selena suck because she plays a wizzard. blah blah blah. so whatever noone cares selena rules she is better than demi and way better then miley i cant wait because i think it will be cool for selena to be hannah montanah but not be herself so then someone like mwa(which means me in french) could be the wizzard i mean thats a perfect cercle and Disney bosses are planning on making selena hannah because selena is a plus clean cut of hannah who is blaghhhh. do toi agree with me that selens ahould be the good not bad hannah and that miley might be jealous of Nelena, they are such a better couple then Niley, i mean alot tons and tons better.