Well as toi all know
KEvin Jonas just got married with Danielle delease,
& selena gomez went to the party thingy
& 2/3 days il y a Nick & Selena were spotted in New Jersey We even have a picture do toi think they are reconnecting ??? commentaire
Plus ON the set of Send it on
Nick & Selena did theyre hanshake !!!!
eeeeeeeeep !!!!
oh & plus theres a rumor that they are going to write a song together called I Miss You
creatic go to jmnelena on YouTube
& Have toi heard the song Rose Garden
if toi listen to it
its kinda looks like it was for Selena
, Nick used all lot of expresion in his song
maybe Rose Garden means Hollywood
we will see
Nick & Selena = LoVe

Niley can be for 09 but Nelena is forever

What do toi think will happend next?? \
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