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AnamHussain95 a dit …
Can someone give me any mises à jour on Alex n Neal's relationship. Is there any chance of them being together? Seriously! Sara n Neal don't even fit, Neal's world is too complicated for Sara to understand let alone fit into. posté il y a plus d’un an
deanjo4ever a dit …
omg according to someone on tumblr neal is going to propose to sara D: wtf god i hope he doesnt marry her she's awful posté il y a plus d’un an
MaryElizabeth commenté…
omg, really? that's sad, I don't like them at all :( il y a plus d’un an
deanjo4ever commenté…
not sure if its true but the person who a dit seemeed pretty certain its going to happen :( shes not good enough him though il y a plus d’un an
deanjo4ever commenté…
looks like its happening :( ---> Hi Sandra! I’m loving the new season of White collier and am wondering if toi have any spoiler-y tidbits to share on what’s coming up in the suivant few episodes. Will we see plus of Sara and/or a chercher for her sister? Thanks! — Sarah L. Sara suivant appears in an episode titled “Compromising Positions,” airing Aug. 28. The episode finds Peter and Neal going up against a high-powered “political fixer.” But an episode I think you’ll really find interesting? Episode 16. It involves a ring And if toi also must now, casting calls for the season four finale involved a very long, lovely speech from Neal to Sara, with him proposing to her atop the Empire State Building, il y a plus d’un an
noplacelikemlbn a dit …
Sara/Neal = MAKES NO SENSE. posté il y a plus d’un an